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Qsl Cards For Geocaching?

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Has anyone thought of exchaning QSL type post cards when a cache is found? For those who don't know what QSL is here is what I found on Wikipedia:


QSL card, is the confirmation of a QSO (a radio contact) between two radio amateurs. "QSL" is a Q code, which means "I confirm contact with you."


A QSL card is a (usually postcard-sized) hardcopy, containing the specific details of a QSO. It usually contains the callsign of both operators, the time and date of the QSO (usually in GMT), the radio frequency used, the mode of transmission used, and RST (Readability, Strength, Tone) reports exchanged. RST is a numeric code, that indicates how well (or badly!) the radio signal was received.


Sometimes the QSL card will contain an image, perhaps of something associated with the operator's home town. QSL cards are very important to the radio amateur since they confirm that a QSO took place and are used as proof when applying for a Ham Award.


Short Wave Listeners can also exchange QSL cards with amateur and commercial radio operators, although most collect QSL cards or letters from international broadcasting or utility stations. For many international broadcasters, QSL cards serve as publicity tools rather than for gathering data on receptions.


I guess in a way this is done on the web when people post their finds but it would be cool to exchange post cards as well. You find a cache, you mail your postcard to the owner, he/she in exchange mails his/her card back. You could have unique post cards created that are cache specific just like the HAM operators do (with their call sign, city/locale etc). For geocaching we could add things like how difficult was it to find, weather conditions, find count (how many caches you already found overall/today/this month/year etc, what you took, what you left, geomuggle rating (1-5 ranking, 1=none, 5=crowded), GPS unit/brand/make etc.


What do you think?


-ScreenRage :lol:

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I think this would be kinda cool however, you would run into two problems. One being that some people would not reply to your QSL card and it would be a one way contact...number two would be that you might not want every single person who caches to have your home address. In order to protect ones self or family they would need to get a P.O. Box. I think I understood you right in that you would want these to be mailed postcards.


The idea is really cool but there has to be some other way of doing this.

WB9ZHC Ginger

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I have thought of this based on my experience sending and receiving QSL cards. I have received several hundred, always sending and requesting one when it is from a country not already verified. I actually designed one for caching, but never got around to using it. My idea was to have one for each of my placed caches, with name, location, description, etc. I would have a stack of these in the cache and each finder would take one. The finder would fill in the date and time. He would keep it as a reminder of the cache. It would have a photo on the card of the view or location of the cache.

I did not complete the idea and actually get them printed. I think it might be a good idea, just takes time and money.

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It's an interesting idea but where are you going to mail them? Most of the cachers do not post a mailing address. Of course, if you want to QSL with those who leave thier call signs then you could look up the addresses. But I don't think I'd respond to a QSL for geocaching card. I wouldn't want the expense of printing the cards and mailing them out plus the time involved. For now geocaching is fun and I don't want to make extra work out of it. If you find one of my caches then I have your "QSL" in the form of the log - the same if I should find one of yours.


Now, if you want to send me one of your Geocaching QSL cards along with a SASE I may confirmed the find for you that way. But you still have to find my mailing address. :ph34r:

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