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  1. In the Interesting, Yet Not Permanent category I submit the following: Much of the interest here lies in the snowman's gravity defying properties. However, he could never be considered permanent, however much we might wish him to be. While he is a couple of months old, he once was much more robust. The weather of the past couple of weeks has trimmed him down considerably and he is due to do a face plant in the ground any moment now.
  2. Please bring back the "Wear Your Best Suit" photo goal. I've just completed the goal and now I see it has just been archived. Why? Just because someone thinks its not daring or death defying enough?? As my log stated, "Everyone likes getting dressed up now and then, and these days we don't seem to get enough opportunities to put our glad rags on. " This is what photo goals used to be about, just doing something and having fun, didn't have to be an ‘eye rolling’ thing or a ‘Dare You’ thing. Getting really dressed up IS doing something, especially if it’s for an important occasion.
  3. Ran a query on my database (which is valid and complete as of NGS's archive at the beginning of this month (Aug 1st), and here is an interesting breakdown of the number of station types. The 'CDE' column is the 1 or 2 letter/digit marker type as seen on datasheets. The 'IN?' is wither it's a Intersection or not (1 - yes, 0 - no), and the # is the number of datasheets that list that as a marker type: CDE IN? # MARKER TYPE DESCRIPTION J 0 2 Earthenware jug Y 0 3 Drill hole in brick 23 1 3 VOR antenna 24 1 3 REN antenna 69 1 4 Regulatory sign 95 1 4 Rooftop blockhouse DK 0 5 Gravity refe
  4. I, too have heard that story and told it more than once. I remember as a kid in the 60's seeing the TV commercials for the "Space Pen" that would write upside down or in weightlessness!! Wow!! But, this, from Wikipedia's entry on "Writing in Space": <Quote> "A common misconception states that, faced with the fact that ball-point pens would not write in zero-gravity, the Fisher Space Pen was devised as the result of millions of dollars of unnecessary spending on NASA's part when the Soviet Union took the simpler and cheaper route of just using pencils. In rea
  5. I can assure you that we are doing our best to get in contact with them as well. We are hoping that some additional pressure from our customers will help them to understand the gravity of the issue.
  6. The one I placed had a horizontal post hole. If I were to drill my own, it might have a slight angle down, so gravity assists it staying in place. But I won't make anything for Geocaching that leaves a trace when I later remove the cache (makes some cache ideas tougher, sure), and I definitely won't ask to drill a hole, and I won't drill a hole in other people's property, for a host of reasons. I'll leave the hole drilling to the experts.
  7. I have again been trying to understand what elevation means. Probably not one person in 100,000, and very few professional surveyors, understand the answers to these questions: What does Orthometric mean? Why wouldn't a large loop of perfect optical leveling measurements come back to the same elevation at the starting point? Dynamic height? What is the geoid? Why isn't gravitational force the same everywhere on the geoid? How do you find the geoid under a land mass? Bouguer plate? What approximations are made in the definition of NAVD88? Does water flow uphill some
  8. I'm not sure I follow, you might have to spoon feed it to me. I think your answer and quote doesn't apply to my question 1) and 4), just to my 2) and 3). I think you're saying it could have been a different marker and updated with Horiz later, so it might not have a triangle? That wouldn't be mentioned in the records? If I understand correctly about the symbol: since the records don't mention magnetism, or gravity, it's definitely not marking the tide, it's not a reference mark, and not a state mark, that eliminates a bunch of possibilities. On page 12, figure 28, that leaves: tria
  9. Two years ago I found a benchmark in Great Falls Montana that had a Marker Type listed as "gravity station disk" The disk read "International Gravity Station University of Wisconsin" as was stamped "Great Falls B". So what is an International Gravity Station? Didn't notice any changes in gravity in the area []
  10. Hello! Our family has just started geocaching, we got equipment for Christmas and have already had a good time trying to find some local caches. We got the GeomateJr and it has worked pretty well thus far, but I'm wondering if I can augment our experience with my phone. I have a TMobile Gravity T phone like this one: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/Phones/cell-phone-detail.aspx?cell-phone=Samsung-Gravity-T I don't generally have a data plan, but right now I do have data access that I got for free for a month. I've never had a phone with data, so I'm pretty inexperienced with it, pl
  11. I bought a Samsung Gravity 3 yesterday. Is there a compatible geocaching app for it? I've looked and looked, but I'm so new, that even if I found a compatible app (and recognized it as compatible in the first place), I wouldn't know how to get it to my phone. Geobeagle (which I have heard good things about) supports the Samsung Gravity 2. But the 2 wasn't an option when I was shopping. I figured the 3 was just a newer version. The tutorials are vague (at best), assuming that app buyers know how to download and install the app in the first place. Is If there isn't, I have 30 days to
  12. I've been using one for almost exactly a year now (it was on such a good offer back then I upgraded from a perfectly decent etrex20) . The only issue I've had is the tiny sliding/pivoting metal memory card door, which somehow got itself loose and fell out when I was changing AA cells in the field ... as I've only ever opened the memory card door once ( to install a card with osm maps on when I got the device) the only way I can imagine this happened is if some time earlier I dropped the device when no cells were in place, jarring the memory card door at just the right angle to par
  13. I just recently bought a Samsung Gravity Touch. And was wondering if anyone knows if there is an app or widget for these phones. I was just curious. Thank you.
  14. False "Found" online logs really does take the fun from the game and defying to purpose of the game by getting outdoors. My logs are embarrassing for the time I joined in '15 till now, with only 106 finds. I am not one to falsify logs just to collect smileys. I always record my DNF for the reason that might tell the co that the cache might have been moved by the last finder or the cache might be stolen. Or I may just be to stupid to find it. As for logs, I do check against my online logs compared to written logs. There were a couple I had suspicions on. Found some did actually sign the log. Fo
  15. I used a Galaxy s5 until it got in a gravity storm, and currently an older LG of some type. I set my phone's Location Service to use GPS only. This makes a huge difference in areas where I am on the edge of a cell tower's coverage. Try doing this before you spend the $ on a new phone that may perform no differently.
  16. Buttermilk--the thrill of something so old and linked to the earliest days of US History, https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=LX4113 Dayton Harris Gravity Station--the rarest kind of disk, and it's in the middle of Death Valley! I was FTF on a benchmarking challenge (find 10 of the 11 kinds of disks), but darn it I just didn't want to find them all even though I'd already completed the challenge! I had a great trip to Nevada and California and explored Death Valley just so I could find that benchmark, https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=GS0206
  17. or maybe Waymark Code: WMJPFQ Icarus, whose official name is MACS J1149+2223 Lensed Star 1, is the farthest individual star ever seen. It is only visible because it is being magnified by the gravity of a massive galaxy cluster, located about 5 billion light-years from Earth.
  18. Good evening fellow cachers! So a friend and I may be taking a mini-detour to SLC on our road trip to Denver in a few weeks and I was wondering if any locals know anything about the gravity hill near the capitol? Apparently, (on this hill) when you put your car in neutral it will appear to roll uphill due to an optical illusion from the surrounding scenery. If anyone knows the exact location of this place (coordinates would be great), I would greatly appreciate it if you could post them here. I've googled it, but the location descriptions are kind of vague only indicating that it is somewhere
  19. The reviewer denied the placement based on the statement that a screw "defaced" (defined as "harming or spoiling the surface or appearance of (something). REVIEWER STATEMENT: "I'm sorry, as you defaced this stump that doesn't belong to you, I can not publish your listing. Please return the area to as best you can and find another location to hide it." Putting a screw into a wormhole, beetle hole or crack in a rotting tree stump where it hangs by gravity does not damage the stump. The property is not altered. The hole already exists. The property (wood) is already dead and rotting
  20. I am pleased to announce that we have three winners of the Survey Mark Quiz. First place goes to “Bill93”, second place to “m&h”, and third place to “billwallace”. Congrats to all! More good news, everyone passed and the average grade was 81.25%. No one got 100% however. I did an analysis to see which questions were answered incorrectly most often. Question #1 was the worst, followed by questions #23 and #27. There were 16 questions that everyone got correct. Here are the correct answers (at least my opinion) and some brief comments. 1. In which time frame were the firs
  21. Can someone explain a gravity station in brief non-surveyer's terms? I understand a triangulation station (horizonal) and a benchmark (verticle). What's the purpose of a gravity station? I'm sure it has something to do with measuring gravity . What does gravity have to do with mapping and surveying?
  22. SURVEY MARK QUIZ CHALLENGE Below are questions for a fun quiz I have prepared. There are 40 questions, concerning U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey, National Ocean Service, and National Geodetic Survey survey marks. Some questions should be easy, some hopefully informative, and some have best answers that may not be one’s first guess. Read all questions carefully. Rules: This is an open book quiz. The first three sets of answers received with 100% grades, win prizes. If there are less than three perfect papers by December 15th, then the three highest grades win, but all winners mus
  23. Thanks for the link. I'd never see such a list and had wondered. Dolphin? interesting. There are many dolphin statues on Florida's west coast and likely on other parts of the U.S. coast. I assume that's the reference? I found a "gravity plug" marker type (now destroyed). Wondered about the marker name at the time. It was an antenna, now decommissioned and removed. What about it was "gravity plug" I dunno. There are find X number of marker challenges. I own one in FL, there's at least one in Colorado https://coord.info/GC4V2V1 (If you ever get a chance to visit Washington
  24. I kind of get where you're coming from. I like putting out multicaches and I enjoy designing them with surprises along the way. But, I like fun surprises. Using a prop or something humorous at a waypoint/final. I wouldn't put out a multi that has you blindly following an unknown number of stages and along the way, you will encounter a stage that you need to know theoretical physics to solve or a death defying climb (mainly because I'm useless at either of those things). If I had something that I would consider difficult or dangerous, I would warn you in the description. I want my caches t
  25. Could be this one except that the stamping is supposed to be 'ASTRONOMICAL STATION' - it is destroyed, however.. TT1521 *********************************************************************** TT1521 DESIGNATION - ASTRONOMICAL STATION TT1521 PID - TT1521 TT1521 STATE/COUNTY- AK/VALDEZ-CORDOVA CENSUS TT1521 COUNTRY - US TT1521 USGS QUAD - VALDEZ D-4 TT1521 TT1521 *CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL TT1521 ______________________________________________________________________ TT1521* NAD 83(1986) POSITION- 61 57 16.08712(N) 145 18 13.677
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