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Moved Cache?

R&R Wanderers
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We've tried to find an 'easy' cache twice, but think it has been moved or removed. Someone suggested that it be moved because of logging in the area. How do we find out if a cache has been moved or removed? I know we're newbies at this, but we managed to find our first cache without too much trouble; it's that this one has given us problems. Any ideas?


R&R Wanderers

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Originally posted by The TriVans:

What should you do after you've emailed the cache owner, but haven't received any response? This is the case for a cache I know of that hasn't been found in 3 months and has 4 consecutive "did not finds" in the log.


Post a "should be archived" log, or wait for someone who's definitely found the cache in the past to check up on it. If the people who haven't been finding it have more than a handful of finds apiece, I'd just suggest archival.

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RK's advice is what I usually try after an unsuccessful attempt (I think I'm up to 22 DNF's now). On a few occassions, I've found logs where people will give alternative coordinates. Sometimes that does the trick and sometimes it doesn't.


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