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Nevada Geocoin

Orange Hippo

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I am seeking design ideas from Nevada cachers as to what you would like to see on a Nevada geocoin. (Of course others are welcome to make suggestions too, but as this coin is for Nevada I'll look at nevadan cachers input first :) )


I'm also going to keep a spreadsheet for folks that want me to note how many they would like to purchase when it is minted. As the GBES Rally coin design seemed to attract some attention, I hope the Nevada geocoin does even better.


To keep this thread somewhat manageable - if you want to have a # of coins reserved for you please email me at NV.geocoin@*@charter.net - REMOVE the * and one of the @ when you do - trying to cut down on spam!


Ok Nevada cachers - ideas please!

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I'm not in Nevada (although I have cached there) and would probably be intersted in a few coins, but how many depends on the specifics of price, design, etc. I'll keep an eye on this thread and let you know an exact amount when more info is available. Good luck with the coin development.


Ummm... Of course if I get to reserve low-numbered coins (if they've even got numbers!) by speaking up first I'll take 5 of those. :)

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Put me in for 10 when ready.


I lived and worked in and out of Carson City for 15 years the last ten for Nevad Bell. Covered Washoe Valley south to Pahrump and Nevada side of Tahoe to Winnemucca. My view of the state, I am sure, is different than those that live in Las Vegas. Wished they had geocaching then, so much to see, so many different ideas, from mines to sheep, to ghost towns and mill sites.

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I'm in neighboring California and a frequent visitor to Nevada. I'm interested in a few, depending on design/price, so i'll be watching this thread.


My suggestions for images on the coin:



Silver mining reference

Slot machine or Royal Flush

UFO with a '51' on it.


Hoover Dam in Nevada, no?

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Reminder . ..


If you want to have me reserve a certain amount of coins for you... please send email to




REMOVE the * and one of the @ when you do - trying to cut down on spam! :P


I will start send an email back to you to confirm I recieved it. Thanks

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I'm not very good in the drawing department, but here are some ideas:


State outline

Bighorn Sheep

Lonliest Road in America

Red Rock NCA and Valley of Fire

Black Rock Desert

Mushroom Cloud (remember the proposed license plate?)

Petroglyph/Fremont Man

Tule Duck Decoy (one of the more interesting state symbols)

Boundary Peak

Nighthawk 117-A (stealth fighter)


Things I'm lukewarm about:


Anything Reno (Biggest Little City) or Las Vegas (Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas)

Anything Area 51/Space Alien (maybe for the next one)


I like the thought of a special edition silver coin. Perhaps with a small CC, paying homage to the mint in Carson City? :laughing:

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I will be ordering a few. I will send an e-mail with a specific quantity once the design and pricing is better defined.


Will these be trackable on GC.com? I know it adds a little to the cost of each coin, but it does make them more desirable across the geocaching world.

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I sent an email with my requests (at least one silver, and more regulars depending on pricing). As I am moving from Alaska to Nevada in late september, I think I should get some coins from the silver state. However, I have been a Lyon County property tax payer for about 10 years, I co-own a house and property outside Yerington.


Thanks for putting together this project



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Do I need to send an email somewhere to find out pricing? I would like atleast one of each. Maybe more depending on cost.

still working on design hopefully mid july - have other things in life that seem to pop up and require attention.... anyone know how to get paid to geocache???

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