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  1. MVP = referees........
  2. Travel Bug Tag #: TB7Q2K1 Hi Geocachers, I'd like to share a travel bug that our family has created to honor my nephew whom we lost tragically and suddenly this January. Kyle was 14 years old and an aspiring, rising baseball star. He was being looked at by the Brewers and Diamondback scouts at this young age for his amazing baseball skills. He had pure, raw talent, was an absolute joy to be around with his caring attitude and great humor. He was just an overall awesome boy. Unfortunately we will never know his potential. One of Kyle's dreams was to see every MLB Stadium in North America. We created this travel bug by cutting out the center of his MVP Medal at the 1st Annual Kyle Losse Memorial Baseball Tournament and attaching a travel bug to it. We will be heading to L.A this July 12-15 to spread Kyle's ashes at Dodgers Stadium (his favourite team). We will be putting this travel bug in a Geocache in LA and i'm curious if there's any baseball fans out there that would start Kyle on his journey? I will report back to this post and let you know the Geocache ID# we placed him in. From there, his journey begins! Your help is appreciated Travel Bug Tag#: TB7Q2K1
  3. Thank you Max and Eartha. This is a cutout from the middle of his custom MVP Medals we had made for the 1st Annual Kyle Losse Memorial Baseball Tournament last weekend. We do have other medals that are not cutout that could be used again one day. I hope this doesn't disappear, that would be really unfortunate.
  4. How good is a rain jacket and pants that are rated waterproof 3,000 MM, and breathable 3,000 MVP? I don't want to get hypothermia for being in the rain for too long like you hear about people on the news, but I also don't want to spend all my money on rain gear (like Gore-Tex) at the expense of not having any money left over for other useful things, nor go into debt. I am curious because I saw a Rain Jacket for $50 at Big 5, and the Rain Pants for $40. They are HI-TEC brand, rip-stop, 100% nylon, sealed seams, rated waterproof 3,000 MM, and breathable 3,000 MVP. The other option is for $10 a while ago I already bought a two piece PVC rain jacket and pants. It's rated as not breathable; the PVC rain gear sitting right next to it with breathable vents was $20, but was probably three times heavier and so I decided to instead buy the lighter weight option. I'm not sure if my thinking is on track, but I was wondering even if the PVC is not breathable, if it happens to be more waterproof than the rated 3,000 MM 3,000 MVP breathable rain jacket at a much cheaper price, then I don't know if that would be the better thing to bring along. I'm confused on how good something needs to be rated, so you don't get hypothermia, but at the same time don't go into debt?
  5. First of all, I would like to thank you in advance for any assistance offered! I am a newbie to geocaching and just purchased a Magellan Triton 400. It seems like a pretty good unit and comes with the Magellan Vantage Point (MVP) software. I have installed the software on my pc successfully. However, when I access a geocaching listing on geocaching.com, and click on "send to gps," I get an error message from "Garmin" that states that no devices were found. Ok, my question is this, I am supposed to be able to download the coordinates (I'm assuming via the MVP software) directly to my unit w/out having to manually type in the coords. How do I do that? Additionally, do any of you MT400 users have any tips for geocaching with this unit? Thank you SO much, Jodi
  6. "Parks Manager who was very upset of this" this makes me wonder if this power trail around the lake was done without permission? lets hope this has a positive outcome and THANKS go to all who work towards a positive relationship with MVP and other groups. as an aside,that was my first and last power trail, other than a few parts of one Ive done as they where local to me and was there anyways multiple times. TSSR
  7. Phil, nothing has been decided as yet. BCGA has definitely given their input to MVP. However as the land managers they get the final say. We remain hopeful they will listen to our suggestions. They do want geocaching in their parks. In fact I am still employed to teach geocaching in MVPs in the Spring.
  8. GO VIKINGS! Anti up and put those Vikings in your line up.... I was bummed I was hoping AP would break the rushing record....he has had great year. MVP! Peyton had a great year to and took his team to playoff off major injury, but Tebow took the same darn team.....
  9. Do you know anything about rain gear rated waterproof 3,000 MM and breathable 3,000 MVP? I don't know what it means in context to different products, but here's my experience with two of the fabrics you asked about: PVC - too easy to sweat in even with zippered vents, leaving you in the prime position to suffer hypothermia regardless of your layering. My PVC poncho was instant trash as soon as I tried it the first time out. Gortex - It does the job even when on a motorcycle in traditional Seattle downpours at speeds up to 60MPH. I used to work in the same Gortex jumpsuit all day without ever breaking into a sweat and stayed dry the entire time while working in a downpour. But yes, this was quite expensive. What you want, is the moisture to move out from the body to wick through the material while somehow getting a great compromise with repelling water from getting in. PVC won't let you do that, but materials like Hi-Tec and Gortex will. Hi-Tec does it with both chemical and the way the fiber is produced. You made a good purchase with Hi-Tec. It won't make you too warm while hiking, will keep you reasonably dry and will help you from breaking into too much of a sweat. Take advantage of the vents and the zipper. Carry a polar fleece sweater for cooler temps and even a pair of high tech long johns, like the sort you can get from REI or L.L. Bean. I bought a pair of coconut hair LJ's and have been very pleased with their wicking prowess while keeping me warm in 10 Deg F.
  10. You can find a place for an earthcache almost anywhere, albeit it may not be very interesting. If you care to look through my profile, I have created 3 earthcaches that are all within a 10 minute drive from my house, in an otherwise seemingly uninteresting (geologically speaking) area. Yes they are a bit more work initially to create, but you dont have the maintenance concerns of a typical cache, plus its unlikely to be muggled I find the research and creation process of the earthcache to be very interesting, I just hope the visitors to the caches also feel the same way. The biggest stumbling block you usually run into is the permission aspect. If you are lucky enough to place an EC in an area that has a published policy, things can be much easier. My most recent EC is in a Metro Vancouver Park. MVP has recently published their geocaching policy, which states that permission is not required. Simply quoting that and providing the link to the reviewer was enough to get it published. I know that isn't relevant to you in FL, but if the local land manager has a posted policy, you can use that to your advantage. Good luck!
  11. This is, by far, the most amazing feat. If I assume that an unencumbered jeep can do 0-60 in about 6 seconds in test track conditions, that seems to be a bit of a boundary for a geo-jeep filled with four bodies plus gear, on a real highway. It takes a car with good brakes moving 55 MPH a bit over 3 seconds to come to a complete stop. If I assume a linear acceleration rate, and that the car keeps accelerating past 60 as well as it did before 60, then after 7 seconds it should be traveling at about 70 MPH. To make the math easier, let's use the next 3 seconds to let the car come to a complete stop (even though it's going faster than 55). That gives us an even 10 seconds. In the first 7 seconds, again assuming a linear acceleration rate, the car travels about 359 feet by the time it hits 70 MPH. Then as the brakes are fully engaged, it comes to a complete stop over the next 3 seconds and travels another 154 feet. For a total of 513 feet - we'll go ahead and give credit for the other 15 feet and call that an even 10th of a mile. That is astoundingly amazing driving. To keep up that level of performance - maxing a jeep out at test track rates and braking perfectly, 50-60 times an hour, for a full 24 consecutive hours - is just about the most impressive thing I have read all week. Whoever was driving is the MVP of this group by a wide, wide margin.
  12. SO, with the re-seed being discussed the idea for the second cointest. Pick the winner for each series east and west semifinals, east and west finals, cup finals. One point for each correct series and a bonus point for picking the correct number of games for the series (best of 7 games, win in 4, 5, 6, or 7). Total possible 14 points. Tiebreaker - pick the total # of goals of the last game. Second tiebreaker - Stanley cup MVP. This cointest will start once the teams are re-seeded for the next round. E-mail answers. Open until the drop of the puck first game second round. Must have at least 5 cointestants. Any Questions ask.
  13. I know there is one in cody wyoing park county but you have none listed for park county quote:Originally posted by RogBarn:The table of airway beacons is done (phew!). I'm sure there are some I've missed, if you let me know, I'll add them to the table. I split the table in two, east and west of the Mississippi, go to the old link to find the links or go direct here: http://walden.mvp.net/~rogbarn/airway_beacons_east.htm and http://walden.mvp.net/~rogbarn/airway_beacons_west.htm Feedback is still a good thing!
  14. Your son is MVP for the Greater Bridgeport Hockey League? Edited to add: that is, the Greater Bridgeport Youth Hockey League?
  15. Hi. As an avid Geo-cacher, I've been thinking. On the cache information literature that you print and put in your cache when you hide it. Why don't you put on the top of it a 2D barcode (or QR code), with a reference to the cache web-page. As camera phones that support 2D barcodes are now getting pretty common, wouldn't it be great to record your cache visit simply by pointing your phones camera at this barcode. Have a look at this video, which shows the kind of idea - http://www.binaryrefinery.com/main/PermaLi...4d39ffd83d.aspx Its very easy to setup and the QR code generator is free. Clients available for iphone, Windows Mobile, Nokia/Symbian etc. etc. Happy to help where I can if you are interested further. Thanks Richard Jones Microsoft MVP
  16. Thanks for that RD. I think I speak for most who have visited these forums in the past few months thats it's great to see you back on this forum and answering a few questions that people have had.....great response by the way. I know that my comments were in no way intended to be harmful, I was just casually throwing up another suggestion as to the long absence that you had, and was simply trying to generate more interest among people to help each other solve these mysterious coins. Even without the puzzle element, these coins are far from 'a waste of money', and were worth every cent I paid for them. As an avid Leonardo fan, I bought a set of the copper coins this year without knowing about the competition side of things, but have been hooked on the puzzle element of them ever since, and am grateful for your effort in both producing these coins and answering mine and other peoples questions. With that, I will ask just one more question for now if you're feeling really generous, and that is.....are the random letters on the back of the Vitruvian Coin a cipher of sorts. I assume that they are. This is the one element of the puzzle I have been working on for a while now...and I obviously can't get it to go. I tried almost every cipher I can think of, so I am leaning towards a multi level cipher. A couple of things I would like to share based on a few ideas I've had over the last few months, starting with the symbols on the front of the knights templar coin. Based on pure symbology, the apple could represent youth, and if so, could be implying Leonardo learning his craft in Verocchio's workshop so something similar...the treasure chest with LdV on it could be 'Leonardo's Treasure' in which he described as 'The Mona Lisa'...the sword ...wisdom...and the skull...death or burial as in ST Hubert's Chapel which has already been mentioned. On the back on the coin, the stars stand over certain letters, and the ones that jump out at me are MVP, as in Marcus Vitruvius Polio', although that would leave the 'T'. Likewise, the three stars and sun could be hovering over certain letters, or could be align with the numbers on a clock face...eg sun=12 or 6. The Paris Meridian coin has depicted on it a design of a mausoleum, more specifically, the Santa Maria delle Grazie, which ironically is where Leonardo painted 'The Last Supper' in the refectory. Well...that's probably enough for now. If none of these answers are close, at least hopefully I've inspired some others to rejuvenate their interest again. Thanks again RD for the coins, and look forward to someday before I die, finding out a few of these answers. Cheers M.V.
  17. Completely not caching related. I was on a business trip to St Louis a few years back. (The family was with me.) We were going to breakfast on a Sunday morning and as we were going into Denny's i spied Kurt Warner. He was coming/going i cant remember which. We never made it in as it was crowded and i didn't want to stay. Went to another close by Denny's and they told us that lots of the Rams players liked to eat there before a game on Sunday. I had no desire to go bother him. But i saw him and was surprised. You are a Superbowl MVP and you're eating at Denny's? I would be afraid to get the runs later during the game.
  18. I nominate Flagman, a fellow San Diego area cacher. He is selfless in that he usually leaves swag ("flagswag" as he calles it) regardless if he picks any up - he rarely does. And that goes for many micros as well. He is a master puzzle solver and will not hesitate to help out those that request it. He maintained the hugely popular UDesignit Card that identifies local cachers in a baseball card format. He incurred great time and expense to support that card. (Due to popular demand, he is reactivating that series .) In support of GC, he has released 271 travel bugs and maintains 63 caches, some of which have made the local favorites' list. His friendly disposition lends to his MVP-type status as a cacher in our community.
  19. Thanks for the info. I too have looked at Compusave. What I have found is you can get it a bit cheaper at www.fogdog.com. They have free shipping. Total cost is $250.54 then the $50 rebate. The other sites with the same deal are: the sports authority, dicks sporting goods and cbs sports (mvp) store. All have free shipping!
  20. Again, help us with your votes but this time think about people. We will also announce these winners at the event. While the caches are strictly NNJ, the people can be more inclusive of our NNJ community which includes NY and PA representatives. As with caches, an individual can only win one award so think of where they best fit. If you keep coming up with the same name in multiple categories - think MVP. NNJC MVC (Most Valuable Cacher) – This is the best all around NNJC cacher. Balance of number of finds, great hides, personal investment in the promotion of geocaching and active participant in the geocaching community. This individual contributed the most in 2005. NNJC Veteran of the Year – Must have cached for 3 or more years, still active and a great representative of geocaching. NNJC Rookie of the Year – Started in 2005 and launched a great caching career. Keep this performance up and MVC is not out of reach in the future. Best NNJC Cache Hider – Quantity and quality. This cacher invests a lot to ensure this sport is active and healthy. When you see their name next to a cache you know it will be excellent. Best NNJC Ambassador – This cacher gets us represented in all the right places. They publish articles on geocaching, they represent us in other groups, they are the person you hope the media will interview. They best represent the sport. Best NNJC Cache Logger – This award represents the person who writes the best descriptions of their adventures. They take time to be descriptive, funny and complete. You look forward to a log written by this cacher. Best NNJC Significant Other – Not a cacher but unbelievably supportive and tolerant of your addiction. They show up at events, tolerate your cache talk and smile at your nerdy friends. Most Supportive Land Manager – Open minded, tolerant, and clear regarding their perspectives on geocaching. They make reasonable, fair and productive decisions about geocaching.
  21. Here are the categories: NNJC Must Do Cache of 2005 – The stand out cache of the year. New to the crop (2005) and immediately a favorite. Kind of like the MVP of geocaches – had a tremendous and productive season with great popularity. Best Kids Cache – Caches that best introduce kids to geocaching and get them excited about getting involved. Not too high, not too far, and not too difficult but thoughtfully laid out, imaginative, well stocked and in a great location for the pre-teen cacher. Best View at the Cache – The cache itself might be secondary to the view, the vista or the scenery. The hide spot is the winner and you have to take pause and soak it in. This photographer’s favorite. Best Short Hike Cache – The cache that wins this award provides the most complete cache experience – sense of adventure, satisfaction, wonder and challenge in a short hike (less than 1.0 mile RT) format. Best Long Hike Cache – Maybe better called “the investment cache” as this will take time and commitment. It could be a single cache, multi or series of caches that provides the most rewarding journey. Similar to the Short Hike Cache, this is a complete cache experience – sense of adventure, satisfaction, wonder and challenge in a long hike (greater than 4.0 miles RT) format. Best Themed Cache – The cache or series of caches that win this award create a theme or persona that begins on the cache description page and carried out through all elements of the hunt. It establishes a creative mindset for the cacher and carries it all the way through execution. Favorite Event Cache – You want another event like this one – well thought out, organized, creative, and well-attended. People came, had a blast and are looking for a repeat. Most Physically Challenging Cache – The name says it all, when you go home from this cache you are exhausted. It took your strength, your stamina, your persistence, your willpower and left you with nothing but a totally incredible adventure. Most Mentally Challenging Cache – The Mensa cache, providing a significant mystery or puzzle to solve. The victory here is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Most Innovative Cache – Most creative hide technique or most creative container. Someone put a lot of time, effort, thought and planning into these hides. Most Remarkable Location – Not scenic (view) but incredible in natural or physical structure. It is unbelievable that the hider found such a spectacular location. In a cave, hanging over a river, in the middle of a downtown, these hides just amaze you. Most Awesome Experience Cache – You will remember this cache adventure as long as you live. It was intense, entertaining, invigorating and, of course, memorable. When you speak about a cache adventure, this is the one. Greatest Phobia Cache – Dark, small, high, critters – need I say more?
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