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  1. Yes and no. Sure, the fundamental structure of the Garmin units remains the same since the switch from the non-paperless to paperless caching units. (or I guess I should say from the units that fully support mass storage mode and those that don't). Once can easily pick up an Oregon 200 or Colorado and still load it up with a PQ file and go geocaching. On the other hand, the hardware itself has a limited shelf life, and the plastic and rubber on those old units is going to break down much faster from a current date of purchase than something newer. And the newer body style of the Oregons seem to be made of more durable materials than that of the Oregon 200-450 series. It's not always easy to find those older units in new or decent condition, whereas the 600 can still be found unopened at the $200 or less price point. Of course, the OP decided on a 700, which will will last them quite a long time.
  2. How do you search caches (or filter them) based on favorite point percentage (not total numbers of favorite points)? I have discovered that some of the best caches do NOT have the highest total number of favorite points, but DO have the highest favorite point percentage. For example, a cache that has been around since 2011 (10 years old) and has 200 favorites is probably pretty good, but may only have a percentage of 20% because 1,000 people have found it and only 1 in 5 have given it a favorite, yet it shows up in searches by favorite points. However, a cache that has only been around since 2020 (less than a year) with 40 favorites is amazing, favorited by almost everyone who has found it (say 90%), but doesn’t stand out in favorite searches because it has far fewer total favorites than much older caches. Is there a way to search by favorite points percentage to remove the cache age filter bias that total favorite points provides? If not, how do we get Groundspeak to add that feature?
  3. My list was entirely revised during the year. The mega was cancelled, and I was not allowed to make the bathing event either. My archiving was modest, way lower than intended. Like the easy and unpopular tree climbing cache that I just liked too much to archive. So the intended 50 was more like 10. I better repeat that goal. But I did fulfill the goal of not letting any cache be archived by a reviewer. The last goal, caching more for exercise, was fulfilled far beyond my ambition, since I decided to start revisiting caches (logged 2 years back or more) on a regular basis. I have revisited more than 200 caches and it was very valuable for reviving my caching! Most were just like going to a new one, since they very often had changed over time. But I also put up two more goals later during the year, closely related: Reach 16% FPs. This meant archiving a few bad ones and publishing ambitious ones. (16% is not very high but a level I could reasonably hope for.) Beat the two biggest COs in Sweden on number of FPs. (This is questionable since it means comparing few with relatively much work put into them to mass-placement but it felt tempting.) This also means getting triple diamond on the "favorited owner" badge. Both were fulfilled. Of course this was very much a question of hoping for visitors to like my caches and waiting for some positive effect, but also about maintenance and keeping a high level on new caches. I have started making my caches with my 3D printer, initially with designs off the web but then moving mostly into custom designs, typically thematic. Some went very well, and they are definitely different from all the petlings and film canisters.
  4. Dit is van toepassing op Nederland, maar in het Nederlandstalig forum zitten ook Vlamingen. Vlaanderen hoort bij België, waar de regels niet dezelfde zijn als in Nederland. Zo mag je bijvoorbeeld vandaag al in België een evenement voor max. 100 personen organiseren, vanaf 1 juli tot 200 personen. Je moet alleen rekening houden met de anderhalvemeterregel. Er zijn erg weinig GC-events in België die meer dan 100 aanwezigen halen (en die geen Mega zijn). Bovendien zou je voor een event perfect kunnen werken met "cirkels" van 10 - in België mag je nu al elke week met 10 personen van buiten je gezinsbubbel contact hebben. Die 10 mogen elke week andere zijn. Het weer is goed genoeg om iets in open lucht op poten te zetten, je kunt op de grond posities markeren in een cirkel voor 5 à 10 personen, met telkens 1,5 à 2 meter tussen, zodat je elkaar voldoende goed kunt horen. Eventuele volgende cirkels kun je dan telkens een tiental meter verder voorzien. Verder beperk je het event tot het minimum van 30 minuten. Is het bovenstaande aanvaardbaar? Een event indienen moet 3 weken vooraf, dus sowieso pas voor na 1 juli. EDIT 24/06/2020 > Niemand van de reviewers heeft tot nu toe gereageerd op dit bericht, daarom eerder een aanpassing dan een nieuw bericht. We zijn een week later en de volgende fase is zojuist aangekondigd door de Belgische regering: * Vanaf 1 juli wordt de "contactbubbel" (= buiten je gezinsbubbel) uitgebreid van 10 naar 15 personen per bubbel en per week. Dit mogen elke week 15 andere personen zijn * Voor evenementen geldt vanaf diezelfde datum: maximum 200 personen voor een evenement binnen, 400 voor buiten
  5. 1210 days lonely, the longest per the script output. When I look at the +400 days caches in this output, I suspect many were simply missing for a long time before they got archived. This is not exactly an achievement on my part. A function of where I cache, I qualify at 100, 200, 300 and 400 days. This is about rarely sought, and poorly maintained paddle caches and multis. If no one hunts them, no one DNFs them and they ride the site for years before finally going away.
  6. I posted this in the "Goals for 2021" thread, but will repost as an update in this "Goals for 2020" thread as well: Get my total find count to 2020. My goal for 2019 was to reach 2000 finds; I'm still over 200 away from that goal, and maybe 2020 in 2020 is attainable! I'm at 2050 finds right now, and 50 of those are from 10 Adventure Labs completed. Even without the AL's, I'm right at 2000 now, so this goal is done (unless I decide to go for 2020 finds! That means I need 20 more. Not sure I will accomplish that) Find a cache on Feb. 29 to finish my calendar grid. We filled every day in 2018 except for Feb. 29, and this will be our first opportunity to fill that day since we began geocaching in 2017. Done - we attended an event, found caches, and I even nabbed a FTF for this day! Host an event. We've attended events, but never hosted one. I applied for one of the Celebration events - we'll see if that comes through. I did get one of the Celebration Events, but unfortunately we are still unable to host events like that (there have been a couple of CITO events nearby). I'd still like to host an event, someday. Hide 12 more caches. Same goal as 2019, and I only got 6 hidden then. I'll go for 12 again! I'm not going to make this one - I've hidden 3 this year, plus 1 Adventure Lab, so that's 4 (or 8 depending on how you count it). Either way, I'm short of my goal of 12. Complete at least one Adventure Lab Cache. A few have popped up in reasonable driving distance, and I'm curious to see how it goes. I enjoy Wherigo caches, when they work! Done! I did 10 of these, and also created one that I was awarded.
  7. The Oz Mega Committee , Director of Tourism NT,Mark Crummy, Minister for Tourism Central Australia ,Matt Conlan ,Mayor of Alice Springs ,Damien Ryan and the local Alice Springs caching group are very proud to announce that the OZ MEGA ALICE SPRINGS Geocaching Mega Event is set for Easter , 2017. MEDIA RELEASE The Centre set to cash in on Geocaching Matt Conlan Minister for Central Australia, Minister for Tourism 22 June 2014 Alice Springs has been chosen as the site for an international GPS treasure hunt event which will attract up to 1,500 people from around the world. Minister for Tourism Matt Conlan said he was excited to announce the Geocaching Mega Event will be held at Easter in 2017. “This will be a fantastic event that will bring more tourists to the Centre while also providing invaluable international exposure for our region,” he said. Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon where participants use GPS technology on smart phones and apps to locate caches of various items at different locations on a type of treasure hunt. Mr Conlan said that there were more than six million geocachers worldwide and 62,000 of those are in Australia. “Tourism organisations around the world are encouraging geocaching to attract visitors and increase engagement with destinations and attractions,’’ he said. “Not only does a treasure hunt encourage visitation, it also enriches a visitor experience and extends the length of stay. “Alice Springs is quickly becoming a hot spot for geocaching and in addition to the announcement of the Mega Event to be held in 2017 was recently the site of the 2,000,000th worldwide ‘Geocache’. “All up there are 240 geocaches placed in Alice Springs and surrounds and about 1500 in the NT. The Territory has some extremely active geocachers – but in this slightly secretive sport, there are three teams in Alice Springs – known as 2 lost souls, Griffs90 and Redcentredazza – that are particularly prominent. “Geocachers are known to love the outdoors – which means walking, trekking, 4WDing, camping, caravanning and fishing all help in the pursuit of tracking and finding the Geocaches. “Many of the people coming to Alice Springs for this event will spend a lot of time travelling around the NT, and seeing a side of the Territory that few people appreciate. These people will become the perfect ambassadors for telling the world about their unique Territory experience – which is often the best kind of advertising.’’ Oz Mega Event Organising Committee member Greg Shaw said a group from the organising committee went to Alice Springs last week to inspect facilities. “The home base will be at Blatherskite Park – which is a brilliant site and the facilities are excellent,’’ Mr Shaw said. “On top of that, the scenery is spectacular around Central Australia, which is perfect to appreciate and explore for people involved in this sport. This sport is growing at a rapid rate and we know those who come to the NT from will have an unforgettable experience.’’ Mayor Damien Ryan said: “With its specular natural landscapes and top class tourism facilities, Alice Springs is the perfect host for the Geocaching Mega Event. We look forward to welcoming participants in 2017 to our iconic outback town.” THE SITE:BLATHERSKITE PARK…… http://blatherskitepark.com.au/ All the details of the 55 acre venue site can been seen here.. Over 200 powered sites will be available, unlimited flat camping spots, plenty of mens and ladies toilets and shower facilities plus security fencing all around. It’s only 2 km’s from the centre of town, has 5 bar mobile reception, on ground caretakers, and stunning views of the mountains seemingly within hands reach. Prices for registration and camping will be similar to our previous similar OZ MEGA events.$2,000 will go into a special fund with Geostuff.com.au for the local “Caching in Alice “ group to use in the 6 months prior to set up plenty of small and medium sizes caches highlighting many spots.This will also compliment their own plans of a large distribution of caches in all directions.There will be a full Fireworks Spectacular using the colourful mountains as as scenic backdrop conducted by Team Crackers http://www.southerncrossfireworks.com.au/home.htm SPONSORS: We welcome on board our Diamond Sponsor in the Alice Springs Council who will play a huge part in the event. We congratulate http://geostuff.com.au/ as a $5,000 cash Diamond Sponsor who will handle all the merchandise and be onsite with a triple stall within one of the many large buildings. We are very proud to announce the Major Sponsor for the event is Tourism NT http://www.travelnt.com/ & http://www.tourismnt.com.au/. Major Sponsorship is a minimum $10,000 cash package and Tourism NT will also be using their resources for overseas advertising. We are proud to release tonight the official OZ MEGA ALICE SPRINGS FACEBOOK PAGE…. https://www.facebook.com/pages/OZ-MEGA-ALICE-SPRINGS/1485259015042196?ref_type=bookmark If you have not been to Alice Springs before ,please have a look at this video presentation of some of the caches and highlights of the venue , Alice Springs and other must see spots: OZ MEGA ALICE SPRINGS YOUTUBE ….. Don’t forget to support the local “Caching out in Alice “ facebook group.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/511350785605060/
  8. Has anyone ever seen a BMW roundel Geocoin. I own a Bimmer and would like to turn it into a discoverable coin by posting the registration number onto my window or bumper (just like a TB sticker) but not at the cost of designing a coin and selling off the hundreds of extras. I tried to search online but got nowhere. Just as searching within the forums. Because BMW is a short word the forums just kick back an error, not a result. If you know where I might be able to get one that has not been activated, I would be very happy. Many thanks in advance. BigBadger
  9. Another page, left open all day. In the last minute, it went from 38 to 100 to 200 MB (!) simply by me scrolling a bit, up-and-down with the scroll-wheel click for smooth scrolling, entirely within the (moderately long-winded) cache description, and pointedly above the logs area which are loaded dynamically. (They were already fully loaded a while ago.) Stand back, she's gonna blow! 275. Yesterday I tried to diagnose this with the inspector, but trying to display a report (can't remember which) triggered a runaway page-file top-up, which I aborted just before the file filled (7GB of 8), and I aborted quickly, well as quickly as possible given the duress. Not sure how Linux handles a full page file; no app has ever taken me that high... PgDn, PgUp. 356. Anything I should look for in the inspector? This is incredibly repeatable. (Or are you sick of hearing from me?) 363. PgDn, PgUp. 450 MB. Aborting.
  10. Set up a 200 stage multi - I think the answer to your question will be similar to the number of finders of that multi..... :) I don't think there'd be any relation. People won't tackle a 200 stage multi because it will be difficult and time consuming to finish. I doubt the fact they they only get one find at the end will be a significant factor. And, on the other hand, people crazy enough to do a 200 cache power trail are sometimes the same people that are crazy enough to tackle a 200 stage multi.
  11. 200 finds in 10 minutes. Maybe a time-stopping machine as well
  12. Hello, It looks like you have done some machine translation on the Finnish language version of geocaching.com website. The most blatant errors are on the page Profile - (My) statistics,. but the errors seem to repeat all over the place. The new translations are incorrect, unprofessional, way below your previous high standard, and confusing. Can you please revert back to the old Finnish translations as soon as possible? The problems are: Incorrect translations for the word 'cache' (examples below) Multiple incorrect and misleading translations (e.g. for find stats and for the different cache types) (examples below) Incorrectly conjugated words (examples below) Mismatched conjugations, adjective-noun agreements and English langauge prepositions mixed in. 1. Incorrectly translated 'cache" The word Cache translates in Finnish as 'kätkö' (a hide) or geokätkö, instead of 'kontti' (a Docker container, or an ocean container, meaning the standardized transportation container) or a 'välimuisti' (the temporary cache file on your computer). Currently the profile page has interesting translations such as "Olet löytänyt 3500 välimuistia ensimmäisestä välimuistihakuistasi 08.04.20XX" . (=You have discovered 3500 temporary files since your first temporary file search 08.04.20XX.) or Löytämäni konttityypit = The types of ocean containers I have found. 2. Multiple incorrect translations The profile part describing the streaks, slumps, best days, etc. is now unreadable. Etsi hinta --> translates as "Find price" and is misleading. What price am I supposed to find? 1.1089 välimuistia / päivä --> translates as (xx temporary cache files / day) Pisin juova --> Now translates as "Longest stripe" and is meaningless 32 peräkkäistä päivää löytöillä 13.07.2017 - 13.08.2017 --> The word löytö is now incorrectly conjugated. Pisin romahdus --> Now translates as "Longest collapse" and is meaningless 361 peräkkäistä päivää ilman löytöä 17.04.2012 - 13.04.2013 Nykyinen juova --> Now translates as "Current stripe" and is meaningless 2 peräkkäistä päivää löytöillä 28.11.2020 lähtien Nykyinen romahdus --> Now translates as "Current collapse" and is meaningless. 0 peräkkäistä päivää ilman löytöä The profile part describing the finds nearest/farthest from home has multiple incorrect translations. E.g. "Löydä Kaukin itä (pääministeriltä)" now translates as "Find *remoteist (from the prime minister)" 3. Incorrect conjugations, mismatched conjugations, etc. The following serve as examples: 200 kätköt marraskuu of 2016 --> "Kätköt" is ungrammatical, should be "kätköä", and what's the English preposition "of" doing here? 2 peräkkäistä päivää löytöillä 28.11.2020 lähtien --> "Löytöillä" for the noun "löytö" is not grammatical. Cumulative finds per month --"Kumulatiiviset löydöt kuukaudessa" has mismatched adjective-noun agreement There are multiple other examples on this page, but currently the same problems seem to repeat on other Finnish language pages as well. As said, this is way below your (up until now) fluent everyday Finnish language. Please revert to the old translations, or have someone re-translate the pages properly using the old translations as reference. Thanks already in advance!
  13. Hi, I know this question gets asked a lot but I'm looking for recommendations on a GPS to use for geocaching. I'm still mostly new to this and used to use my phone but recently had to switch to a cheap $50 Samsung and it gets cranky and freezes a lot so geocaching wouldn't be the best for it. I don't ha routerloginve much money and I'm looking for something hopefully less than $200. Thanks in advance for any help y'all can provide.
  14. Wondering if anyone in the St. Louis area would mind hunting down a TB from a recently archived cache? It may not even be there, as it may have been muggled right before the cache was archived. Not sure. Cache is (was) the TB Chateau at GCRDJD. TB is TB7797W. She's travelled more than 20,000 miles from Missouri all the way to Hawaii and back, up through the east coast, only to make it within 200 miles of her goal to get back home to us before this happened. We'd love to see her again. She's a seahorse travelling with a froggy friend on the same chain. We know it's a long shot, but if there's even a slim chance that she might be able to make it home, we have to try!! Thanks!!
  15. What I don't get is the need to put symbols there in the first place we all know the format by know I reckon without degrees and minutes symbols i.e. N51 23.200 W 1 42.000. Keep it simple and problems like this just will not happen.
  16. Oregon 700 is fine if you dont want the camera, and is available for closer to $200 USD. A new Oregon is, as far as I can determine, at least a year or two away.
  17. I like the idea. We just need someone who writes the virtual category and we have to think about the options we offer. I like option 2 (very unique ones and maybe super large ones about 200 items), I see no problem to combine these two criterias as long as the description state it clear.
  18. Ich will jetzt da nicht der Naturschädigung das Wort reden -. aber was Du da schilderst, ist harmlos. Vielleicht sogar nützlich. Da gibts andere Dinge, die man meiden sollte. Zum Beispiel Astlöcher. Oder andere Löcher, die oft Unterschlupfe sind. Oder bergseitige Böschungen. Oder oder oder. Aber am wichtigsten ist, sich Gedanken zu machen. Auch über den Effekt, ob man nicht massenweise Leute herlockt (im Normalfall ist das ausserhalb von Schnellgreifrunden und 3 km weg vom Parkplatz eher nicht der Fall). Und dass es sinnvoll ist, Caches so zu verstecken, dass Cacher die einfach finden - was (von Versteckideen mit Mehrwert abgesehen) sowieso die Regel sein sollte. Aber die Challange, Caches naturverträglich zu verstecken bzw. die damit verbundenen Effekte zu minimieren, ist eine interne - wenn auch höchst lobenswerte - Challenge. Da sind wir bei bei den schlimmsten beim Grad 3 auf der Skala - der Forst und andere Naturnutzungen bei gefühlten 200 - jeden Tag. Das muss man auch einordnen. Höchsten Anspruch nach innen - realistische Betrachtungsweisen nach aussen. Gruss Zappo
  19. It's because the Wherigo Foundation site is an alternate listing service. It was supposed to demonstrate to Groundspeak what we were intending to do with Wherigo so we could run Wherigo for Groundspeak, free of charge for everyone involved. The other Wherigo player apps and builders are on Groundspeak's ban list because of the same reason: they're an alternate to something else--their PocketPC app and their builder, respectively. Though I worked to get community work officially recognized, those at the top of Groundspeak never communicated any of their verbal support to those enforcing Groundspeak's guidelines. Throughout Wherigo's lifetime, regardless of individual intentions at the company, Groundspeak's apparent attitude has always felt one of apathy and passive hostility towards anyone attempting to make their product more accessible to the community. I coined the term "the Wherigo Foundation is Fight Club". They've always told their reviewers not to allow any mention of the Wherigo Foundation or other non-Groundspeak Wherigo applications in cache listings. It's just that the reviewers aren't consistent with each other that caches in some areas were published and others not. Part of the partnership agreement I was reviewing did state that, if the Wherigo Foundation site were to be discontinued, all cartridge files would be provided to Groundspeak for dispersal to community members. I was planning to do that, anyway, so that was fine. There was one other clause I haven't before talked openly about. Suffice it to say, the way I interpreted it, if I ever walked away from Wherigo and did not transition its running to others, the entire game would come to an end. I did not like that Wherigo would then seem to rely on one person's continued health, existence, and interest. The partnership agreement never panned out because Groundspeak took too long in replying, which further showed their apathy (I'd say nine months, several times, classifies as too long, regardless of how patient you are--while waiting for one such reply, I had a house built and moved into it). An odd quirk to all this is this Wherigo forum. Why can we openly talk about these applications? The answer is a combination of me and Groundspeak's apathy. Back when matejcik and charlenni first presented their applications, the forum rule was that moderators needed to clear through Groundspeak talk of new applications. So, as the moderator, I hid the threads and sought approval. Groundspeak did not reply for a month, so I unhid the thread. When that second application was announced, I hid the thread again and asked Groundspeak. I again didn't hear a reply and unhid the thread. Later, I did get a reply, saying it was fine and that there wasn't anyone at Groundspeak who could speak for authorizing these, so that's why it took so long. I asked, then, for something no other moderator has: the authority to make these decisions on my own. It was granted. Ever since then, so long as something wasn't commercial, I allowed it. Now, mind you, Groundspeak's employees have definitely changed since then, so no one there remembers that this responsibility was delegated, so would likely take it away. Another odd footnote is Wherigo\\kit. I am able to use Groundspeak's API for authentication, which does require approval and a review. More recently, when I had to submit an updated overview of this application, I was asked by someone at Groundspeak if I wanted Kit to appear in the list of official Groundspeak partners. I guffawed, pointing out that Groundspeak's reviewers do not allow caches to be published if they mention Kit, the Wherigo Foundation, or any other application, so listing Kit as an official Groundspeak partner would thoroughly confuse the situation, so Groundspeak should really consider its stance on the matter. This was about two years ago. Finally, something that irritates me. Groundspeak allows cachers to mention GSAK and Project GC in their cache listings. Both are commercial applications--GSAK was up until recently and Project GC pushes a subscription model. Groundspeak also allows mention of other commercial applications in cache listings. But, yet, when it comes to everything the community has done to help Groundspeak with Wherigo--and everything we have has always been free, with the individual developer shouldering 100% of the continued cost--Groundspeak has this as their official position. And, believe me, there are ongoing costs. I average about $200/month for hosting, storage, SSL/TLS license, and domain registrations between Kit, the Wherigo Foundation site, DevOps/TFS, and the staging areas I use when publishing. I could decrease the cost by doing a shared hosting plan, I suppose. I suppose I could have still continued to create things. But there comes a time when one needs a solid support group to provide feedback and motivation. I don't have that. And you'd figure people in my own area would be really supportive of my endeavors, be it Wherigo or having found almost 95K caches. They're not. There's a distinct anti-Wherigo feeling in my area. There have been some that would like it if I quit geocaching altogether. So, no support there. One can continue only so long against the flow and apathy before exhausting oneself. So, later, my job became the beneficiary of some of my free time. I worked uncompensated overtime 300 hours last year and 400 hours this year (and no time off). You'd think they'd be grateful, but instead I get managers telling me they're not asking me to work extra hours and they're apathetic about all the things I'm doing to fix their aging application single-handedly. No encouragement, no support, no appreciation from there. Sigh. So, anyway, that's my view on the matter. There are always other sides to it, though I've tried to be neutral.
  20. Ich kann es Dir nicht sagen was dann passiert... ich kann nur schätzen: Es passiert nix ? Ich bin noch in einem anderen Forum und da freuen sich gerade mehrere Leute über die derzeit freien Autobahnen. Zitat: Statt zu Normalzeiten mit Durchschnitt 68 KMH zur Arbeit schaffe ich aktuell das doppelte weil ich problemlos 200 KMH fahren kann. Ein Wort gegen das Grundrecht auf der Autobahn 200 KMH zu fahren und es ging echt heftig los... das Risiko sei ja absolut kalkulierbar und überschaubar und so schnell fahren ist legal usw. usw. Ich fahre seit Jahren nicht schneller als 150 - und das nur wenns pressiert. 130 bis 140 sind eine sehr gute Reisegeschwindigkeit auf Autobahnen. Viele Dienstwägen haben die Vorgabe maximal 130 KMH - so z.B. auch beim Fuhrparkservice der Bundeswehr und in den ersten 2 Märzwochen bin ich damit ca. 1800 KM sehr bequem zweimal durch Deutschland gefahren. Aber das wird nun sehr OT.
  21. @Mineral2 I thank you very much for the suggestion above. I now have a GPSMAP 66i, and tested with the settings you provided. Prior to the test, I modified the Trip Computer page: (1) I retained “Elevation” in the upper most left column slot, (2) I replaced the next slot down with “GPS Elevatiom, (3) I replaced the upper most right column slot with “Barometer”, and (4) I replaced the next slot down with “Ambient Press.”. I then changed the Auto Calibration to “Off” and the Barometer Mode to “Fixed Elevation”. Additionally, I manually selected the Calibrate Altimeter Method of Current Elevation to Calibrate to 200 ft. Walking along the level Green Belt (about 100 yards off the shore) in Sunset Beach, CA, I recorded about a ½ mile track. As I walked the Elevation slot displayed a constant value of 200 ft. while the GPS Elevation slot displayed between 9 ft. and 15 ft., which was reasonable. After concluding the walk, I synced to the Explore app on my phone and viewed the elevation profile as a constant 200 ft. Conclusion, these Altitude settings resulted in the barometric elevations being recorded and not the GPS derived elevations. My next test was to set the Auto Calibration to “Continuous” and the Barometer Mode to “Variable Elevation”.Additionally, I manually selected the Calibrate Altimeter Method of GPS Altitude and selected “Calibrate”. I then drove up and down a hill, while not recording a track, of about 50 feet and noticed that the Elevation and GPS values were identical. Now, selecting “Start” to record the track, I noticed that the values for Elevation and GPS Elevation varied by a few feet, with the Elevation being a few feet higher than the GPS Elevation values/ Actually, they both decreased going down the hill and increased going up. On basically a level street, they both went up and down slightly, with the Elevation values always slightly higher than the GPS Elevation values. Conclusion: Referring back to the top, with the two top fields, on the left, being Elevation above GPS Elevation, it is the top most, Elevation values that always are recorded. When Altitude calibrated to GPS and Continous selected, the top most value is GPS. However, when not recording, both fields are identical while there are slight differences when recording.
  22. The same user apparently visited two of my waymarks 200 km apart. Both without pictures. The first one stated that he/die walked by it, the second one simply "and another". I deleted the second visit.
  23. One of my favorite caches had lat/long coordinates that would take you to a strip mall parking lot. There were quite a DNF logs which said that they search in the obvious spot (a light pole skirt...I know that you don't have them in the U.K.). Although the listing didn't include elevation, there were clues in the listing which suggested that it was not in the parking log, but under the parking lot. About 200' from the published coordinates was an entrance to a tunnel under the parking lot and a mostly dry creek bed. The surface of the earth was actually under the parking lot. There was also a heavily favorited cache in German that required one to get into an elevator (which also had room for a car) which took you down to a tunnel that went under a river. If one looked at an satellite map with the lat/long coordinates it would appear that the cache was in the middle of the river, instead of in the tunnel about half way through. Since elevation is not included in geocache metadata, the terrain rating can be used to give seekers a clue to where the container is hidden. For that cache in Germany, the fact that it didn't have a T5 rating indicated that it was not *in* the river and would require special equipment.
  24. After running a mini non-event with local cachers at my Wherigo last night, a few of them wanted a rundown on the known working hardware platforms. I searched through the messages on the board and came up with this list. Feel free to reply with anything else that works. Asus MyPal A639 AT&T 8525 with Windows Mobile 6 and a Bluetooth GPSr (i.Trek M7) Dell Axim X3(Windows 03) connected to an Etrex Summit Dell Axim X51v Pocket PC and Pharos Pocket GPS-360 Dopod 818 pro with either Garmin 10x or GlobalSat BT-338 Eten x500+ Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830 a smartphone running WM5 Garmin Colorado Garmin iQue M4 Garmin iQue M5 Garmin Oregon HP iPAQ 110/111 Classic (624 MHz PXA310) with a DeLorme BT-20 GPS HP iPAQ 2210 +GPS HI-303CF HP iPAQ 2795b and a Blue Next 905GR HP iPAQ 3870 with a Pretec Compact GPS Low Power CF Card HP iPAQ 3955 with the compact flash GlobalSat BC-337 HP iPAQ 4150 (Windows Mobile 2003) using the Garmin Mobile 10 Bluetooth GPS HP iPAQ 4700 with GlobalSat BT GPSr HP iPAQ 6815 with BT-GPS HP iPAQ rx5915 HP iPAQ rx5935 HTC Touch Cruise HTC TyTN with Navicore BT Mouse I-Mate JasJam with a Holux external Bluetooth GPS I-Mate PDA-N Medion pocket pc, running windows 5.1 Mio A201 Mio P350 PDA Mitac Mio 168 Mobile Crossing Waypoint 200 with a BT-GPS Palm Treo 700WX phone (Windows Mobile 5) with the same Garmin Mobile 10 Pharos GPS 525+ which is a Windows Mobile 5.1 Pocket PC platform and built-in GPSr Pharos Traveler GPS 525+ has a built in GPS Verizon XV6700 using a Delorme BT-20 GPS Choosing the right hardware at an affordable price seems to be a major barrier to entry for new folks. I lucked out and got a Garmin iQue M5 for $100 on craigslist. Dave
  25. Fair enough. But there are limits to this when it just gets annoying too - I tend to have a common sentence or two/three for sections of a day or the day, depending on what we're doing. Then a unique sentence or ten for each find (depending on the find). Sometimes you see logs where someone on a trip writes out a full essay about the whole week or two, and that becomes the log for the 200 finds during that time, that's a definite irk....
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