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Locationless Caches

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From another cacher I get the info that it gives some Locationless Caches (since seven month I do caching). Now I was very interesting in doing some caches from them. What is very difficult for me it's the "one time caching"! By some Locationless Caches it is only for one found per Location. That I don't find so lucky because sometimes there are only some Locations or I have to read over hundreds of postings to see if my founded location is locked now or not. What the other cachers think about? How has made such a cache and perhaps descripe to me why only one time?

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The finding I know. But for this is the problem that some people write in different ways.


But the other thing is the locationless Caches but only with some locations. So by the "worst" cache with the golf cache it gives only 10 or so in Germany. So it is for ten cachers to log this. Why? Has someone made a regular cache where he or she said that is only for ten cachers??? In my realization caching is for everyone and the cachers who have hide caches (which I know) are happy over every cacher they find there places!

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I agree with you Big Balu. People SHOULD be allowed to log a location even if it has been logged before. The whole point of geocaching is to get out and see places. If I post a location then it would be nice if others also visited that location and posted a find. If people aren't going to get a smiley for it, then odds are they won't go out of their way to visit a locationless location, unless they have a strong interest in the subject of the locationless and I only know of 1 person that does. Why keep others from enjoying it too, such as yourself. I hope that the new system that will be implentent this month will not have this restriction of only 1 find per location.


I suspect that it all started since 1 person started out by saying only 1 log per location, that others soon followed with the same rule and it pretty much became an accepted thing.


You could always ask the cache owner if you can log a location that has already been logged before...I'd like to believe that most people here are reasonable and leniant.

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I actually enjoy the "one time only" rule - there are many many locationless (watertower, barberpole , round building, dome building, stone wall etc) that can be done fairly easily even with this rule and others which are quite hard, especially if you've come to Geocaching after others in your area have already logged the Drive-in Movies, the butterfly houses and the aquarium. I think finding these, now rare and difficult quests makes locationless caching much more fun. And they're ALL first to finds!

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I actually enjoy the "one time only" rule - there are many many locationless (watertower, barberpole , round building, dome building, stone wall etc) that can be done fairly easily even with this rule and others which are quite hard

I agree. It makes it more interesting and challenging to find an object no one else has. Most often I would find the object while driving around. Then take the photos & coords and find out later if I get credit for it.


Locationless caching often times is a lot more work than finding container caches.


I used the low tech Show-All-Logs/Find method. The Locationless locater was not avialable when I was hunting them.

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I usually log the locationless cache and let the owner of the cache figure out if it's been logged before.

Don't take it personally, but I consider that bad etiquette.


As a newbie, I did the same, but as I've gotten more involved in locationless caches, I actually check ALL the logs to make sure there are no duplicates before I post my log. Yes, it's the owner's responsibility for checking for duplicate entries, but there's nothing wrong with making his or her job a little easier.


I know of at least one owner who archived his LC due to the excessive abuses.


Many of the LCs have become difficult to find, but that's also part of the challenge. There's a surprising amount of information on the Internet if you know how to sort out the garbage in Google searches. There's a feeling of elation when you actually go to the physical site, verify that it's there and unclaimed. :)

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Without the "one time only" rule, locationless caches would have no challenge at all, and they wouldn't be very interesting after awhile.


There is a LC looking for old firehouses that have been converted into other uses. Immediately, I thought of a popular nightclub in Seattle called "The Ballard Firehouse." Yes, it's a converted firehouse, and yes, someone had logged it before.


Without the "one time only" rule, every geocacher in the Seattle area could snap a photo of The Ballard Firehouse, log an easy find, and cache log would be filled with thousands of photographs of the same building.


It was quite a sense of accomplishment when I was able to log a converted firehouse in my neighborhood that in the years the LC had been in existence, no one had logged before!

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People SHOULD be allowed to log a location even if it has been logged before.

No. Actually locationless caches were initially created to locate and mark places that hadn't been logged before. Whether you disagree is your prerogative, but since I initially created the "cache type" my intent was not to have the same item logged twice.


However, the way locationless caches are listed right now it is hard to find out if one has been logged before, which is one of a mountain of reasons why there has been a moratorium. Fortunately the new functionality will address these and other bothersome issues with locationless caches.

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By LC were are locations asked for it gives thousend of posibilies I find it ok to log every location only one time. But there are LC's in it gives only some, like botanic garden or the best example it is the golf disc course. By them someone who wants this log has to wait until a new one is build or opened?! That I doesn't understand.

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The one log, per location rule definately makes some locationless caches difficult.


Take the Water Tower Locationless cache. The water tower I have at work, which I placed the flag on has already been logged over a year ago. The tower in my hometown had already been logged also. I had to find a smaller, less scenic one, that wasn't already logged.


I would have been the first cache logger to record a picture on top of a water, but the rules dictated it had to be a tower that wasn't already logged.


I ended up taking pictures with a patriotic Travel Bug, rather than locationless photos.





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