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  1. Skimming topics, i decided to dip into the other remaining source of GPS expertise, the GSAK forum. (Duly noting that OP is on a Mac and this does them no/little good.) https://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=36383&view=findpost&p=279765 concludes that there is MTP voodoo within GSAK (!?!?) Perhaps, this being a Microsoft creation as part of Windows Media, plinking around media files is easier there and GSAK somehow hooks to some kind of OS interface to do this. (We've also had people declare the end of Garmin MTP about every six months since the original Nuvi 350, so I don't know if the 67 is really really the end or not...) Still, when I see authoritative-sounding MTP Library things on the web saying things like: It seems quite likely that if Clyde came to me before May, 2008, I'd have told him to take off as it's MS-only and after May, 2008, I'd have told him to take off as sounds like the standard compliance is poor and reading things like https://github.com/libmtp/libmtp (search for 'kext') encouraging people to disable their USB mass storage devices, which requires unlocking several security checks, it just sounds like a bad idea even on MacOS. (I can be a jerk like that...) In that same doc, we have both: "Windows Media Player apparently never close the session to an MTP device." ... "The "Unix way" of running small programs that open the device, do something, then close the device, isn't really working with such devices and you cannot expect to have command line tools like the mtp examples work with them." You may be able to think of a program that very much embraces The Unix Way. It seems likely that you'd be deeply annoyed at GPSBabel running forever or requiring you to reboot between times of talking to your GPS. That's just incredibly dumb, but that's 2000's era Microsoft for you. So even now, if they were to ask, the words "take off" may not appear literally in my response, but without someone else paying for the engineering to bring a quality MTP implementation into GPSBabel along with a device testing budget, I don't see it happening. Heck, Maybe Garmin had to develop one for Basecamp that's usable open source (hahahahaha). Maybe iCaching is interested in developing some kind of code to talk to these things, but I don't particularly see this landing on my desk as an accepted action item without some divine intervention. (That happened on the 60 Cx...) Since I hadn't finished reading the entire internet before posting that (workin' on it!) it possible that https://openmtp.ganeshrvel.com/ may be better, worse, or at least broken in a _different_ way. It doesn't look particularly Mac-like for a Mac app, but I have no vote. Working + Homely > Attractive + Dysfunctional (This is also solid dating advice...)
  2. > Amazon & there was a link to "Magellan Store" Yeah, that's just embarrassing for them. Maybe I underestimate the size of the dune buggy market, but $468 for hardware that specializes in that seems pretty nutty. Of course, they're probably saying that $349 to chase tupperware in the woods is crazy, too. (It is, but thta's the price it is and with no viable competition left, they're going to get that amount as long as there are geocachers that can't stand caching with phones.) The reviews are largely murderous. FWIW, in GPSBabel-land we get requests for all kinds of weird stuff but never once have we had a request to support these. Maybe they hock up perfectly lovely GPX that works in everything (yay!) but given how harsh the comments are on it, that be the rare subsystem that they nailed. > just different enough that I cant make the switch At some point, you'll run out of rotary phones to keep buying and you'll have to adopt that newfangled touch tone fone. :-) FWIW, when I started, it was originally to get AWAY from computers. (So I end up working on some of the world's most used GPS software. Guess that backfired...) There was a time I did every cache I could just so I didn't have to drive 200 miles to hunt SOMETHING. I found that the ability to just ignore caches of certain type (puzzles, multis) let me spend a lot less time screwing with tech and more time chasign the arrow. Sure, knowing how to use the GPS as a map is insanely useful, but just following an arrow until. you trip over a cache has a lot going for it for me. I don't WANT to understand how to compute projections and rejigger multi coordinates and all that. (I _can_. I don't _want_ to.) So maybe just choosing different cache types helps keep it fun for you when you're hunting with hardware you're less familiar with. You said you had a 500. Just as a simple example, that unit (like the 400 and the 600 that bracket it) uses a super weirdo cable that doesn't exist anywhere else in the industry and they were kinda crappy even 15 years ago. If one breaks, you might be looking for someone with a 3D printer, a set of calipers, a soldering iron, a small PCB, and a set of pogo pins to make you a new one. Garmins at least got over their proprietary cables and while Mini-B is no longer common, there are at least eleventy billion old cell phone cables around to help fill that hole. Those Nokia cell phone batteries aren't going to be able to be found forever and if you have the AAA clip that's not broken, you may have a rarity. You've presumably learned that the software works badly, if at all, on any computer you'd sensibly consider usable these days. I mean, even if you had '98 and XP on a VM on a Real Computer, the maps are ancient, the CD-ROM copy-projection has to be removed because you can't find a CD any more, and their stuff that requires activation is trying to call home to a home that's been swept away by climate change. > I see a new Explorist XL listed, is it gonna be similar to the old ones? LOL @ "new". Explorist XL is basically an overgrown 500. It's even called that in the last entry of the Explorist FAQs (that I thought I linked to before) written some 15 years ago by a very wise man. (Though I think this one DOES take AA's instead of AAA's, so I might be wrong on that line.) So that might be "new" as in "still in the box", but it's far from a current device. Like I said, the company that built that model was essentially gone at least two bankruptcies/sales ago. Oh, wait. Date First Available August 25, 2003 I'm actually skeptical of that. 60C and 60Cx were Jan of 2004 and 2006, respectively. Oh, but they say it was built by Thales, which I'm certain isn't right. No, I think this listing is off in the weeds. Someone copy/pasted a bit too much. I just really don't think these were available in 2003. I was a winner of their little contest where they gave these away in a region (I published a recorded minute-by-minute breakdown of the hunt and called "foul" - months later, I was contacted with my "prize".) and I remember trying to impress one specific user of Google Maps in the era when Google Maps wasn't meant for such things because that user was later going to become my grand-boss at Google. No way was that 2003. I'm sticking with January (GPSes were announced at CES then) of 2005. > is it gonna be similar to the old ones? Define "old" when we're talking about a 19 year old GPS? :-) Similar to your 2005 operationally? Almost identical. Similar to 330/Meridian? Since you have both, I'll let you form your own answer, but they're very closely related. The UI and core functions were mechanically transofrmed from those models of the previous century. SD card, Geocaching and file/save were so lightly bolted on that the "files" stored on the SD cards are actually NMEA sentences (!!) that are saved and loaded the same way they did the serial files. So there wasn't exactly "big brain" engineering going into that aspect of these. A user of a Map330 would feel like they were sitting a different model of the same piece of heavy equipment you cited earlier than a different one. > a 330 ... still faster at obtaining a signal than other/older Explorist I have. 330 is pretty impressive that it survived (after some firmware updates) both the '99 and the '19 GPS week 1024 rollover. That killed a lot of them dead and left a lot of models needing to catch the whole almanac (~15-20 minutes) before first fix. I'm nto sure which you're comparing here or how slow is "slow", so I'll let that go. > how did you lose Charter IMO, I didn't. I've been here almost forever - or as close to "forever" as counts for Charter. I think they just screwed up the forum software not realizing that you can be both a mod (a badge I long resisted, though I just got a card that said I've been a mod officially now for 15 years...even though I didn't get invited to a recent volunteer gathering, either, grrrr.) AND a Charter. So that's internal dirty laundry. > always kinda cool to see the "Old Timers" Not a lot of us from 2001 that are still active. Southpaw, Show Me the Cache and a few other are still on the trail - and stay off the forum. :-) > my member number when I signed up was 20K something Seems legit. Mine UID is/was just under 32,768. I remember that because 32,768 is a computer number. (That's the precise number behind "32k".) They make it harder to find now to make it harder for people to guess how many users they have. > Id be curious to hear how many have come & gone s Hard to tell. Someone may be missing for a year and then log in tomorrow. Someone else may be missing for a year and then have an anniversary of their funeral tomorrow. So the "and gone" part of that is hard. However, accordign to https://newsroom.geocaching.com/fast-facts and the related infographic, there's mention of a player group "7 million strong". How many of those never make an account or make an account, hunt one day and give up or whatever? I have no idea. Keep on trying to make friends with that Garmin! Oh, and Geodarts. Just LOLNO. :-) Look at how hard they tried to rip the form factors and even colors of the respective Garmin and Magellan gear. Remember what I said abotu "no requests in GPSBabel"? Definitely true on those, too. Later
  3. >>The days of being able to buy a geocaching GPS are dwindling. The days of being able to buy something that's not a Garmin are over. >> Has anyone had the curiosity to try a Chinese handheld, such as the BHC units that are sometimes advertised as being equivalent to Garmin or Explorist models? None of them has built in geocaching functions but they seem to support gpx so there is that. I am not suggesting that any of these would be cost effective or offer the range of satellites as other garmin models. And I am not sure what the $86 A6 unit can do. But is China the last of the Garmin handheld competitors?
  4. Wir legen Caches. Einzahl: Cache, Mehrzahl: Caches. Und wir nutzen ein Garmin Orgeon 700, zum Prüfen Flopps tolle Karte.
  5. First off thanks for the interesting info!! After posting that I went on Amazon & there was a link to "Magellan Store" & that's what they had, 2 car units! I thought dadgum I been outta touch for a long time! I could see loving this Garmin 64 but in redneck terms it's like getting off of an Excavator & getting on a Backhoe. Very similar machines but just different enough that I cant make the switch because of what I'm used to. I see a new Explorist XL listed, is it gonna be similar to the old ones? I loved & still use a 330 & as slow as it is its still faster at obtaining a signal than other/older Explorist I have. May try one but if it's a learning lesson I'll forget it in between the rare times I'll use it! Btw, how did you lose Charter status? You're one of the first & few names I've always seen & remembered on these forums. I'm rarely here anymore but it's always kinda cool to see the "Old Timers" still around after all these years! Funny thing is (if I remember correctly) my member number when I signed up was 20K something. Used to be it would show when you hovered over your name I think? You may know but Id be curious to hear how many have come & gone since then.
  6. I put caches into a GSAK database then export a GPX file. I put that file onto my Garmin Etrex 32.
  7. Magellan as a company has been bought and sold so many times that there is nobody at the company that exists under that name today (owned by MiTac, of PDA fame.) that remembers the days of them being an innovative leader and the maker of the handhelds you reference. Explorist 210/[456]00 were machine-transformed versions of the Map330/Meridian heritage, released around the 2004-2005 range, with FAT filesystem bolted on in a little sidecar and just a dash of geocaching thrown in. We'll politely forget about Triton between these two points. The rest of the world did. Also in this little intermission we feature two more sales/takeovers that were likely to keep them out of bankruptcy. I can't remember the other, but one was Shah Capital, which is not exactly a tech or navigation company. Oh, there was another alligator swimming in the waters about this time. Courts decided that Broadcom could enforce a cease and desist on selling the SirfStar III GPS chips, which the 210/x00 units used, because of patent violations. This meant that for some time, they had no chips to put into products. The competition (cough, Garmin, cough) had been using a mixture of SirftStar and Mediatek chips and was able to better weather one supplier disappearing. Mitac bought them in '08 or so and used their experience with ... PDAs to make Windows Mobile (ugh) versions called the 410/510/610/710 and the Explorist GC. (Unlike a VC fund, they also had a patent portfolio to fight back with..) They were OK to use, but totally unlike everything before them - for better and worse. They had all the performance, reliability, stability of Windows.... in your pocket. Unfortunately for them, the company _badly_ fumbled updates that would brick units, repairs being lost in China, updates that never came, etc. They had some comeback spirit, but these units folded pretty quickly. By probably 2010 or 2011 they were out of manufacture. Since then, they've messed around with units for offroading (note that link with two units is all) but they've even given up on Automotive . Face it: their most expensive product in 'automotive and outdoor' is a $35 bag, not a GPS. My first several were Magellans and I really like the gear and the folks at the company, but I'll be honest that it's been 15 years since I've seen a Magellan in use on the trail or fielded even a single request in GPSBabel-land which is still adding many hundreds of users a day. I announced removing the last of the Magellan support a couple of years ago and there wasn't a peep. It's as gone as the rest of the products are. It's not like you can activate Mapsend these days as the required servers don't exist and you can't find a copy of Windows '98 to run them on anyway. (And they only partially supported even '98...) Even if you could, it'd be map data from the 2000 TIGER data set. As McCoy or Spock would say, "It's dead, Jim." I see you're one of the few that's been here longer than I have (hey, they took away my charter badge!) but I'd suggest finding a local geocaching group and making friends with some Garmin hunters that hunt like you do (I see you're not a huge powertrail hunter, for example) and get them to make sense to you. The new Garmins have some nice features, but they do have a different "accent". The language is the same: you navigate to a point, you mark the point found, etc. The days of being able to buy a geocaching GPS are dwindling. The days of being able to buy something that's not a Garmin are over. Sorry for the tough love. Somewere on the internet tonight, someone is writing mean things about the companies I helped stoke, so I don't mean to be mean to anyone. I've offered existing citations where they remain, but this is the history as I remember it. That concluded this edition of storytime with robertlipe...
  8. What are the latest Magellan models? My newest is probably an Explorist 500 but geez it takes forever to get signal. I tried a Garmin 64 & Im sure its a great unit but I cant figure it out when Ive had Mags for almost 25 years. I guess my one track mind just wont switch over to that track & I really wish it could. Any suggestions?
  9. Similar to other Users, unable to load Caching Lists to my Garmin GPS (UK based). PLease update me with any news of an update. Thanks
  10. need to go to the page that shows caches in an area, select a cache then download to GPS..using Etrex 30, and Garmin Express on a Mac.
  11. It seems to be working this morning. I can download using Garmin Express. Glad it is fixed. Thanks
  12. I download Pocket Queries Under Play at the top, to my Garmin Etex30, and individual files. I have no problems.
  13. I tried that download path and do get it to download to the computer ( Apple) and there is an option on the top banner of that download to "Download to GPX" - from there nothing. My Garmin is not connecting to the computer like it should, maybe that is part of the situation. I rarely use the Garmin for a few reasons: one is I simply do not have it with me very often, two is that finding the cache I want in the list is very tedious, and mostly because it does not show anything but a direction and distance- once at or near GZ usually ok, but I have my iPhone which does the same thing.
  14. Just below the Print options, below the coordinates on a cache page, is "Download GPX". This may by default save the file into the Download folder on a PC, but there may also be an option to save it directly into the correct drive and folder of the Garmin.
  15. How do I download a geocache to my garmin etrex 20 gps The 'send to gps' has vanished whith the latest vewrsion of garmin express I think.
  16. So this issue is still with us. I'm having this occur with my Garmin Dakota20, I've used it for years without problem, but strangely I only noticed this failure to ignore past Draft upload in the last few months. I concur with the comments above about the Ignore Logs Before... message that was always there: It worked fine until someone broke it. Why is it so difficult to fix???
  17. I reached out to both Garmin and Groundspeak hopefully one of them will come up with a fix!
  18. This could be a limitation of the Android phones which you have tried. The compass direction used to rotate the map comes from a magnetic sensor in the phone and not all Android phones have them, as I found to my cost! Back in 2019 I bought a Nokia 4.2 expecting it to have at least the same features as my daughter's much older Nokia 3.0 only to find my phone lacked the compass sensor. The direction marker next to my position-dot-icon on the map does indeed only updates when I take a few steps - it's the only way it can deduce the direction you are moving, when your GPS location changes. The Garmin eTrex range used to work like this as well, (if they don't still) because of the lack of a magnetic compass sensor. I hope this helps.
  19. I'm assuming you're talking about the "Hus i Arvika / Houses in Arvika 2" cartridge. After looking at the cache listing, I see it's part two of the cartridge you released five years ago. There isn't a way to delete a cartridge. You're just supposed to edit the cartridge and choose not to display it in the public listing anymore. When you outlined your problem, I thought this was what had happened. It does not look like that's the case. I see only five cartridges listed in Arvika when I pan the app's map over there and list the cartridges. When I attempt to download the cartridge, the app gives me a choice between "Cartridge 1" and "Cartridge 2". This is because it's accessing the cache listing and seeing the links you used in the Swedish and English parts of the listing. That's fine. It will download the same cartridge. I haven't changed Kit's output in years. I'd suspect it might be more of a problem with the player app than the cartridge. Kit uses the proximity event and not enter because it was easier to assume a small zone and deal with proximity. Anyway, I'm not sure what would make a cartridge crash. There was a time, though, when displaying an input when another input was already shown would crash the Garmin units so bad they'd turn off. I don't suppose you have two zones with inputs almost overlapping? This might trigger an input or message at the same time another was shown. I could make a case for that causing a crash. Are you just calling an app "crash" meaning it won't accept an answer no matter if someone puts in the correct answer? If that's the case (it's not really a "crash", then), are you using non-English characters in the answer? That might be causing problems.
  20. +1 on Kuranion's post. Almost all of the Express posts in this forum are "It doesn't work. Again." Those threads are pretty common. I have no idea (and little interest) if it's Garmin or Groundspeak that can't stabilize it, but it's been a squeaky wheel for a long time at this point. Pocket Queries have been rock solid for a long time. Downloading and copying files works across operating systems, can be automated, and has been reliable. With a little scripting, you can make it work on non-Garmin GPSes (yes, some people still use those) and on Garmins that their extension doesn't support via utilities like my own GPSBabel. My days of power caching are admittedly behind me, but I'm pretty happy to continue to largely ignoring Express in favor of PQs and recommend that others do the same.
  21. I have used Garmin Express for years to download lists on my Etrex 20 without problem, until today. I now get an error message and can't move forward. I am running the latest version of Garmin Express and I have the latest update on my Etrex. I Can see that my Etrex connects to Express. When I open Base camp, I can browse the files on my Etrex. I am not sure what to do. Gilles
  22. I saw the other Send To Garmin thread, and while testing a few things, I noticed that Garmin Express kept saying "Failed" within its own window when I attempted to update Garmin Express. Which resulted in it remaining at the old version. So I browsed over to Garmin and downloaded and installed Garmin Express version I've had to do that kind of thing before. It installs over the older version just fine. I use Garmin Express to keep my car GPS maps up to date. But "Send To Garmin" sure doesn't work tonight. Don't know when the problem started. Attempt "Send To Garmin", and this error pops up: That's a very non-specific message. This was an attempt to send a List. I tried Edge, and Brave Browser, same thing. Sending to a Garmin 750t, software version 6.00. This is why I download and place the GPX files into [DRIVE:]/Garmin/GPX on the Garmin GPS. I usually use Pocket Queries, but Lists don't even need to be unzipped. Drop them manually into the Garmin and go. One advantage is, I never even notice that "Send To Garmin" stopped working unless I see the posts around here. While people are waiting around for this fiddly "Send To" feature to be fixed again, I load my files the usual way, and go caching.
  23. I just went to Garmin Express and installed version, but I still get the same error message when I try to download caches from a List. So, maybe the problem is at Groundspeak
  24. Not sure if this is a Groundspeak or Garmin issue. I try to load a list with Send to Garmin and get an error message. Latest Garmin Express version
  25. I just tried to load a list with Send to Garmin. I also get an error message. Latest Garmin Express version
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