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  1. Actually the Paasche VL is a great starter airbrush.It's what i taught my self to airbrush with.In fact i still have it.I use an Iwata SBS auto and HBC.I think i own 6 airbrushes total.An essential key to airbrushing is to KEEP IT CLEAN!!They clog very easily.Just drop an e-mail Gridlox if you need any help finding a airbrush.I could steer you in the right direction.
  2. About a year ago I was "banned for life" from the webmaster for calling myself a jackass while several of the board members (including himself) and others in the "in crowd" used language far worse. Many in that group want no one but people who agree wholeheartedly with them and follow the "leaders" without question. Because of them I went to Northstar Cachers ( www.northstar-cachers.org) and have never looked back. They are so much more welcoming and open to new people and even opposing views. I see the "leaders" at mngca are back to their old ways. Well, good for them, they can ruin t
  3. Send out the SBS, not the Special Boat Service but the Special Bug Service!
  4. Yes, me. I haven't had any problems so far. Mind you, I haven't been out at night. And my ex-SBS ex-boyfriend was very keen to ensure that I could look aftter myself! As with all these things, it's a matter of confidence and local knowledge. I learned this in New York actually - that if you look vulnerable you attract predators, just as in the wider world of animals. Look purposeful and you will be less likely to attract them. Of the three caches I have set, one is close to a slightly disreputable outlying area of Reading, one is in a spot that attracts winos (which actually make
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