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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! This might not be the correct forum but maybe another GC user had the same problem: I drive a new BMW 3er. This car has the built-in feature for Screen Mirroring. Sometimes I want to display the GC Android App on the car's screen and this works fine. But as soon as I start driving, the screen switches off with the note: "No motion pictues allowed while driving" (or something like that). From a safety perspective is this (in my mind) not different than a ordinary navigation system, so that I don't see a risk for that. Had anybody of you also the idea to display the Geocaching App in his car and has a solution for that? Regards, Michael
  2. Hi, seit gestern habe ich auf GC.com ein Problem mit einem ziemlich hartnäckigen und nervigen Werbepopup von BMW. Ich bin PM und würde daher erwarten, sowas gar nicht erst zu bekommen. Aber jedes Mal, wenn auf der Seite diese dusselige BMW-Werbung kommt, dann ploppt mir auch ein neuer Tab vor der ganzen GC-Seite auf. Hat das noch wer von Euch? Wenn ja, wäre es schön, wenn ihr euch auch in folgendem Thread melden könntet. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=309119&st=0 Ich fürchte nämlich, daß das ein spezifisches deutsches Problem sein könnte, da das BMW-Ad auf deutsch ist und über Google Ads zugesteuert wird. Aber wenn's in Deutschland nicht nur ein Einzelfall ist, sondern viele betrifft, machen sie vielleicht was. LG Atti
  3. Howzit BMW GS geocachers. This years BMW eco challenge is happening from 18 to 21 October in Clocolan. Are there any GS riders who would like to join me on the trip. Do a few caches on the way down, a few during the event and a few back to JHB? Are there any other GS riders going from the other provinces?
  4. Has anyone ever seen a BMW roundel Geocoin. I own a Bimmer and would like to turn it into a discoverable coin by posting the registration number onto my window or bumper (just like a TB sticker) but not at the cost of designing a coin and selling off the hundreds of extras. I tried to search online but got nowhere. Just as searching within the forums. Because BMW is a short word the forums just kick back an error, not a result. If you know where I might be able to get one that has not been activated, I would be very happy. Many thanks in advance. BigBadger
  5. i would like to connect my emap to my motorcycle. its a BMW R1150RT, the BMW's have a 12 volt power socket but its not the same as the ones you would find in a car its slightly smaller. (John Deere also uses these smaller plugs) my problem is does anyone know of a power cable made for these smaller plugs or a convert cable . or something.. im no electronics guy so i dont think i could make this myself. i can buy the special connector but i wouldnt know how to setup the electronics to give my emap the volts it needs, ive seen schematics but it confuses the hell outa me. anyone can help me out??
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