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Mine is boring really, I'm a keen Geocacher and a keen cyclist doing almost all of my caches by bike.


GeocachingCyclist was too long, Geocyclist had already been taken in the US, so I had to stick UK in front of it.


Also a Geologist, so its appropriate in more ways than one.


Adrian :o

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then they released those peanuts and that's even more appropraite. nobby's nuts...guilty as charged.

I remember seeing a "Tarrant on TV" show where they showed an australian advert for these snacks. It ended with a woman saying "Well, if we're having a party, let's nibble Nobby's Nuts!"


My username comes from my wife, who sometimes calls me Nicholas Pickolas, I shortened it to NickPick, as I'd rather not have an internet username with my real name in it. not that I'm hiding or anything

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Mine name is also pretty easy to work out.


Also didn't realise its what I was going to known as. Thought it might only be a logon.


Well like “cuplakiwis” I’m a Kiwi (From New Zealand) and my name is Gary.


It was funny at an event we arranged, as soon as I starting speaking everyone knew who I was?


They said I had an accent, which I told everyone that I don’t have! Its everyone here that talks funny. :o


See ya...Gary (KiwiGary)

Edited by KiwiGary
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I looked through a few of my old climbing guides, which are full of original names. "Happy Humphrey" was the first one I spotted that looked cheerful and not too pretentious. It's actually the name of a wrestler, who was famous for his huge size and weight. But I later thought that it reminded me of Humphrey Bogart (who looks anything but happy...).


The only problem is that there are millions of geocaching HH's for some strange reason!



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Mine's got nothing to do with GPX downloads...


One of my motorbikes is a Kawasaki GPX750R (as seen in my avatar). In a previous job there was a healthy biker contingent and to avoid confusion I was known as Mark GPX (or Mark Kawasaki which is a bit long!) to distinguish me from Mark GSXR.

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It's from a sketch from the radio show "Blue Jam", written by everyone's favourite comedy media terrorist Chris Morris.


A TV repairman visits a couple to fix their TV, which is inexplicably full of lizards.


The repairman gets more and more psychotic, and gigglingly tells them that his name is Mr Lizard, and his boss's name is Another Mr Lizard. It would probably make more sense if you heard the whole sketch, buy hey :o


Having bagged our first cache, James and I were exchanging ideas for a user name, and he giggled "Mr Lizard!", and I giggled "Another Mr Lizard!" and that was that.

Edited by Another Mr Lizard
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It's a contraction of my name.


It's a name I've used for years, originally from putting names into highscore tables on arcade/video games. When they offer more than three characters I would always use this instead.


It has kind of stuck and it has proven useful as it is pretty much guaranteed to be unique, it is now the name I use for virtually everything online.


The disadvantage is that the curious can find out all the other sad things I do with my life.... :):o:o

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Like many others, I didn't realise this would ecome our handle for caching, and we admit Hazel and Phill is a bit boring!


However, like Rebecca and Adam (RJL194) we have also considered changing our name, but all our nicknames we've had a re quite personal to either the people that used them, or to us personally.... I like the name Hazel and Phill.... does what it says on the tin!

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Bargee because i live on a narrow boat


and couldn't register boatman


:o and now there is the boat people floating around somewhere as well


I know that in the days when the canals were used for commercial carrying of freight being called a bargee was an insulting and derogitory name for a narrow boater, usually calling into question his boating skills. :)


but i've made my name and now i've got to live with it! :o

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It's a work nickname that has spread a bit. I'm a project manager and one of my colleagues said "ask Deb, she usually has a cunning plan" - and it stuck. On a trip to the office the kids got to hear about it and liked the idea of being junior cunning planners....


Oh, and I look like Baldric :lol:


Deb@Cunning Planners

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Been here before, but


"Captain's Log, stardate 25-15-04, the Starship Enterprise has just had a total refit; oil and filter changed, ashtrays emptied..........."


I'm not a huge fan of StarTrek by the way, just liked the sound of it as a web name. (and for writing to Wogan)

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Despite our name suggesting we could possibly be antipode'an, although we are from opposite ends of the country - Mrs Roo from Cornwall, Mr Roo from Scotland - our name is a shortening of our surname and from when Mr Roo was young, free and single (and had hair) and living a high old life in the Royal Marines and was just plain old Roo.

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We don't remember all the gory details involved in selecting our nickname, but most of it was pretty straightforward.


We figured we'd be hitting some caches out of state and wanted a name that showed our origins as a Michigan team, so we put the Mi in the name. There are two of us and we have two cats. We always planned to cache as a team, although we knew there might be (and have been) occasions where only one of us could visit a site when out of town on work related business. Therefore, we added TuCats to the end of the Mi.


We can't remember why we used TU instead of TWO, but there was something of earthshaking significance about it at the time. :lol: I do remember saying "Besides, T and U are TWO consecutive letters, so that fits" and getting a rather strange look from the best half of the team. :lol:

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Been here before too, but for those who missed it the first time:


I wanted to be simply Paul, but someone else was simply Paul so I decided to be Simply Paul because I like circular arguments, oxymorons and other cunning word play type stuff. By being Simply Paul I was no longer simply Paul - yet I was...etc.



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Been here before too, but for those who missed it the first time:


I wanted to be simply Paul, but someone else was simply Paul so I decided to be Simply Paul because I like circular arguments, oxymorons and other cunning word play type stuff. By being Simply Paul I was no longer simply Paul - yet I was...etc.



Well blow me down... all this time I thought it was Simple Paul :lol::lol::D

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Much like Pharisee in a strange sort of way.


We rescued a cute 5 week old bitch puppy. All dog owners know that all the good dog names are for males.


We grabbed our dictionary and flipped the pages, stopped and pointed.


HokeyPokey Man. Italian Ice Cream Seller.


Amazingly "Hokey" stuck and so she and we became The Hokesters.

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I was on vacation in England during 1st week of July 2001 with Jan. We decided to visit Hampton Courts where Henry lived for a bit[:D].

Went inside the gift shop there. As I was looking for something to take home, Jan picked up a jar of The Devil's Mustard, turned to me and smiled as she said" From now on I am calling you Mustard Devil!"

No idea why cause I'm a angel :lol:

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As with the avatar, it's an obscure reference to the music of my youth.


In the mid seventies, the band Devo released a groundbreaking (to me at least) album "Are We Not Men? We Are Devo" In the song, Jocko Homo they introduced the dance - the Poot.

Us sad Devo afficionados immediately became Pooters.

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