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newbie question, sort of...


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I need some help here..I'm wellon my way with caches but today I ran across this cache and was not sure how to log it. The cache lid was found first, and about 10 feet from it was the container and the contents were strewn everywhere. I re-assembled the cache, hid it again,& e-mailed the owner with the co-ordinates. Now, do I log it as a found cache even though it was out in the open and "trashed"??? I know this has been discussed before but I can't find the thread and I need an answer. Thanks for any replies....


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I'd log it as a find and put everything about how you found it and re-placed it in the log. That way someone else that might go looking for it in the near future will know that it's safe and that it may not be in the exact spot that the hider intended.




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I'd take credit for the find. It sounds like you were close enough to have been about to find it, anyway. Thanks for fixing the cache. Might have been vandals who came upon it by accident or animals.


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You did the right thing. You reassembled, replaced and sent new coordinates. You just saved the owner alot of time by having to start over. I found one today full of water. I cleaned it out and dried it. Took out what had been ruined and when I logged the find I stated that I had taken care of the problem. I would hope people would do the same for you and I when the time comes. Log it as a find and tell the owner how much you cared for his or her cache to do what you did.



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I've done it both ways. One time I found the container trashed but all contents were still there. I signed the log put the container back, claimed a find, and reported what occured in my log with pictures of the trashed cache. Another time I only found what I thought might be a piece of the container. I logged it as a couldn't find with a description of what I had found. The cache owner wrote back to confirm that what I found was probably part of the container and that I should take credit for a find. So I change the couldn't find to a find.


While cache owners aren't exactly happy to hear their cache has be trashed, they aren't likely to "shoot the messenger", rather they are glad that someone took the time to look for their cache. If your were able to make repairs and rehide the cache I'm sure the owner will be more than happy to let you claim a find.



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