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Imc Nr. 3


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Hi all,


IMC Nr. 3 project has just started. We're searching for members to join the group that will create the 3rd version of IMCs.


We need a geocacher from this country to join us.


If you;


- like the IMC idea,


- has time and disposition to create two caches related to a theme, and coordinated with other caches around the world, in a time frame of two months from start,


- usually, reads the e-mail and answers promptly,


- like to contact people in other countries,


- would like to work with a team of addicted to geocaching,


please, reply to this topic and i'll sent you an official invitation to join the IMC Nr. 3 group.


For more information, please read the original IMC Project Plan ( a link named "imc-ec-no1-project.pdf " in the above page), developed by "Qwertz" a geocacher from Germany.


The first one to candidate, in this country, will be the coosen one. However, read carefully the above "conditions" before deciding to accept this invitation.


This offer will end on June, 30.



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