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Dead Travel Bugs

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Unfortunately I have lost by either caches being muggled or cachers running away with them 3 out of my 9 travelling TB's


Is there a way I can archive these TB's, as they are currently just sitting on my list, and more importantly they are also sitting in caches and people keep on saying


"can't see the TB !"


What can I do.....


I am assuming this is not the first time this has happened !

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I always keep a note of my own TB numbers, so I would be inclined to make a note on the TB page that the old TB is dead and from such and such a date this is a new TB and if the old one is found please contact you. Then use the copy tag (or even just the number on a laminated card) to launch a new TB. That way, if your original TB turns up, there wont be mass confusion.


The only downside I can see is that your new TB will inherit the history of the old one, including it's mileage, but if the TB just had a goal which was to wonder about, why should that matter?

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Looking at it from another perspective, what do you do if you are the cache owner?


There's been a TB listed as being in one of my caches (GCMR21) for longer than I care to remember, but a few people mentioned it wasn't in there and when I did a maintenance check I confirmed this. I've emailed the bug owners to let them know but got no reply and no action has been taken.


Is it possible for me (as the cache owner and not the bug owner) to mark the bug as missing. I'd feel a bit bad about doing this, but I don't know what else I can do.


Any suggestions?





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Go to the cache page, click on the name of the missing bug, look top right, there is a drop-down box saying 'Mark Bug Missing', click 'Go'




I was a bit worried it would mess things up for the bug owners, but I'm assuming they can recover it from 'missing' if they want to set a copy off. Same goes for it it turns up in another cache I guess - it'll just reappear out of 'limbo'.


Thanks for the advice!

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