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New Laptop Doesn't Like My Garmin V

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I just replaced my worn out desk top PC with a slighty used Dell (ie - not too old of one). Anyway, tonight I realized there isn't a place to plug in my Garmin V data cord into the laptop. The laptop has a female plug (with 3 rows of holes) and my data cord also has a female plug (with 2 rows).


Please tell me there is some tpye of simple converting connector I can go to Radio Shack and buy. If not, what do I need to do?




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I'm not sure about your plugs and holes as described but I can tell you that some of the newer laptops (starting about 2 or 3 years ago) don't have a serial port anymore. To solve the problem you need to buy a USB to Serial cable.


For example this one which I use with my laptop and my V.


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I hit the same thing recently. I ended up doing as RK suggests - getting a USB to serial adapter. These are a available from a variety of sources, the most expensive of which is Garmin. I use the same unit that RK references, with great success.


Note that the laptop port with three rows is for connecting a monitor. There's no way that can be used as a serial port.

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