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  1. Henne1312

    etrex 20 und gpx

    Grundsätzlich wird nach dem Einschalten sowohl auf den internen Speicher als auch auf die Speicherkarte zugegriffen, d.h. es spielt keine Rolle, in welchem Garmin/GPX Ordner die Caches sind. Wo hast du sie denn abgelegt? Wenn sie auf der Speicherkarte sind, kann es sein, dass die defekt ist und nicht bei jedem Start gelesen wird. Andere Möglichkeiten, warum ein Cache nicht angezeigt wird, sind Filter oder eine zu große Entfernung zwischen Standort und Cache. Caches, die mehr als ca. 150 bis 200 km entfernt sind, werden nicht in der Liste, aber auf der Karte angezeigt. Andere Möglichkeiten hat Atlas Cached beschrieben.
  2. @Keystone, I sent you a PM, basically explaining to you that I wasn't looking for a Lackey but more like a database administrator that could take 5 minutes and save me hours. You didn't write me back and actually the message has somehow been deleted. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you don't know how software works, which is fine of course, however just to be clear if your intent was to just give me a hard time then you should really use your personal account. The last thing I wanted to tell you is that while you take issue to 200 trackables, know that there is no limit and if anything I just enjoyed buying trackables and by that I was also supporting geocaching so you really shouldn't hold it against me.
  3. Once a log is logged are the corresponding TB logs connected with it? Maybe they are behind the scenes, but looking at the logs on the user side they don't seem to be. It seems like if you log 1 Find with 200 Visits you have created 201 independent logs with no direct connection to each other. Someone correct me if that's wrong. It just looks that way on the front end. If they are linked, it would be a nice option to offer ("Delete associated trackable logs?"). But I'm sure an argument could made for situations where someone would want to keep the TB logs. Examples: 1. Someone logs a Find, but forgets to log trackables. Not realizing they could do this by editing the Find log, instead log a Note with and mark trackable visits. Then delete the Note so it does waste space in the logs. 2. Log a Find in the field via the app because you're dropping a trackable. Cacher gets home a week later and wants to write a proper log about their visit so they delete the original Find and write a new Find log so that the CO and Watchers will see it. 3. For whatever reason the log is deleted, but the trackable really was dropped in that cache and has already been retrieved by another finder.
  4. If you are visiting "nearly 200" trackables with every cache you find, and you make a mistake, I think that's on you to fix. Asking a Lackey to fix your mistake for you is not a reasonable customer support expectation for the amount of money you were (previously) paying.
  5. I know how to manually fix the problem with the trackables but the problem was that I had nearly 200 of them and in the end I did manually delete each log from each trackable, which took me a long time. That whole point is that one time I asked for help and I didn't get any help and that's why I canceled my membership. What I said about souvenirs is an exaggeration, it means for what they are getting paid they can do a lot more. My case is just another example, when you delete a trip to a geocache, the trackable logs that went along with that should also be deleted, that's common sense; however it would actually require someone to get off their butt and put in some real work for a week to do it. No matter how many years go by, they don't care enough to put in the effort. You guys can say whatever you want, I'm glad I canceled my membership and I'm sticking to my opinion!
  6. Doesn't answer the question about what is the definition of "active cacher", but I found this somewhat related.... https://www.cacherstats.com/cgi-bin/RankingList.pl There are 483022 caching accounts with 200 or more finds. In 2013 there were 230,000 geocaching.com accounts that have found 200 or more caches.
  7. You don't say which GPSr you have, but even some old-timers can still be loaded online, it just takes a bit more to do. I've loaded caches manually since starting, so at a little over 200 finds in thirteen years, that doesn't seem that big a deal to me. I feel "value" only means what's important to you. For me, value is simply having an "accurate", unfailing GPSr. A 60csx does that... Unless you plan on going full-steam-ahead on finding hides now, I feel the etrex 30 that CAVinoGal mentioned is a good bet. If you're including value as cost, I'd stay clear of the top-o-the-line models, unless you do plan on caching a lot more than you have been. Good luck.
  8. Been caching for a while and I'm just starting to hide some caches. I borrowed a friends Oregon 300 to hide a series of 6 cashes and it worked quite well. Unfortunately I don't have $350 to spend on a new gpsr . I'm looking for something under $200.00 that I can use for finding and hiding caches. What's my best option?
  9. This thread was a good reminder to go back and check in on how i'm going... Finish my D/T loop (4 caches), bonus points if I can finish my second loop (another 29 caches) Still need a D5/T4.5 for loop 1. My closest is 3 hours away up a mountain and requires me to find another 7-8 caches on said mountain first. Loop 2 is down to 10 caches. Finish my found date calendar (excluding Feb 29) Done - completed in May Complete my find streak up to 366 days (currently just over 230) Done & bailed at 404 (subtle nerd joke there) Publish a series of kids letterboxes I have the containers but still havent found a suitable way to camo and the right location to place them (they are bright and fairly large) Publish at least 1 AR cache Done. Will probably archive it soon too. Place my first T5 physical cache (we have hosted a T5 event, but haven't placed a physical cache yet) Done, have placed 4 physical T5 caches Maintain my FTF streak, which is currently at 12 months. So far so good, 21 months and counting Pick, and complete, an appropriately impressive cache to do as our 1000th find (currently on 847) It wasn't the worlds most impressive cache, but my 7yo picked it as it was ladybird themed and she loves ladybirds. Tick Optional bonus goal: Place a ~100 cache GeoArt (50/50 challenge caches and puzzles) that I started playing around with late last year. This is still bubbling along. The 50 challenges are put together. I have containers. A suitable location for 100 containers that aren't going to annoy the locals and wont require high maintenance is still proving elusive. Stat nerd goals: Up my belt score from 200 to 300 Nearly there, circa 12 points to go. Earn at least 3 new gemstones (currently have 10) Easily done. Up to 17 now and have a couple more pretty close Progress at least 5 of my current Bronze badges Done. By the end of the year I will only have one bronze badge (head in the ground) 200 finds in a day Doubt I will make this one. Had a 136 day at a mega earlier in the year. Goal revised to 1000 finds for the year a while back, have 170 to go with a mega next month.
  10. Someone logged a 'discovered' one of my TBs yesterday - It went out on a 5 year world tour and returned back to my possession 9 years ago - it has been in my possession ever since then. I have never posted a photo with the code, I have never offered it or the code out for 'discovering' I asked the 'logger' how he came by my TB code (among the 18,200+ other TBs/coins he has logged) - no real explanation other than he has lots of friends with huge collections and he also goes to the gallery. Ok Believe that if you choose, I have my own idea as to how he came to log mine and many of the others I have checked ;-) However my query is about the gallery - I wasn't aware of this feature - so looked Only 999 images available and only back to 5/12/19 - pesumably this is a rolling list - 999 showing changing every day, is this right ? Only a handful of those actually show the logging code, so this is unlikely to be a rich source for logging TBs / coins - how is it this is used as an explanation for logging so many TBs ? How do pictures get into this gallery ?
  11. How do I find a specific cache? One of the puzzles in my area asks that I find the latitude of the 200,000the hidden cache according to this web site and another being the coords for the 500,000th. I don't know the name of these caches or who hid them. I've tried searching for the number but it's not listed as a number - I suppose it had an actual name - I checked the history of geocaching in the learning section and found nothing there either. Is there anywhere where this could be listed or where I could find the info on the web page - I searched the forums but it's not listed there either - how can I find this?
  12. What is the defintion of "a ton of people"? 10 geocachers weighing 200 lbs each? Or?
  13. Nennt sich "Powertrailing" . Wird leider von zu vielen Leuten mit Geocaching verwechselt. Da hast du völlig recht. Nicht, dass ich wüsste, im Gegenteil. In meiner Gegend wird eine neue "Runde" mit 20+ Dosen immer freudig begrüßt, und bei einer Serie mit 200 Caches würde der Owner vermutlich mit Lob und FP überhäuft. Der Mehrheit der "Cacher" geht es heutzutage um "Punkte, Punkte, Punkte!!!" und "Je mehr, desto besser!". Das zweitwichtigste Kriterium sind Statistiken aller Art (D/T-Matrix etc.). Die Location der Dose steht arg weit hinten in der Liste. SIe könnten es, wollen es aber nicht. Als ich angefangen habe zu cachen (Anfang 2008), gab es eine Art Anti-Powertrail-Guideline. Wenn du eine Tradi-Serie mit mehr als einer handvoll Caches eingereicht hast, die mehr oder weniger auf einem Rundweg lag, dann wurde das nicht gepublisht. Stattdessen solltest du einen Multi draus machen. Diese Guideline wurde 2009 oder 2010 (weiß nicht mehr genau) abgeschafft. Groundspeak hat keinerlei Interesse daran, dieses Rad wieder zurück zu drehen, im Gegenteil. Je mehr Caches es auf der Welt gibt, desto besser. Und wenn diese zum Großteil aus an der Landstraße aufgereihten Micros im 160m-Abstand bestehen - so what?
  14. Baldocks

    Garmin Oregon 200

    Hi, I'm taking a 4 day cycle tour. I want to be able to save trip data from my garmin each day for a daily record. However, I also want a cummalitive total of data for all the days, as well, to upload to Garmin Connect at the end. Is this possible ? I can't get my head round how to do it. Any ideas? May thanks Martyn
  15. ¿Dificil?, si. ¿Complicado?, tambien. ¿Agotador?, mucho. ¿Acabas harto?, por supuesto. ¿Posible?, sin duda. Por ejemplo, yo acabo de hacer un viaje en el que he hecho 200 caches en un dia. 10 horas en coche, yo solo. Con caches separados entre 300 y 400 metros uno de otro. (por una via de servicio de una autovia) Y tengo claro, que dos o tres personas en un coche, pueden hacer un cache cada 2 minutos o menos en lugares con caches separados entre si 180 o 200 metros, sin hacer trampas (saltos de contenedores entre caches, etc) Con lo que se pueden hacer 30 o 40 caches por hora. Asi que 405 caches es perfectamente factible si se dan las condiciones adecuadas. Un saludo. omortsoN
  16. A friend of mine is having problems with his GPSMAP62ST. He went on a hike up around Bumping Lake (Washington State) and had between 20-200 feet difference on his track. The 62 is set to true north. I can see 10-20 feet difference but 200 plus feet on a hike. This is on a road or improved path and not bushwacking. The path is on the base map that came with the 62. It is up to date and the compass is always calibrated. The compass is set to auto so I don't know if that would cause that much of a difference. Any ideas?
  17. Das Problem wird sein, dass Deine Konstellation doch recht selten ist - man muss dafür wohl schon ein Windows-Tablet haben oder eben ein Notebook mit Touchscreen (Convertible). Als Entwickler für Web-Anwendungen kann ich Dir nur sagen, dass solche die im Browser stattfindenden Aktionen meist mit JavaScript auswerten, und da ist "um 200 Pixel nach rechts verschoben" jetzt eine Nachricht, die die Anwendung vom Browser und dieser wiederum direkt vom Betriebssytem bekommt. Da den Schuldigen zu finden warum jetzt ein Verschiebn per Touchscreen anders signalisiert wird als mit der Maus ist sicher nicht ganz trivial. Wie ist es denn bei der "neuen" Karte, also https://www.geocaching.com/play/map/ ? Die ist ja größtenteils auch ganz nützlich, hat ein paar mehr Filterfunktionen aber weniger brauchbare Kartenebenen und ist insgesamt etwas umständlicher für "nur mal Caches suchen". Allerdings kann man sie schneller ans Ziel verschieben und dort dann per Button die Caches suchen. Interessant wäre trotzdem, ob ein echter Chromium/Chrome sich doch anders verhält als der auf Chromium basierende Edge-Browser. Dann könnte man u.a. sehen ob die Chromium-Engine ein Problem verursacht oder doch der Edge drumherum.
  18. Bonjour, Je poste ici en français car la catégorie n'est que française : Monuments Historiques Français Cette catégorie regroupe des waymarks de types églises, maison, châteaux, ... mais la base de données Mérimée compte de très nombreux objets qui sont tout autant classés aux monuments historiques. Je souhaite créer un waymark pour un tableau magnifique du à un artiste de Saint Martin de Brôme, Esprit Michel Gibelin, qui l'a peint entre 1890 et 1897. Ce tableau est classé aux monuments historiques au titre objet : http://www2.culture.gouv.fr/public/mistral/palissy_fr?ACTION=RETROUVER&FIELD_1=INSEE&VALUE_1=04189&NUMBER=13&GRP=0&REQ=((04189) %3aINSEE )&USRNAME=nobody&USRPWD=4%24%34P&SPEC=9&SYN=1&IMLY=&MAX1=1&MAX2=200&MAX3=200&DOM=Tous L'oeuvre en parfait état fait 4 m de long (à vue de nez). Evidemment, j'ai regardé un peu ce qui a été créé dans cette catégorie. Dans les 10 premières pages, visiblement, rien que des monuments (dont des dolmens, des statues qui ne sont pas des bâtiments). Pour avoir eu l'outrecuidance de poser une question sur Facebook (sur un autre sujet), on m'a renvoyé sur le forum plutôt que me répondre dernièrement, aussi je viens poster ici espérant que quelqu'un m'explique pourquoi les objets qui sont classés régulièrement aux monuments historiques semblent exclus des waymarks. Alors : la catégorie exclue les objets classés aux monuments historique ou pas ? Amicalement, YvesProvence
  19. Welllllll, If it were me I would start at the mid point of the southern wing of the building and amble at about 091 degrees at 000 degrees of declination. for about 200 feet and check out the tree. If 200 feet took me to the limiting fence on I-75 I would have gone too far. and my dead reckoning guess would have been off
  20. Welche Gründe führen denn unsere Reviewer aktuell noch an um nach wie vor Events zu verweigern? Bei unseren Nachbarn dürfen seit Wochen wieder Events stattfinden, Restauraunts und Biergärten sind geöffnet und voll, an touristisch interessanten Orten drängeln sich die Besucher und selbst indoor Veranstaltungen wie z.B. Konzerte mit bis zu 200 Personen (outdoor 400) dürfen inzwischen wieder stattfinden. Warum wird behauptet ein Picknick Event in München das seit langem published ist sei verboten und droht mit Archivierung? Warum wird die Bewertung nicht auf aktuelle Verhältnisse angeglichen, auf was will man warten?
  21. I'm trying to debate between two water filters I saw at REI. One is a Katadyn Hiker filter with 0.3 micron pores, it has activated carbon, and it can filter up to 200 gallons before you have to buy another filter. The other is a Sawyer with hollow fiber with 0.1 micron pores the water travels through, comes with something to backwash the filter, and because of that "a use it a million times guarantee". As far as price, these two are only $5 from each other. Which one is better? I was thinking having a 0.1 micron filter will filter more germs than a 0.3 micron filter. However, the activated carbon will remove chemicals, odors, or if you have no choice but to take from a stagnant pond and for all you know many animals pee in it, I think it could help out. On the REI water filter comparison chart, it says both the Katadyn Hiker and Sawyer filters are rated for taking care of bacteria. However, the thing which concerns me is on another place on their chart it says bacteria can be anywhere from 0.1-10 microns, which tells me they could be slightly smaller than the Katadyn Hiker 0.3 micron filter. So that's why I'm confused on what to get.
  22. Does anyone know of a quick and easy way to adopt out large numbers of caches without individually entering the GC code for each one and submitting? I'm looking at over 200 to do and am hoping there is an easier way.
  23. Nie czepiajmy się szczegółów:) To jest tylko zabawa. Oczywiście można nauczyć się na pamięć regulaminu i nawet go recytować na konkursach:) Do dobrej zabawy wystarczy rozsądek i szacunek a reszta to zaledwie kosmetyka. Warto dać serwis potrzebny bo w tą stronę to spoko. A co mają powiedzieć ludzie szukający dużego kesza gdy w terenie jest mikrus? To tylko zabawa ale nikt praktycznie nie loguje DNF, serwisu itp a potem wszyscy mają pretensję, że jakość keszy jest słaba. Ja mając 200 skrzynek nie jestem w stanie ich sprawdzać 2x w roku i liczę na ludzi, że mi napiszą że MS005 zalany, MS065 uszkodzony pojemnik itd bo tylko dzięki temu mogę te skrzynki szybko naprawić Gorzej jak trafią się tacy co nadużywają opcji NM/NA jak im się coś w skrytce nie spodoba.
  24. Nie czepiajmy się szczegółów:) To jest tylko zabawa. Oczywiście można nauczyć się na pamięć regulaminu i nawet go recytować na konkursach:) Do dobrej zabawy wystarczy rozsądek i szacunek a reszta to zaledwie kosmetyka. Warto dać serwis potrzebny bo w tą stronę to spoko. A co mają powiedzieć ludzie szukający dużego kesza gdy w terenie jest mikrus? To tylko zabawa ale nikt praktycznie nie loguje DNF, serwisu itp a potem wszyscy mają pretensję, że jakość keszy jest słaba. Ja mając 200 skrzynek nie jestem w stanie ich sprawdzać 2x w roku i liczę na ludzi, że mi napiszą że MS005 zalany, MS065 uszkodzony pojemnik itd bo tylko dzięki temu mogę te skrzynki szybko naprawić Tak, ale nie dotyczy FTF First To Find. W takim przypadku powinno się logować z terenu ale... Nie zawsze jest możliwość zalogowania kesza w terenie np. brak zasięgu telefonii komórkowej. Gdzie jest tak napisane bo nie pamiętam? Nic bardziej wkurzającego nie ma niż log FTF reszta później dla ownera. Ja loguję zawsze w domu gdy napiszę coś sensownego, często parę dni tygodni później gdy inne kesze zejdą z kolejki.
  25. In response to barefootjeff's most recent post: 1. Once a reviewer steps in and disables a cache, we always ask the CO to post updates on the cache page rather than contacting us by email. This is true whether the disablement results from the Cache Health Score or otherwise. The reason for this: when we check back a month or so later, the reviewer will likely not remember an email that the CO sent weeks earlier. We look at the cache page for an update and, if there is none. the cache is archived. So far this week, I've archived nearly 200 caches. I cannot possibly search for emails from each of the CO's unless and until Signal the Frog gives me a raise. It is the reviewer's action that triggers the need for the update log to the cache page - NOT the fact that a Needs Maintenance was logged. In the ordinary course, absent reviewer involvement, the owner would respond (or not respond) to a Needs Maintenance log by posting an Owner Maintenance log. 2. Please re-read my post that you quoted, focusing on the phrase "a week or more." Reviewers do not check daily for caches that might require action. I chose my words carefully. If I become aware of a cache with maintenance issues, and I see that an automated health score notice was sent two days earlier, the most I would do would be to bookmark the cache for later follow-up. I would give the CO a week or more to respond to the automated health score notice. 3. Once I do take action, by temporarily disabling a cache page, I allow a minimum of four weeks for the cache owner to respond. THAT is when the CO is "given at least a month." The word "haste" doesn't belong in the conversation. For the nearly 200 caches that I archived this week, the temp disable logs were placed in early December. I gave those CO's eight weeks, not four, in which to respond. That's because of the busy holiday season and the winter weather. There's been several days of good weather since then -- I know, because I went geocaching on some of those days -- so I can archive those caches with a clear conscience. There were about 10 caches where the CO posted something, anything, indicating an intent to fix their cache. Each of those caches escaped the reaper, and instead received a friendly "last call" reminder, thanking them for the update and asking them to fix their cache in the next three weeks. Bear in mind, many of the 200 caches had DNF's extending back to last spring, last summer, and even back to 2017. There was plenty of opportunity for the CO's to maintain their caches during good weather, prior to the allegedly hasty reviewer intervention.
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