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Cash Machine


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I am very new to the forums, but am learning loads. I am seeing over and over the term "cash machine". I answered a thread about how many coins I wanted to order and and the discussion moved to "cash machines". Could someone please help me? In the last few weeks I've asked several questions, but I'm learning.... I'm getting there.... thanks much.

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I haven't heard of any Cache Machines (the group hunt kind) outside of the Pacific Northwest. This would be a good thread to chime in on if there have been any in other regions.


The instigator of all the CMs I know of is travisl. There have been twelve so far with the next one scheduled for next weekend. The first one was The Bremerton Cache Machine two and a half years ago. The next one is a return to Bremerton.

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If I recall correctly you lay out a route that covers a lot of caches. A group meets at the start when the cache machine starts. Then everyone goes at their own pace and does some or all of the caches. When the day is over everone meets somehwere for food and drink and talks about the day, the weather, or whatever.


They are a lot of work to set up (to lay out a route and pick which caches go on the route). But it's a day well spent.

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