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Unlocking City Select

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A few years ago I bought a Garmin V Deluxe package which came with a copy of City Select. Just recently I bought a new computer and couldn't find my copy of City Select, so I bought an original disk off of eBay. It came with a "Reg Code" and Unlock code hand written on the cd case.


I installed the software on my new computer and thought I entered all the codes when prompted, but when I tried to save a map today, it told me the areas hadn't been unlocked.


Am I missing something or am I running into trouble using a used software package.?




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Get in touch with Garmin. They should have a record of your old unlock code. That old code was keyed to your GPS. The new code is junk unless you got the GPS it went to as well.


The unlock code Garmin uses both unlocks the software (like you expect) but also unlocks it specificaly for your GPS based on it's serial number.


One last thing. If your old version of City Select is older than the one you have now, you might have to pay Garmin for a new unlock code for the newer version of the sofware. If you do you might as well upgrade to the latest version. They send you the upgrade disk for free, then charge you for the unlock code.

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If you registered the original version of City Select with Garmin, try the Retrieve Unlock Codes through the MapSource Unlock Wizard and see if that will work. The unlock codes pertain to a particular GPSr Unit, not the computer that the maps are installed on.


Just a thought.



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