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Found 181680 results

  1. I do not remember exactly why, but I went with the Lacrosse, and it has served me well! However, for my Garmin GPSr that can charge AA in the device, I have cut a small clear plastic rectangle from my microSD card blister packs and placed it between my batteries and the 'button' inside the battery tray, which allows me to charge them inside the GPSr - which means I almost never have to swap them out or charge them externally! And I can use higher capacity batteries than the 2000 mAh Garmin battery pack.
  2. Hi, I'm Sammy from Melbourne Australia. I stumbled onto this after my wife bought me a Garmin Rino 750 for Christmas and wondered was this Geocache app was on the GPS. Well here I am... I'm a bit of an adventurer, I love riding motorcycles, hiking, camping, off-roading, basically anything that gets me outdoors, hence the Garmin for Christmas.
  3. Figured out what to do. I have the google chrome tile placed on my windows start page. When I want to edit a cache I just open the geocache tile on the chrome screen which has all the recently looked at tiles and go from there the same way as I use to on internet explorer .
  4. I just tested, and was able to edit logs in Google Chrome running on Windows 10. Are others seeing what cachercats reported?
  5. It is Sweden's second worst, in Wilson score. I thought it was funny and different, but seeing it in the absolute bottom, that means it was not a good idea at all and not fun. 51 finds is more than enough to be statistically significant. It is less popular than count-windows-virtuals! I want to make caches that visitors like. It is really hard to know what will be popular and what will not. Mine is probably too easy, since I was not allowed to demand what I wanted to make it interesting. My guess is that you need to make it really long with multiple (interesting?) locations to make it popular.
  6. regular alkaline batteries will give you the least performance of the three battery types. Lithium (such as the Energizer Ultra) will give you the rated battery life that Garmin advertises. These batteries do work great, especially in the cold, but they are pricey - about $10 for a 4-pack. So most of us use Ni-MH rechargeables such as Eneloop or Amazon Basics. They're also about $10 for a 4-pack, don't quite get the advertised battery life, but because they're rechargeable, it's super economical in the long run.
  7. Use extra software (if on Windows) like GSAK. Import caches via API and load your GPS with a macro like GarminExport. You can then even customize the way data is exported and have the favoritenumber display in front of the cachename (like 76_cachename).
  8. Wow, I'm more of a last minute type. I leave for New Zealand this Sunday, still haven't packed. Only finished booking a weeks accommodation and a couple of tours last week. Today I updated my Garmin maps. I still haven't done any PQs I may need, perhaps tomorrow. After a week in the North Island I'll be cruising back to Sydney and only have one shore tour booked and that was done by one of my traveling companions. Usually I'll book a tour when I go ashore in whichever port. I'll most likely get a SIM at Auckland airport for caching on the fly with my phone.
  9. I decided to augment my iPhone apps with a "real" GPSr and got a good price on a Garmin 64st. I guess I will learn how to use and will give it a chance but my first thoughts: 1. I will never use a most of the specialty apps like Calendar, Stopwatch, Hunt and Fish, etc. I think I paid for stuff that my iPhone is much better at. 2. The battery life for regular old batteries is very low. I would need 6-8 batteries to get thru a day vs just one charge for my iPhone 3. The Basecamp and Garmin Express are clunky and I am still not sure what that does for me. 4. The Birdseye high resolution imagery experience was poor. Any size map download (area) just turns into blur when viewed on the screen. I would much rather be looking at my various mapping programs and Google Map or GPS Pro app than the Garmin screen. I understand that I was too aggressive in selecting an area to download thru Basecamp. I can't even DL just a small city without the imagery flipping to low resolution. And Basecamp takes forever to Download just about anything.. 5. I can put up with the 20 year old interface clunky interface. But on the positive side....... 1. I like seeing the satellites and what opportunities I have for obtaining very good coords. 2. I love the waypoint averaging feature. I bought a true GPSr to acquire really accurate and precise coords for placing caches and this unit delivers! 3. I can rearrange the menu items and will just put the few usable (from my frame of reference) features at the top and easily accessible. I suspect that the dirt cheap entry units like the eTrex 10 prolly deliver the same location accuracy. I'm sure that as I go up the learning curve, I will use more features but I think an entry level GPSr for accurate final coords and an iPhone is the right combination of tools for me. Chipper3
  10. There are a few unanswered questions here... Are you sure it's a jpg? What program did you use to create it and how? How big is it in KB? You're referring to uploading as a background image, yes? Are you dragging and dropping (and from where are you dragging it) or using the Upload button to select it? A standard, proper JPG file that's <5MB should be draggable and droppable from a windows explorer into the upload box in the edit form, or selected from the file selection popup that appears when you hit the Upload button. Anything other than that and there's no guarantee it'll work.
  11. One thing cool about the 450 (and 550) was the ridge framing the screen that protected the screen from damage and scratches. I managed to get scratches all over the screen anyway (I'm an expert at that ). Also, I discovered that the 450 does not stick to the roof of the car. So that's when I decided to upgrade... when it flew off somewhere as I drove. But I'm not sure Garmin fixed that problem.
  12. When I asked (after "upgrading" to windows 10...), the team said "IE11 is supported until the end of Windows 10, on October 14, 2025. That should give me five more years to work with something I'm familiar with. So if that's the answer , I'd guess it's the site that doesn't want to work with it. - But "no longer supported" by Microsoft would be incorrect.
  13. You may have used one of several methods to get GPX files. For example, you can download a cache GPX file which is not compressed, directly from a cache page. You can download uncompressed GPX files from "Lists" of caches you create. And once you set up Garmin Express (maybe you set it up already, it's Garmin's way to update your GPS), you can download entire Lists of caches directly to your Garmin. But I most often download the Pocket Query Zip file, double-click it to reveal both GPX files (caches and waypoints), then click and drag the files into my Oregon 750. The main reason I do it that way is it works even when various "new methods" don't work. So I may see a whole bunch of "'Send To' Is Broken" posts around here, and I load my GPS and go caching. If you tell Firefox to download a file such as a Pocket Query Zip file, by default it goes to the "Downloads" folder in Windows.
  14. Zijn dit toevallig caches die wat verder weg liggen ? Standaard laat Garmin op de nieuwere GPSen nml alleen caches zien die 'dichtbij' liggen (ik dacht iets van 50km). Deze caches kun je dan wel op de kaart zien (als je voldoende bent ingezoomd) of als op naam zoekt in de geocache lijst. Danwel heb je per ongeluk een filter ingesteld binnen geocaching op de Garmin.
  15. If you're using MS Windows, then it might help to change the filesystem explorer to stop hiding the file extensions of known file types. That way you can easily tell the difference between 123456.gpx and 123456.zip and 123456.htm and 123456.doc and 123456.txt and so on.
  16. Once again I try downloading a PQ from GS email and more problems. When looking at what recently downloaded, I see the file has now listed as something called compressed GPX. I tried loading this to my gps but it won't work. So firefox is no good for pqs. I go back to Internet Explorer and download with no problems and get standard GPX. I now have gpx files in my garmin that work. Is there anyway to fix firefox or GS email so I get standard gpx files instead of compressed ? GS doesn't want people to use IE but it's the only way to download workable gpx file. I haven't changed anything since last week when I got standard gpx. I'm not a computer expert, so please me nice.
  17. No longer supported by Geocaching.com, or no longer supported by Microsoft? Because it definitely is supported by Microsoft, and will be for quite a while yet (source): To paraphrase the above, as long as you're running a supported version of Windows, then IE11 is officially supported by Microsoft. (This post was written using IE11 running with the January 14, 2020 cumulative security update for Internet Explorer)
  18. This morning, the blue bar at the bottom of the browser "This website uses cookies" pops up in Chrome upon loading most any page of "Geocaching.com" except the Help Center and the Shop. It appears only as long as the page requires to load, typically less than half a second. The "Accept" button doesn't seem to be registering clicks, but it's displayed for too short of a time to be sure. Chrome version Version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit). It updated while I investigated this popup, but there are no changes to the issue after the update. This is on Windows 10 which got updates last night, KB4532938 and KB4530684. Probably related: I have several browsers on various systems (phone, tablet, PC), and there is the same randomly appearing cookie Spam to Accept all the time, regardless of whether I previously accepted them or not. It's super annoying. But those aren't on every page load.
  19. Yes, I get an Error 500. I've tried from the map, from the CO search and from the cache search. Tried on 2 windows laptops and an android tablet.
  20. The Garmin Glo should just be sending position data to your phone. I don't know if it requires an app to read the data and if it can then be passed on to other apps for use. But you really shouldn't need a Garmin Glo for geocaching. Phones and tablets these days, (and when I say "these days," I do mean phones compatible with the current geocaching app), have built-in gps receivers that are as good as what you'll get from a Garmin. I think there are some limited situations where the Glo might be useful. Otherwise, it seems redundant for most people.
  21. Does anyone know, especially have used, the Geocaching app with a Garmin GLO 2? Does they work together?
  22. Bij een Mac heb je een extra handeling: leeg altijd na het verwijderen van een bestand je prullenbak! Garmins lezen namelijk ook de prullenbak uit en daarmee kom je al snel boven het maximum aantal caches en/of gpx-bestanden uit. Alles wat daarboven uitkomt wordt dan genegeerd. Nog beter is om de prullenbak op je Garmin voorgoed uit te schakelen: http://www.javawa.nl/mactrash.html. Hier lees je ook wat achtergrondinformatie over hoe de prullenbak werkt.
  23. Ook ik heb zo een probleem. De bestandjes komen wel op mijn Garmin Oregon 600 staan zoals je ziet op de linker foto (B2) maar als ik dan het toestel aanzet staan er maar 10 van de in dit geval 20 op, ook heb ik de voorkeuren op de Garmin nagekken en die staan goed. Ook als ik het vanuit mijn lijsten verstuur heb ik dit probleem. Ik heb hetzelfde bestand ook op mijn oude dakota20 gezet en daar is het dan Oke.🤔
  24. Assuming you meant Oregon 700.... (there is no Montana 700) Where do you see two text file directories? I only see the one on the GPSr, but this has nothing to do with geocache logs. Those are stored in the geocache_visits.txt and geocache_logs.xml files, both located in the Garmin directory on the GPSr itself, never on the microSD card. These are both simple text files, and each log upload when you are in Wi-Fi range only sends the 'new data' since last upload. Your old logs are not sent to GC.com again and again. I do not recommend deleting these text files. If everything is working OK, why are you messing with it? 8^)
  25. cerberus1

    Missing icons

    I couldn't earlier either... but after I "upgraded" to windows 10 with edge (from windows 7 with IE11) I can see them again. Unfortunately, that's about it...
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