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  1. Da ist was dran und ich hätte von mir behauptet, dass ich bei meinen Caches da sehr drauf achte. Aber vor einigen Jahren hatte ich bei einem meiner eigenen Caches die Aufgabe gestellt, an einem Objekt abzulesen, wie viele Jahre eine Person an einer Uni studiert hat. Dort stand dann sinngemäß: "..studierte hier von 1700 bis 1750". Die Zahl, die zur weiteren Berechnung benötigt wurde, war also 50. Das war für MICH völlig klar, für etwa 200 Finder auch, bis dann ein Cacher loggte, dass er von 51 Jahren ausgegangen sei und deswegen natürlich die nächste Station nicht so ohne Weiteres gefunden hatte. Hmm, so ganz von der Hand weisen konnte ich die Argumentation nicht, glaube aber, dass ich alle anderen Cacher in die Irre geführt hätte, wenn ich von "51" ausgegangen wäre. Oder habe ich die doch in die Irre geführt und sie haben es nur nicht in ihr Log geschrieben? Wer weiß?! PS: Da das Objekt mit den Jahreszahlen sowieso demontiert wurde, hat sich das Problem in diesem Fall erledigt: Ich musste mir eh eine neue Aufgabe ausdenken.
  2. I am considering purchasing an Oregon 200. I have searched and read the threads here, the wiki faq on the Oregon, and the Garmin Oregon manual pdf. I've read the difference between the 200 and the 300 is the 200 doesn't have the electronic compass, altimeter, audio tones, wireless communication, NMEA serial communication, or alarm clock. And the 200 has the 24MB internal compared to the much larger of the 300 or 400 series. I have a few remaining questions on the 200: 1. Is there tide info on the 200? If so, is it using the tidal charts from the map "GPSMAP 16/168 Tide Points" from the dowloaded "RecommendedMapSourceUSTidesSoftware.exe" file? Does it show the same info as in Mapsource using this map (Tide Prediction window)? Does it show the tidal graph? 2. With Topo 2008 loaded on to a 200 does the 3-D view work (using DEM I believe it's called)? Does it look as good as the 400T, or the 300 loaded with Topo 2008? 3. Is there shaded relief of terrain using the 2-D looking-straight-down-from-above view on the 200 (standard map view)? 4. For the gps compass (non electric compass that it doesn't have), how much do I need to be moving for it to give me a compass reading? Is walking 5-10 feet (2-4 steps) enough to get a useful reading? Is walking a fast enough rate of movement to get quick and useful readings? I understand the advantage of the electric compass is it works when you aren't moving, but if the gps compass works by just moving a short distance on foot then it's probably adequate. (I realize this has been covered a lot and people have differing opinions) 5. Even though there is no altimeter on the 200, does it have the "Elevation Plot" page using the gps readings (instead of altimeter readings)? If not, is there a way to review a track/route's elevation changes over time/distance (like the track profile, or vertical profile of routes on the 60csx)? 6. Using the altimeter as a barometer to predict the weather. Has anyone done this? Does it work well? Seems like it could be neat and fun if it worked. 7. For the sun/moon page, does it give the location of the sun/moon in the sky, or where it will rise on the horizon the way the 60csx does (like the "Celestial Information" window in Mapsource)? Does the 200 do the "animate moon phases" like the 60csx? Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Is the Oregon 200 a gps that is worth 150 bucks used? There are so many choices with new gps it is difficult to figure out what one to buy. I like the etrex 20 but have also considered a dakota 10, magellan 110, or 310. I am price challenged so I want the biggest bang for my buck.
  4. Yesterday I tried to send some pictures via the Message Center, but it seems like there is a way too low size-limit (for me!). I've been told the limit is several MB but I can't send a small PNG of 371 kb!? Some other ones of less than 200 kb went through. And it's not because I try to send too many at a time. In that case you also get a warning. Here just nothing happens Is it a common problem or am I doing something wrong?
  5. I really need a paperless gps before we go on a trip next week and I still don't have enough money for a 450t or 550t. I saw the Oregon 200 refurbished for only 170 dollars and I recently bought a Venture HC for 100 dollars but I didn't realize it wasn't paperless. I know the 200 is an older unit but so is the HC. Is the 200 worth buying right now for the cheap price? Will I be happy with it for the next couple months while I am on the other end of the country? I really want to spend some time finding geocaches out where I am going and right now I don't have time to save up the money to get a really nice GPS. Thanks.
  6. Also ich finde mich natürlich auch richtig toll, aber das ist eine Stufe der Selbstbeweihräucherung, auf die wäre ja nicht einmal ich gekommen!? Qualitätscacher sind dann Cacher, die ... Variante 1: ... einen Pinkeldosentrail aus 100 löchrigen Micro-Caches gelegt haben. Nach 1.000 Cache-Teams hat der Bonus 10% Favoritenquote. Qualitätscacher! Variante 2: ... zehn Finals aufwändiger und gut bewerteter Multi-Caches direkt angelaufen haben. Durch die Zeitersparnis, weil sie die Multi-Teile nicht lösen mussten, konnten sie problenlos so viele Caches auf einmal der gleichen beliebten Owner finden. Qualitätscacher! Variante 3: ... in ihren 200.000 Funden zufällig auch ein paar gut bewertete hatten. Natürlich befindet sich unter diesen gut bewerteten auch der Pinkel-Bonus aus Variante 1. Qualitätscacher! Variante 4: Das muss man nicht kommentieren. Wer Caches dieses Owners macht, wird automatisch zum Qualitätscacher. Komische Challenge.
  7. Kind of an old topic, but I needed to do this today and I was hoping to add a bunch at one time on the site...unfortunately just 1 at time still. So here's my work around, I have a list of almost 200 that I wanted to put in a bookmark list. Step 1: create the list on geocaching.com. Step 2 using Project GC virtual GPS, I can add that list of 200 or so with a simple copy/paste. Step 3 Project GC Export feature....you can Export to the existing list you made in Step 1. relatively painless. Mike
  8. Unterscheidung (nach persönlicher Vorliebe) Nr 1 ist und bleibt für mich die Frage: Touchscreeen oder nicht. Wenn Du nur mit Knöpfen zurechtkommst, kannst Du Dir das beste Touchteil der Welt kaufen und Du bist unglücklich. Oder umgekehrt. Da sollte man einfach mal am Gerät (Händler, Kumpel, Event....) austesten, was einem liegt. Nächstes Thema ist die Frage des papierlosen Cachens - m.Ws. gibts da Geräte, bei denen man z.B. die Spoilerbilder nur mit ein paar Tricks speichern kann - dazu müssen sich aber andere äußern - ich bin bekennender Ausdrucker Ansonsten werden wohl wieder die "wer billig kauft, kauft zweimal" - Sprüche auftauchen. Allerdings sind die Geräte mittlerweile so weit wie die Autos - man kann mit jedem alles machen - ob mit Dacia oder BMW. Daß man sich im Dacia sich vielleicht keine E-mails vorlesen lassen kann und der BMW nichtmal nen Regenschirm in der Beifahrertür hat, ist da wohl vernachlässigbar und in 99,9 % der Anwendungen eher verschmerzbar. Solange Du Dir kein Gerät ohne Kartendarstellung, mit zu kleinem Speicher oder einem Bildschirm, der für Deine Augen zu klein ist, kaufst, wirst Du da nix falsch machen (können). Gruß Zappo
  9. When seeking caches, I don't pay that much attention to the date last found, or date of last owner maintenance. It matters more what the last 3 or 4 logs were. I still use GPSr as my primary means of finding caches, and I use GSAK to feed caches to the GPSr. That has a useful stoplight interface: green for OM or found it, yellow for NM or NA, red for DNF or disabled. If the last 4 show up as green, or even if there is one yellow or red one in there, that's all I normally care about. If they're all yellow or red, I'm probably skipping that one. When hiding caches, I don't normally get a chance to keep them out more than a couple years before we move, so my owner maintenance is usually reactive - even our micro hides should be able to hold up for close to 200 finds before they need a new log (all hail the PET preform).
  10. I recently picked up an Oregon 200 and it's compass seems sluggish. I can't seem to find the calibrate feature on the unit. Does anyone know how to calibrate this unit, or is it not an option? Thanks
  11. Hello all I have a lightly used Garmin Oregon 200. I bought it brand new a couple gets ago. It's probably been out in the wild on maybe 10 caching days. The screen has no scratches and there is no notable damage anywhere on the unit. Not sure what these are going for now I saw a return unit for $165. How about $150 shipped USPS Priority with insurance and DC. PayPal only and US shipping only unless you'll pay the extra for the shipping should be about $10 more to most countries.
  12. Od roku latamy z taką 12m od Pana Rybki i nie narzekamy. Złowione mamy około 150-200 rybek a wędka nadal jak nowa, może nam się trafiła dobra sztuka. Niestety brak jakiejkolwiek alternatywy w podobnej kwocie, inne baty są dwa lub trzy razy droższe a nie wiadomo czy lepsze. Na powyższej fotce widać zieloną głowicę podpórki, warto ją podrasować. My rozgrzaliśmy ten zielony plastik aby można było go wyprofilować( poszerzyć ) oraz spłaszczyć końcówki, wkręciliśmy 7,5 cm blachowkręty, całość owinęliśmy taśmą izolacyjną a na koniec założyliśmy rurki termokurczliwe. Teraz to działa jak należy.
  13. I was under the impression those third-party stat sites only count those participating/contributing to them. Is that not true? Cacherstats has almost all finders with more than 200 finds (with rare exeptions). 200 because they assume interest in statistcs only after finding more than a few caches. The numbers don't differ too much from project-gc's numbers: country cacherstats.com project-gc.com (cachers with min. 200 finds, numbers for project-gc only if <10000) / cachers with min. 1 find in 2015 / proportion cachers2015 to cachers>200 1. Germany 113.960 - / 308892 / 2.71 2. USA 93.972 - / 644574 / 6.86 3. Czech Republic 28.152 - / 82568 / 2.93 4. United Kingdom 21.966 - / 132291 / 6.02 5. Netherlands 16.477 - / 57130 / 3.47 6. Canada 16.198 - / 90895 / 5.61 7. Sweden 10.483 - / 55618 / 5.31 8. France 9951 9943 / 99876 / 10.04 9. Finland 9862 9913 / 43209 / 4.38 10. Austria 8138 8088 / 27161 / 3.34 11. Belgium 7267 7251 12. Portugal 6835 6914 13. Switzerland 6816 6812 14. Australia 6252 6255 15. Norway 5151 5173 16. Denmark 4262 4155 17. Spain 2949 2937 18. Slovakia 2653 2693 19. New Zealand 1964 1949 20. Poland 1624 1662 21. Latvia 1414 1465 22. Luxemburg 869 929 23. South Africa 800 810 24. Hungary 568 573 25. Ireland 558 563 26. Japan 552 564 27. Italy 544 527 28. Lithuania 444 468 29. Slovenia 384 390 30. Estonia 205 67 31. Romania 105 104 32. Hong Kong 104 101 South Korea 81 77 Puerto Rico 78 78 Croatia 76 69 Bulgaria 63 64 Greece 53 50 China 34 20 Mexico 29 32 Thailand 26 17 Brazil 24 22 Israel 23 25 Russia 20 21 Turkey 17 18 other countries - 529 There are differences between cacherstats and pgc in determining the country of a cacher, but the sum France-Turkey is similar, 80795 compared to 80799. So 383792 seems quite realistic, even though a few are missing, I would believe <1%. In areas with very few caches one can hit 200 only while traveling, so 200 might be a bit high for such areas. Last year 1,917.042 cachers had found at least one cache, this is five times the number of cachers with more than 200 finds. The proportion differs significantly depending on country.
  14. Server is up, only loging fails... PING results Host tested: geocaching.com Test performed from: New York, NY Test performed at: 2016-12-17 20:16:42 (GMT +00:00) PING geocaching.com ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from www.geocaching.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=243 time=67.9 ms 64 bytes from www.geocaching.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=243 time=68.1 ms 64 bytes from www.geocaching.com ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=243 time=67.9 ms 64 bytes from www.geocaching.com ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=243 time=68.0 ms 64 bytes from www.geocaching.com ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=243 time=71.9 ms --- geocaching.com ping statistics --- 5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4077ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 67.926/68.798/71.937/1.605 ms
  15. This thread was reminding me of a message I got from a new cacher about what to do about a coin she picked up from a cache, "...where there were several with the same tracking #, " and somebody grabbed it, though it was in her hands. I was skeptical, but we worked all that out, and she went happily caching away, dropping coins and TBs as she went. ? I just now looked it up again, and found that the page had been updated to include: How confusing would *200* trackables with the same # be!!??? So, OP, better one than 200 mysteries to solve, eh?
  16. I apologize but this might be a bit long. Here's my problem: I can save about 200 gpx files apparently on my Garmin Oregon 200 and about 2000 geocaches in addition to 1000 waypoints. It says I can save about 200 gpx files as long as I don't exceed the waypoints and I probably have about 200 caches saved but I have only manually saved a handful of waypoints. The Garmin site says: "This error message is appearing because you are exceeding the number of .GPX files (route and waypoint data) that the unit can hold/accept. The unit can hold up to a maximum of 200 GPX files as long as the maximum number of 1000 Waypoints and 50 Routes are not exceeded." I have not saved more than 20 waypoints. So I'm guessing that when I load the caches, it is also loading extra waypoints for parking and other stuff that I don't know what they are. They are not GC codes and some have blue flags on the map. I don't know what they are for. When I plug my unit to my pc, there is no folder for waypoints, just gpx files so I don't know how to delete them without manually doing them one by one on my unit. The gpx folder showed some of my saved tracks that my gps is not showing. The Oregon only shows the current track button and 2 saved tracks. It says it's saving the track but then says I've exceeded the maximum.... and won't show the saved track. Now, I have a 2GB sd card but it's not saving to the card. If I exceed the internal memory amount, why won't it save the excess to the card? How do I load caches without the extra waypoints? I don't understand why I can save 2000 caches but only 200 gpx files. That doesn't make sense at all. Any advice and info would be much appreciated. Sorry for being long and maybe confusing.
  17. So we got our very first handheld GPS and must say. Never do I think I will go with Garmin again. We got a Garmin Oregon 200 and already cannot even get it set up past the SUBSCRIPTION. Went on geocaching.com and tried to send a cache to GPS by selecting Send to GPS. Well it asks for a download of a plugin, that is fine, but then when I try to run it it states that Windows Media Player v11 or higher must be installed before running the Plugin? Seriously? Okay I try that, and it takes me to a Windows validation screen asking me to buy a validation or validate Windows? (which Im pretty sure I did years ago, any way to check?) Such USELESS steps to take to get a GPS to connect to its computer. Hoping other company products are not like this one, but in the meantime, stuck with it, so does anyone know how to get around this stupid validation of WINDOWS? or not needing Windows media, or finding another source to get windows media other than the fail microsoft url.... Regards..
  18. I read from the top and saw: 1) Hide a geocache. Okay, I could probably do that, no problem. 2) Release a geocoin. Sure. 3) Attend a mega. Hmm, unlikely for me to attend a mega this year, but maybe a good challenge. 4) 1 million caches, what?! ... oh... OH... 200 pts, 5 pts/cache... I only need to find 40 caches in 7 months. Took me a second to realize that I was reading the TITLE of the souvenir, not the goal. I get that it's tough to do a promotion with what's going on in the world, but this is pretty bland. I enjoyed the Mystery at the Museum last year, at least it was something different.
  19. Nice to see they are doing something to keep the 'idea' of geocaching active whether a region is open for easy geocaching activity or still locked down. Until January means most everyone should have a chance to earn these. I'd love if the 'lane' would continue long past the 200 points though, even if there aren't additional souvenirs. ... although that's pretty much just re-depicting the leaderboard at that point anyway. heh
  20. I've been geocaching with a Motorola Droid for over a year with great success. I have real good cell coverage with Verizon and the phone has a pretty accurate GPS. I run PQs, fine tune with GSAK, and use offline files with the GeoHunter app which gives me about 6 hours battery life while caching. I've been very happy with this most of the time. So why do I want a a GPS? 1) I have a kayak and want to get caches via my kayak, but don't want to risk my smartphone. 2) I've been on some hikes which take longer than my Droid's 6 hour battery life. Even a day of park hopping using a car charger as I drive between short hikes can drain the battery faster than I can recharge it. 3) While my Droid has a good GPS and I can and have accurately hidden caches with it, it can't handle tree cover as well as a good GPSr like the Garmin 60 CSx could. 4) I've had no caching accidents with my smartphone yet, but with so much non-urban caching I know the risk is higher for something bad to happen. Since I have a smartphone, I wont be using this GPSr for anything except navigating to geocaches so many fancy perks are worthless to me. Three must-have criteria: 1) paperless caching 2) waterproof 3) accuracy Since I have a smartphone, I'd like to keep the cost of a GPS under $200. For awhile I had been thinking about getting a Magellan Explorist GC because it was one of the less expensive GPS units. But a little hands-on experience at the local Best Buy had be doubting the user-friendliness of it and the thumbstick seems like something bound to break. I borrowed a Garmin 60CSx recently. I found it user-friendly and amazingly accurate even when standing under tree cover - on the FT in the Ocala National Forest and under a group of cypress trees at a local park. A fellow cacher last month pointed out to me why they still have a 60CSx: we were standing inside a concrete building and he still had great signal. Unfortunately, the 60CSx just isn't going to cut it for paperless caching. Still, the experience was big points in Garmin's favor in my eyes. I've been intrigued by the new Garmin eTrex series; the eTrex 20 in particular. Does that sound like the best GPS for what I'm looking for? Are there other units I should be considering?
  21. Most of us started out that way. I did have a GPSr from pretty close to the beginning (before that I used a car nav system to get me within about 50 meters or so) but it took me about a month to figure out about guardrail caches. Anyway, I figured out way I am getting such an inflex of newbies. Apparently some influencer in Japan posted about geocaching on his Tik Tok site and it has had about 200,000 views. As a result my local area is getting more visitors than it normally would during a long weekend despite all the corona precautions. Absolutely none of the cachers are regulars or experienced. I don't mind the finders so much but I am getting piles of messages which declare 'I found the cache' (but they never logged it either online or at site) or 'this is difficult give me a hint' (the cache has a hint that reads 'back of the drain pipe'). Fortunately, I have the time to respond to most of these messages.
  22. You may want to consider seeking out geocaches in remotes areas that are found rarely. I have found over 200 since the beginning of March and I was the first to find them this year (and some since last summer) about 90% of the time.
  23. Hi I am so excited to be visiting Uk and my home town Bristol this summer. I live in Japan and have only been caching in Japan. I have an oregon 200 and I believe I will need to buy a microcard for the UK (at least South/west and Wales-plan to go to Mega event!!!) prices online range incredibly from 200 pounds for an all 3 regions, to 60 quid for each region.I also saw online somewhere offering an all region chip for under 30! Obviously I want to save money and wonder if these would actually work? Thanks The link for the 30 quid one is below, any idea if it is reputable or not? Thanks. http://gb.ioffer.com/i/garmin-topo-uk-great-britain-on-micro-sd-card-latest-v2-127348483 PS any Cachers in the Bristol( W-O-T,Henleaze) area want to met up, please let me know....Thanks
  24. One other thing, you're checking for a status code = 200. It probably won't be 200, but 201 or even 204. Good luck.
  25. 200 logs per year on one cache. That is amazing!
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