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Is This A Record?

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I received a message from GC.com at 3:31 today to inform me that

my new cache (Bishops and Monks) had been approved and listed.


Within 80 minutes Harrogate Hunters had seen the cache, visited it and logged the find on GC.com!! The Owner notification of the log was timed at 4:50.


Come on Robin - give someone else a chance!!

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I think Lynn and I must be close on that one. We saw The Time Lords 'Bridge too Far' in the Long Myynd pop-up at about 4pm in the afternoon and had bagged FTF inside about half an hour. The logging was probably another 40 minutes or so as Lynn had to change clothes after falling in a bit of a mire.


Martin & Lynn

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8 DAYS !?!?!? That's just sick!

here here


but it happens


is this a new record?

If it is, then its just been busted


Note this is a perfectly normal cache, in a very obvious hide, accesible by a very short walk, allong perfectly flat terrain, yet according to the website its been unfound for TWO WEEKS, and according to the date in the log book it was places on 2nd MAY 2005, that makes it over 5 weeks insitue before being found by yours truly


Y Bont

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