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When we started caching we had already planned a future holiday to Canada to include a trip to Knights Inlet to go and watch Grizzly Bears. Celia has always been bear mad since a child so it just seemed like an obvious name for us. Once on the holiday we spent quite some time watching a mother and her two cubs, we took hundreds of photos including some of the cubs who we adopted as our mascots. We now have these 2 cubs on our stickers we put onto logs. 2009 we return to Knights Inlet, we hope to see the 2 cubs again but much larger.

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Being 'Hit on' on IRC was the main reason I started using Tigger. I started off on IRC about 9 years ago using Becky, but using a female name just attracted the pervs. First I changed it to Beck, but then people assumed I was a David Beckham fan, so I changed it to Tigger and have used it for everything since.


Pengy changed from Joanne for the same reasons.




Ours was very similar to Pengy and Tiggers.


When Amanda was newly seperated and setting up an Email account she did not want to be hit on all the time so her Aunt came up with watchout@tiggersabout.isp.co.uk, as she loves the winnie the pooh characters,

that account is now defunct but the tiggersabout bit stuck and we use it in nearly all the places we go online.


And anyone who knows our daughter Kimberley will know why she caches under the name Little Miss Chatterbox.


Amanda and Steve

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Out name originated from my hotmail address. I did not want to use my real name for my hotmail address and was sitting upstairs in our house trying to think of something. This was about 9 years ago. Next to me was a very very old black and white TV. On the TV it had a logo of "sonatella" on it. Hey presto a good original name. Then we went on our first geocaching event and someone told us they were a Lord and Lady. So we became one too. So the Sonatellas (Lord and Lady) were born.

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Blame my dad. I've been called Mouse (or Miss Mouse or The Mouse etc...) by him and the family longer than I can remember so it seemed the obvious choice at the time I registered. The username Mouse had already been taken when I joined, so I stuck the asterix's either side to make it unique and voila *mouse* was created!


These days I tend to go by 'Ellylldan'' on the web, which is the Welsh version of a Willow-the-Wisp. If I was joining now I'd probably use that name, but I can't be bothered to change now!

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Sieni is the Finnish word for mushroom/fungus. We were keen fungus hunters, poking around in the undergrowth long before we added tupperware to our list of things to hunt.


Fortunately I set our account up in the days when a name change would be easy, otherwise we would still have an unpronouncable anagram of our initials.

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My initials are GAS and at work I'm called Gazza or Gaz.


In my childhood I used to be mad about medieval knights and on TV or in films they always seemed to be saying 'gadzooks' - which I repeated in play.


So for some reason when I was creating my user name I came up with Gazooks. :)


simple really :)

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When digital cameras first became popular in the late 90's, I bought one and found I could get some very good results with the fuchsias which I had been cultivating, so I decided to build a website to display photos of as many different fuchsia varieties as I could find and called it Fuchsia Magic. I just carried on using that name.

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