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  1. That's odd, all my caching friends in UK say the images are back ? I really don't want to edit 200 + caches if possible. All my caches post 15th are using dropbox and //https ;-)
  2. The reviewers are volunteers and have other real-world stuff to keep them busy too. Here we have one reviewer for the whole state (New South Wales, Australia) and he generally clears the pending queue twice a week, with a recent average of about 200 new caches a month. I imagine that while there are some that would be pretty straightforward that immediately tick all the boxes of the things they check, there would also be plenty of others that require more work. Non-traditional cache types have a lot more things for the reviewers to check, for example, particularly challenge caches.
  3. I fully appreciate that from 15th Sept we should use an authorised host, my lastest cache uses Dropbox which is fine. However I have been putting out puzzle caches for 3 years now and I don't want to move all the images of nearly 200 puzzle caches. The 15th Sept post clearly says :- Quote. This change will only apply to new cache and trackable pages. You can continue editing existing cache and trackable pages as before, even if they contain images that are hosted on third-party servers. So what have GC done to ruin all my historic caches ? John
  4. Thanks for testing them. Yes they are historic caches published before 15th Sept ruling, about 200 of them. John
  5. Can anyone at GC HQ help me. I have 200 cache puzzles with no images since this 15th September update ...... Only happens on Google Chrome , Ok on other browsers but most people use Chrome. Need help desperately .... John
  6. Oh no ..... I've lost the images on all 200 of my caches now !!!!! What is going on ? My old caches should not be effected ... This change will only apply to new cache and trackable pages. You can continue editing existing cache and trackable pages as before, even if they contain images that are hosted on third-party servers.
  7. I've been caching for 6 years.... so can't comment on 10 years ago - I do get the impression from reading logs from caches from 7-10 years ago, that at least in this area, there were more highly active players then than now, with FTF races and a higher turnover of hides. There has been a decline in no of finds overall from my notification inbox, which shows total logs for the 80km radius from my home, purging on a 7d cycle. Previously there would be 800-1000+ emails in there, now maybe 200-500, with short term peaks at souvenir times.... If your area has broken/missing caches, log needs maintenance logs to get them fixed/removed. Cache publication here is rarely longer than 3-4 days, I hid one on Sunday and it published yesterday, which is average, but I've had them publish in 10 minutes and 5-6 days too.... and - welcome!
  8. Which do you think will happen first? Alamogul reaching 200,000 finds or mondou2 passing Alamogul?
  9. We know of a few folks who'd place a cache 200 feet apart or closer if they could. On some lengthy rail trails, off n on the bike every 528' is already a pain-in-the-can. Closer, just put on those hiking boots... At one time there were quite a few folks asking for much more than the 528' because of this nondescript cache placement "just because I can" silliness.
  10. Why would they need to hide geocaches to battleship the finals? They could just use the saturation checker without actually submitting any caches for review. This is not the first time this topic has come up. Here is one of Keystone's replies to one of the earlier threads: So, suppose I tell you that your proposed location is 110m northwest of the final coordinates for "Cacher Conundrum," a five-star puzzle cache that only four people have ever solved and logged in the past three years. Armed with that intelligence, you track down the container and sign the log at the same time when you move your cache to a spot that's 162m away. What do I get for being helpful? A flaming email from the CO of "Cacher Conundrum," who also posts to three Facebook groups, and files a complaint with Geocaching HQ that I gave away secret information and ruined the puzzle cache. Having had that happen to us enough times, reviewers nowadays are constrained to be less forthcoming with details. Depending on your reviewer, you may get a hint, like "you are less than 161m from "Cacher Conundrum," GCABCDE, or you may get a hint that you should strongly consider moving to the southeast, or you may not get any guidance at all. So, that's how come. In a world where people hack lab caches and share the final coordinates of puzzle caches in Facebook groups, the inevitable outcome of such a feature would be to spoil every puzzle cache, multicache and Wherigo cache, plus a fair percentage of letterbox hybrid caches. There are people who like placing and finding these cache types. Geocaching.com has chosen not to alienate them by ruining the ability to keep the actual locations a secret. "But all I need is a distance and direction," you might say. So, the cheater simply enters enough coordinates into the planner tool to permit them to hone in on the actual location through triangulation. Think that can't happen? Talk to the travel bug stalkers who watch for drops of trackables in unpublished caches so they can figure out the locations and log a pre-publication "FTF." Talk to the group of cachers who hid traditionals in every conceivable spot within two miles of a 5-star puzzle, knowing they'd eventually "battleship" their way to a hit, and then they could do a scorched earth hunt within that area. I foiled them by publishing their cache even though it was 200 feet away from the puzzle final. Reviewers are smart humans*, you see, and that is better than an automated system. *Many reviewers are dogs.
  11. Automated convenience store: any vending machine that has at least such-and-such number of products available on site. Perhaps the minimum number of products would be between 100 and 200 different items.
  12. I have almost 200 puzzle caches in the Essex, UK area. A lot of my caches use Javascript which is stored on a third party server. Can I no longer run my own html ? I have a banner at the top of all my caches showing who is top of my puzzle solving charts. It is a simple .php file running a few lines of Javascript. I'm gutted none of this will work in the future . I have taken 5 years to build up such a challenging selection of puzzles. Totally gutted .. John Edmonds aka Startoman
  13. Hey all. Bass pro is currently running the 62S for $199.99, and has a deal in FEB for free shipping. The total was $215.99 with tax. http://www.basspro.com/Garmin-62s-Handheld-GPS-Unit/product/10206510/ Later!
  14. It's not about the numbers. It's about the fun. Why should you find 1.000 caches doing the E.T. highway, driving the whole day, doing this swapping thing, see the same country side the whole day, get stressed...... just why? I have found many caches in my life - but it has taken even more time to do so and it were good times. I am an absolute fan of multi caches with more than 2.000 caches of this type found so far. Obviously I could have found many more caches if I would have found traditionals - but why? That's not what I see as fun so if I am out doing 10 multi caches in 10 hours that's better - for me! - than finding 200 traditional caches of the simples kind (powertrail). Should I stop doing the multi caches because of higher numbers? I own a long and hard terrain 5 night cache and I regularly visit teams doing it, climb a little bit myself, have fun in the nights (I'll do this evening :-)) - and do not get a single "point" that day. I don't care - geocaching is fun and not - never, never, never - a numbers game. If others think so - let them do. But don't let the fun come over the statistics and very important: don't let their statistics spoil your fun! Jochen
  15. 200 miles max. I have to get there and back in one day without any potty stops. ?
  16. I think it is a bit unfair to say that about 100-find days. We could find 100 in a day perfectly ethically. I can see how a motivated person/small group could do 200 on a power trail too, past that is getting shady IMO.....
  17. Just in case you didn't know: Once you searched for something within a radius of 200 km, you will find a parameter "r=200" in the URL. If you change that to a higher number you can increase the radius (up to worldwide).
  18. Bunjil

    Caching Trails

    The Mid North Coast Wander north of Taree consists of 200 well maintained caches - good for a few days of varied caching. Try your request on this FaceBook page - https://www.facebook.com/geocachingnsw
  19. You (and others) seem to believe that finding X number of caches will help determine who a "good" CO will be, even if it's on a sliding scale based on cache density of an area. Finding "plenty of caches" doesn't mean anything if you find 200 pill bottles, mint tins, film cans and nothing else. It's just a number and one container type/size, which is why the number of finds is so inherently tough to mandate as to whether or not a cacher is ready to become a CO. All it really tells us is that the cacher is able to find X number of caches and tells us nothing about what they're going to be like as a CO. I would think that a variety of D/T rated caches , a variety of sized finds, and a variety of cache types would be a much better indicator for a cacher to determine whether or not they are ready to become a CO. However, even that has its own issues as there's no good indicator as to whether or not a CO will be a good CO. All it means is that they've managed to find lots of different types, sizes, and D/T combinations of hides. What does anything about "number" of finds (regardless of how that is interpreted) indicate about the viability of someone becoming a CO who is willing to maintain their caches in a manner outlined in the guidelines? It's the inherent traits of a cacher to be mindful of maintenance requirements as well as what they think caching should be like for their hides that will determine the viability of a CO who maintains their caches. Someone who is a numbers cacher (meaning they like to find LOTS of caches) will most likely put out caches that are easy park and grabs. Whether or not they will be maintained is irrelevant to the type of hide that is placed but is instead something the CO already has inside of themselves, a sense of responsibility to take care of what they have placed. Finding 100 caches, 10 of each size, 5 of each kind, 20 of the 81 D/T grid, or any other arbitrary number that is put out there tells us absolutely nothing about what they're going to be like as a CO. Sure, it exposes them to 100 caches, 7 different sizes, 9 different cache types, and a variety of D/T combinations, which would hopefully allow them a varied experience that could help determine their likes and dislikes, but it does nothing to provide them with the needed dedication to be the type of CO that takes care of their caches. This is like telling an aspiring musician to watch 50 Broadway shows, go out and listen to 20 different musical styles, and watch 15 other musicians at work before you attempt to become a musician. All of that exposure is probably good for them but it doesn't tell us anything about what type of musician they're actually going to become. The only true way for them (and us) to learn what type of musician they can become is with hands on experience. What level of dedication anyone applies to their craft can't really be determined by those pre-requisites we place in front of them. That's something that's inherent in each and every person. We can improve our craft (whatever that craft might be - lawyer to CO) by watching others and learning from them but the desire to use and implement what we learn and see has to come from within. If I want to be a good musician, then watching what others do and listening to a variety of music won't actually make me become better. Practice of my chosen instrument or practical application within my field of music study is what would make me a good musician and that dedication can only truly come from within. It didn't show that you needed more experience. It showed that you learned you weren't content with placing this type of cache because it ran against some ingrained feeling of dissatisfaction that arose within you. You performed a hands on activity that you thought was going to be satisfactory to your sense of what a good cache might be and then found out that you weren't content with it. Some of that can be contributed to finding a few like that (they're not really that common) but most of it is probably because you felt it wasn't "worthy" of the type of cache you wanted to put out. There are many cachers out there that would enjoy a hide like this, especially if it were regularly maintained (log not full). It's not a "bad" cache, in and of itself. It's just not a cache that you want to be associated with because you believe it to be antithetical to your sense of what types of hides you want to own and maintain. That's most likely due more to internal processes (your belief in what constitutes a "good" cache) than external processes (finding more caches). While my personal preference is to hope that potential COs experience a variety of hides, sizes, types, and D/T combos, I don't believe that those experiences should be mandated. I've found enough poorly maintained caches from COs with lots more finds than I have and I've found enough well-maintained caches from COs with far less finds than I have to realize that the number of finds isn't a good indicator of who will or won't be a good CO when it comes to maintaining their caches. I've found enough poor "quality" caches (per my personal preferences) from COs with lots more finds than I have and I've found enough good "quality" caches from COs with far less finds than I have to realize that the number of finds isn't a good indicator of who will or will not hide "quality" caches that I prefer to find.
  20. Some COs lack the intelligence and imagination to see that a cache of that size (say nano)/placed in that location/etc would need lots of maintenance. It's not just inexperience; there should be some common sense (intelligence) by those COs. Agreed. Also, need to have a minimum of finds before being able to place a cache. This could be flexible, depending on the location. Ha, ha, I had 'conversations' both with logs and private messages with one CO with a cache that had off-coordinates. Others were doing similar. I think 150 to 200 metres off in this location. I carefully and patiently explained how to fix the coordinates a number of times. They called me a troll, and said they would report me. I can't remember what I replied, but I might have said, 'go ahead', knowing the reviewer would not side with them. Turns out there was another cache near where they placed their cache and so they couldn't have that spot, but they thought it was their right to have that spot. Meanwhile several cachers were messaging each other about this CO. One messaged me to say, "They're mad". The reviewer came in and disabled the cache. The CO immediately re-enable it without moving their cache. The reviewer came back and said they were not playing games and disabled it again. It was archived.
  21. For Sale: Magellan Explorist 200 Used but EXCELLENT Condition. No scratches on screen. Comes with fresh batteries installed. Listed on ebay but will take private sale with payment via paypal for $50 (Shipping Included) if there are no current bids, otherwise you will need to complete the transaction through ebay. Selling because I am upgrading to an Explorist GC. Listing on Ebay
  22. I completely destroyed the screen on my 6 month old GPSr and I hope to replace it with something below $200 (will consider above $200 if it's a good value). I use it only for geocaching, so paperless geocaching is a must. Otherwise I will consider any model if the price is right but my preference is something like eTrax 20 or better or eXplorist 310 or better. I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada, any Canadian geocachers with a used GPSr collecting dust? Give me a price. Thanks!
  23. I won't speculate which window manager operating system you're using, so I won't guess what your "copy and paste" generation actually generated. Generating waypoints en mass is trivial. From the 'teach a man to fish' department. [robertl@rjloud geo]$ i=0 [robertl@rjloud geo]$ while ((i < 250)); do echo 0.$i, 0.$i, $i; ((i++)) ; done | gpsbabel -i csv -f - -o nmea -F - $GPWPL,0000.000,N,00000.000,E,0*7B $GPWPL,0006.000,N,00006.000,E,1*7A $GPWPL,0012.000,N,00012.000,E,2*79 $GPWPL,0018.000,N,00018.000,E,3*78 $GPWPL,0024.000,N,00024.000,E,4*7F $GPWPL,0030.000,N,00030.000,E,5*7E $GPWPL,0036.000,N,00036.000,E,6*7D $GPWPL,0042.000,N,00042.000,E,7*7C $GPWPL,0048.000,N,00048.000,E,8*73 $GPWPL,0054.000,N,00054.000,E,9*72 $GPWPL,0006.000,N,00006.000,E,10*4A $GPWPL,0006.600,N,00006.600,E,11*4B $GPWPL,0007.200,N,00007.200,E,12*48 $GPWPL,0007.800,N,00007.800,E,13*49 $GPWPL,0008.400,N,00008.400,E,14*4E $GPWPL,0009.000,N,00009.000,E,15*4F $GPWPL,0009.600,N,00009.600,E,16*4C $GPWPL,0010.200,N,00010.200,E,17*4D $GPWPL,0010.800,N,00010.800,E,18*42 $GPWPL,0011.400,N,00011.400,E,19*43 $GPWPL,0012.000,N,00012.000,E,20*49 $GPWPL,0012.600,N,00012.600,E,21*48 $GPWPL,0013.200,N,00013.200,E,22*4B $GPWPL,0013.800,N,00013.800,E,23*4A $GPWPL,0014.400,N,00014.400,E,24*4D $GPWPL,0015.000,N,00015.000,E,25*4C $GPWPL,0015.600,N,00015.600,E,26*4F $GPWPL,0016.200,N,00016.200,E,27*4E $GPWPL,0016.800,N,00016.800,E,28*41 $GPWPL,0017.400,N,00017.400,E,29*40 $GPWPL,0018.000,N,00018.000,E,30*48 $GPWPL,0018.600,N,00018.600,E,31*49 $GPWPL,0019.200,N,00019.200,E,32*4A $GPWPL,0019.800,N,00019.800,E,33*4B $GPWPL,0020.400,N,00020.400,E,34*4C $GPWPL,0021.000,N,00021.000,E,35*4D $GPWPL,0021.600,N,00021.600,E,36*4E $GPWPL,0022.200,N,00022.200,E,37*4F $GPWPL,0022.800,N,00022.800,E,38*40 $GPWPL,0023.400,N,00023.400,E,39*41 $GPWPL,0024.000,N,00024.000,E,40*4F $GPWPL,0024.600,N,00024.600,E,41*4E $GPWPL,0025.200,N,00025.200,E,42*4D $GPWPL,0025.800,N,00025.800,E,43*4C $GPWPL,0026.400,N,00026.400,E,44*4B $GPWPL,0027.000,N,00027.000,E,45*4A $GPWPL,0027.600,N,00027.600,E,46*49 $GPWPL,0028.200,N,00028.200,E,47*48 $GPWPL,0028.800,N,00028.800,E,48*47 $GPWPL,0029.400,N,00029.400,E,49*46 $GPWPL,0030.000,N,00030.000,E,50*4E $GPWPL,0030.600,N,00030.600,E,51*4F $GPWPL,0031.200,N,00031.200,E,52*4C $GPWPL,0031.800,N,00031.800,E,53*4D $GPWPL,0032.400,N,00032.400,E,54*4A $GPWPL,0033.000,N,00033.000,E,55*4B $GPWPL,0033.600,N,00033.600,E,56*48 $GPWPL,0034.200,N,00034.200,E,57*49 $GPWPL,0034.800,N,00034.800,E,58*46 $GPWPL,0035.400,N,00035.400,E,59*47 $GPWPL,0036.000,N,00036.000,E,60*4D $GPWPL,0036.600,N,00036.600,E,61*4C $GPWPL,0037.200,N,00037.200,E,62*4F $GPWPL,0037.800,N,00037.800,E,63*4E $GPWPL,0038.400,N,00038.400,E,64*49 $GPWPL,0039.000,N,00039.000,E,65*48 $GPWPL,0039.600,N,00039.600,E,66*4B $GPWPL,0040.200,N,00040.200,E,67*4A $GPWPL,0040.800,N,00040.800,E,68*45 $GPWPL,0041.400,N,00041.400,E,69*44 $GPWPL,0042.000,N,00042.000,E,70*4C $GPWPL,0042.600,N,00042.600,E,71*4D $GPWPL,0043.200,N,00043.200,E,72*4E $GPWPL,0043.800,N,00043.800,E,73*4F $GPWPL,0044.400,N,00044.400,E,74*48 $GPWPL,0045.000,N,00045.000,E,75*49 $GPWPL,0045.600,N,00045.600,E,76*4A $GPWPL,0046.200,N,00046.200,E,77*4B $GPWPL,0046.800,N,00046.800,E,78*44 $GPWPL,0047.400,N,00047.400,E,79*45 $GPWPL,0048.000,N,00048.000,E,80*43 $GPWPL,0048.600,N,00048.600,E,81*42 $GPWPL,0049.200,N,00049.200,E,82*41 $GPWPL,0049.800,N,00049.800,E,83*40 $GPWPL,0050.400,N,00050.400,E,84*47 $GPWPL,0051.000,N,00051.000,E,85*46 $GPWPL,0051.600,N,00051.600,E,86*45 $GPWPL,0052.200,N,00052.200,E,87*44 $GPWPL,0052.800,N,00052.800,E,88*4B $GPWPL,0053.400,N,00053.400,E,89*4A $GPWPL,0054.000,N,00054.000,E,90*42 $GPWPL,0054.600,N,00054.600,E,91*43 $GPWPL,0055.200,N,00055.200,E,92*40 $GPWPL,0055.800,N,00055.800,E,93*41 $GPWPL,0056.400,N,00056.400,E,94*46 $GPWPL,0057.000,N,00057.000,E,95*47 $GPWPL,0057.600,N,00057.600,E,96*44 $GPWPL,0058.200,N,00058.200,E,97*45 $GPWPL,0058.800,N,00058.800,E,98*4A $GPWPL,0059.400,N,00059.400,E,99*4B $GPWPL,0006.000,N,00006.000,E,100*7A $GPWPL,0006.060,N,00006.060,E,101*7B $GPWPL,0006.120,N,00006.120,E,102*78 $GPWPL,0006.180,N,00006.180,E,103*79 $GPWPL,0006.240,N,00006.240,E,104*7E $GPWPL,0006.300,N,00006.300,E,105*7F $GPWPL,0006.360,N,00006.360,E,106*7C $GPWPL,0006.420,N,00006.420,E,107*7D $GPWPL,0006.480,N,00006.480,E,108*72 $GPWPL,0006.540,N,00006.540,E,109*73 $GPWPL,0006.600,N,00006.600,E,110*7B $GPWPL,0006.660,N,00006.660,E,111*7A $GPWPL,0006.720,N,00006.720,E,112*79 $GPWPL,0006.780,N,00006.780,E,113*78 $GPWPL,0006.840,N,00006.840,E,114*7F $GPWPL,0006.900,N,00006.900,E,115*7E $GPWPL,0006.960,N,00006.960,E,116*7D $GPWPL,0007.020,N,00007.020,E,117*7C $GPWPL,0007.080,N,00007.080,E,118*73 $GPWPL,0007.140,N,00007.140,E,119*72 $GPWPL,0007.200,N,00007.200,E,120*78 $GPWPL,0007.260,N,00007.260,E,121*79 $GPWPL,0007.320,N,00007.320,E,122*7A $GPWPL,0007.380,N,00007.380,E,123*7B $GPWPL,0007.440,N,00007.440,E,124*7C $GPWPL,0007.500,N,00007.500,E,125*7D $GPWPL,0007.560,N,00007.560,E,126*7E $GPWPL,0007.620,N,00007.620,E,127*7F $GPWPL,0007.680,N,00007.680,E,128*70 $GPWPL,0007.740,N,00007.740,E,129*71 $GPWPL,0007.800,N,00007.800,E,130*79 $GPWPL,0007.860,N,00007.860,E,131*78 $GPWPL,0007.920,N,00007.920,E,132*7B $GPWPL,0007.980,N,00007.980,E,133*7A $GPWPL,0008.040,N,00008.040,E,134*7D $GPWPL,0008.100,N,00008.100,E,135*7C $GPWPL,0008.160,N,00008.160,E,136*7F $GPWPL,0008.220,N,00008.220,E,137*7E $GPWPL,0008.280,N,00008.280,E,138*71 $GPWPL,0008.340,N,00008.340,E,139*70 $GPWPL,0008.400,N,00008.400,E,140*7E $GPWPL,0008.460,N,00008.460,E,141*7F $GPWPL,0008.520,N,00008.520,E,142*7C $GPWPL,0008.580,N,00008.580,E,143*7D $GPWPL,0008.640,N,00008.640,E,144*7A $GPWPL,0008.700,N,00008.700,E,145*7B $GPWPL,0008.760,N,00008.760,E,146*78 $GPWPL,0008.820,N,00008.820,E,147*79 $GPWPL,0008.880,N,00008.880,E,148*76 $GPWPL,0008.940,N,00008.940,E,149*77 $GPWPL,0009.000,N,00009.000,E,150*7F $GPWPL,0009.060,N,00009.060,E,151*7E $GPWPL,0009.120,N,00009.120,E,152*7D $GPWPL,0009.180,N,00009.180,E,153*7C $GPWPL,0009.240,N,00009.240,E,154*7B $GPWPL,0009.300,N,00009.300,E,155*7A $GPWPL,0009.360,N,00009.360,E,156*79 $GPWPL,0009.420,N,00009.420,E,157*78 $GPWPL,0009.480,N,00009.480,E,158*77 $GPWPL,0009.540,N,00009.540,E,159*76 $GPWPL,0009.600,N,00009.600,E,160*7C $GPWPL,0009.660,N,00009.660,E,161*7D $GPWPL,0009.720,N,00009.720,E,162*7E $GPWPL,0009.780,N,00009.780,E,163*7F $GPWPL,0009.840,N,00009.840,E,164*78 $GPWPL,0009.900,N,00009.900,E,165*79 $GPWPL,0009.960,N,00009.960,E,166*7A $GPWPL,0010.020,N,00010.020,E,167*7B $GPWPL,0010.080,N,00010.080,E,168*74 $GPWPL,0010.140,N,00010.140,E,169*75 $GPWPL,0010.200,N,00010.200,E,170*7D $GPWPL,0010.260,N,00010.260,E,171*7C $GPWPL,0010.320,N,00010.320,E,172*7F $GPWPL,0010.380,N,00010.380,E,173*7E $GPWPL,0010.440,N,00010.440,E,174*79 $GPWPL,0010.500,N,00010.500,E,175*78 $GPWPL,0010.560,N,00010.560,E,176*7B $GPWPL,0010.620,N,00010.620,E,177*7A $GPWPL,0010.680,N,00010.680,E,178*75 $GPWPL,0010.740,N,00010.740,E,179*74 $GPWPL,0010.800,N,00010.800,E,180*72 $GPWPL,0010.860,N,00010.860,E,181*73 $GPWPL,0010.920,N,00010.920,E,182*70 $GPWPL,0010.980,N,00010.980,E,183*71 $GPWPL,0011.040,N,00011.040,E,184*76 $GPWPL,0011.100,N,00011.100,E,185*77 $GPWPL,0011.160,N,00011.160,E,186*74 $GPWPL,0011.220,N,00011.220,E,187*75 $GPWPL,0011.280,N,00011.280,E,188*7A $GPWPL,0011.340,N,00011.340,E,189*7B $GPWPL,0011.400,N,00011.400,E,190*73 $GPWPL,0011.460,N,00011.460,E,191*72 $GPWPL,0011.520,N,00011.520,E,192*71 $GPWPL,0011.580,N,00011.580,E,193*70 $GPWPL,0011.640,N,00011.640,E,194*77 $GPWPL,0011.700,N,00011.700,E,195*76 $GPWPL,0011.760,N,00011.760,E,196*75 $GPWPL,0011.820,N,00011.820,E,197*74 $GPWPL,0011.880,N,00011.880,E,198*7B $GPWPL,0011.940,N,00011.940,E,199*7A $GPWPL,0012.000,N,00012.000,E,200*79 $GPWPL,0012.060,N,00012.060,E,201*78 $GPWPL,0012.120,N,00012.120,E,202*7B $GPWPL,0012.180,N,00012.180,E,203*7A $GPWPL,0012.240,N,00012.240,E,204*7D $GPWPL,0012.300,N,00012.300,E,205*7C $GPWPL,0012.360,N,00012.360,E,206*7F $GPWPL,0012.420,N,00012.420,E,207*7E $GPWPL,0012.480,N,00012.480,E,208*71 $GPWPL,0012.540,N,00012.540,E,209*70 $GPWPL,0012.600,N,00012.600,E,210*78 $GPWPL,0012.660,N,00012.660,E,211*79 $GPWPL,0012.720,N,00012.720,E,212*7A $GPWPL,0012.780,N,00012.780,E,213*7B $GPWPL,0012.840,N,00012.840,E,214*7C $GPWPL,0012.900,N,00012.900,E,215*7D $GPWPL,0012.960,N,00012.960,E,216*7E $GPWPL,0013.020,N,00013.020,E,217*7F $GPWPL,0013.080,N,00013.080,E,218*70 $GPWPL,0013.140,N,00013.140,E,219*71 $GPWPL,0013.200,N,00013.200,E,220*7B $GPWPL,0013.260,N,00013.260,E,221*7A $GPWPL,0013.320,N,00013.320,E,222*79 $GPWPL,0013.380,N,00013.380,E,223*78 $GPWPL,0013.440,N,00013.440,E,224*7F $GPWPL,0013.500,N,00013.500,E,225*7E $GPWPL,0013.560,N,00013.560,E,226*7D $GPWPL,0013.620,N,00013.620,E,227*7C $GPWPL,0013.680,N,00013.680,E,228*73 $GPWPL,0013.740,N,00013.740,E,229*72 $GPWPL,0013.800,N,00013.800,E,230*7A $GPWPL,0013.860,N,00013.860,E,231*7B $GPWPL,0013.920,N,00013.920,E,232*78 $GPWPL,0013.980,N,00013.980,E,233*79 $GPWPL,0014.040,N,00014.040,E,234*7E $GPWPL,0014.100,N,00014.100,E,235*7F $GPWPL,0014.160,N,00014.160,E,236*7C $GPWPL,0014.220,N,00014.220,E,237*7D $GPWPL,0014.280,N,00014.280,E,238*72 $GPWPL,0014.340,N,00014.340,E,239*73 $GPWPL,0014.400,N,00014.400,E,240*7D $GPWPL,0014.460,N,00014.460,E,241*7C $GPWPL,0014.520,N,00014.520,E,242*7F $GPWPL,0014.580,N,00014.580,E,243*7E $GPWPL,0014.640,N,00014.640,E,244*79 $GPWPL,0014.700,N,00014.700,E,245*78 $GPWPL,0014.760,N,00014.760,E,246*7B $GPWPL,0014.820,N,00014.820,E,247*7A $GPWPL,0014.880,N,00014.880,E,248*75 $GPWPL,0014.940,N,00014.940,E,249*74 [robertl@rjloud geo]$ You can use that set of waypoints to determine if the GO's actually do need a delay since they can't generate a handshake.
  24. On April 30, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will be followed up by her son Willem-Alexander. Also at the end of the year we will celibrate the 200th anniversary of the kingdom of the Netherlands. A geocoin has been designed for these occasions. The price of the coin will be € 9,50 (incl 21% VAT, VAT will be removed when delivering outside the EU). The coin has 6 gemstones on the front. Size: 45 mm There are four versions: antique bronze, antique silver, polished gold and satin gold. The geocoin is trackable via geocaching.com and has its own icon: You can now make a reservation here. The coins will be available by the end of april.
  25. I have owned 4 Earthcaches (3 still active), the first being created in 2011. A couple times each year I need to delete Found logs because the cacher never sent answers. I have always followed up with a reminder message too, usually about 48 hours after the log without answers. I wait a week without answers before deleting the log. In my experience, 9 times out of 10 that I need to send a reminder message it means the cacher will never send any answers. A couple times I've gotten a response that they will send answers, but they never do. I am fortunate to have only had one stubborn faux-finder and he gave up after his log was deleted for the 2nd or 3rd time (logged a find, I sent a reminder message, never got answers, deleted, he relogged, I deleted again and sent a second message that he was welcome to log a find if he sent answers otherwise any future logs would be deleted without further warning). I'm not super-stringent with the answers; I think everyone who has ever sent wrong answers was still pretty close. But it becomes annoying to have someone log a find then have to wait around wondering if the answers will ever come. I send a courtesy confirmation reply to answers via the Message Center, and I will also send one via email if I get answers but no find has been logged yet. Given what it's like owning 3-4 Earthcaches, I can imagine how annoying it can become to own 50 or 100 or 200 Earthcaches, especially in locations that get lots of visitors (my oldest and busiest Earthcache only averages about 2 Finds per month). I might have a dozen log notifications from a dozen different cachers on a dozen different Earthcaches in my Inbox at any one time waiting to see if they will ever send answers. Not to mention more belligerent faux-finders. Combined with the increasing stringent requirements about what kinds of Earthcaches, it's becoming increasing discouraging to be an Earthcache CO, especially over a long period of time. FWIW when I'm traveling, I use a notebook or notepad to record all my Finds in order plus calculating multi stages, solving field puzzles, and especially recording answers to Virtuals an Earthcaches. After I'm back home from my trip I will start sending answers to COs then logging Finds.
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