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Took the local Campfire Kids to the park today for a lesson about latitude and longitude and all that good geocaching stuff.

The park is usually pretty empty, but it was an early release school day, and there must have been a dozen kids there. Three girls were especially interested in what I was doing, and I gave them a minimalistic explanation. I had really cool prizes, but only for the kids with me.

Just as my boys found their cache, the girls came back to me, and laid a microcache in my lap. They asked if that was the sort of thing I was talking about. They had found it in the 5 minutes since they had spoken with me.

I still don't know what cache this is. A quick search didn't turn it up on the website, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was from the Dragon tracks series. I didn't sign it, it never occured to me, I mean the thing was dropped in my lap by 8 or 9 year olds. I did a more thorough job of explaining geocaching at that point, gave the web address to a mom, and watched the girl who found it put it very carefully back in it's spot. I did make the three girls sign it. They were, of course, a bit disappointed that they weren't getting cool prizes like the boys, and desperately wanted to trade, anyway, into a microcache. I explained why a dandelion and a peanut shell might not be good trade items.

Anyway, it was surreal, and bless their hearts! Ella, Rachel, and Ali!

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Here is a short lesson for them on Longitude compliments of EraSeek:


“Consider the lines of longitude,

How they cover the Earth head to foot,

How they expand in the heat,

And contract in the cold,

But will always stay right where they’re put.” -EraSeek

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