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Excellent advice. I have had the misfortune of looking for, and finding, caches that were placed by someone who had never found a cache. His stats still show 2 placed, none found.


To say that they were not worth finding would be the understatement of the year!!!


Please get some experience in finding first. Then set out to better what you have found and hide some challenging, well thought caches in awesome locations!!!


But ..... above all ........ have fun!!!!


edited to fix stupid spelling mistake that changed the meaning of the post completely!!!

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He read the post and said: "It was good."


I realise alot of new cachers might be far from any findable caches, but those who live near caches have no excuse. Also, when you're new to cache placing you don't know what needs to go into the upkeep of the caches you own.

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