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Tb's Missing From Caches

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The white jeep TB post got me thinking about this. Yesterday I was browsing through all of the caces within 200 miles of me trying to find one that was holding a YELLOW Jeep TB from last year. I found a handful of them and went to go look at the cache page, and inevitably, there was a log on every one of them that said, essentially: "Found the cache, blah blah blah, jeep TB is not there".


In the event that a cache that is SUPPOSED to contain a TB, even a non-Jeep regular TB, does NOT contain that bug, is there a way for the cache owner to remove that bug from his/her cache listing without actually knowing where it is?


I only have a couple dozen finds, but I've already been to caches that were supposed to contain bugs that did not. I understand some get stolen and there's not much to do about it, but there has to be a way to update the cache page so future people don't seek out a TB that isn't even there.


On a related note, is there a way to query only caches that contain a TB, a coin, a YJTB, etc?

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Both the tb owner and cache owner can go to the bug's page and mark it as missing if they believe or know that it is not in the cache it's supposed to be in.


Basically, all that does is sort of put it into "limbo" the location shows up as unkown..

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On a related note, is there a way to query only caches that contain a TB, a coin, a YJTB, etc?

Order a Pocket Query and ask it to return only caches that have travel bugs in them. You can then quickly skim through the results and look for bugs that haven't moved in a long time, and multiple logs complaining that the such-and-such bug is not in the cache. Then, you can write a friendly note to the cache owner and the bug owner, advising them of the problem, and also on how to fix it based on what you've learned from this thread.

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Thanks to the folks who posted links that show how to get the absent TB's off the cache page. Maybe this will help.

I personally think this is a significant problem, but when I started a thread about it a little while ago, no one else thought it was worth any effort. It appears to me that it is a part of GC.com that is not working properly, and will continue to get worse.

BTW, there were three YJTB's active in Long Island, NY the last time I checked. (I brought two of them from MA).

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