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  1. I take my time for any cache type I create (even for the one traditional and the one virtual cache I own). When I am creating a puzzle cache there's always something to do outside, a (more or less) little outdoor part with stages. The indoor part - the puzzle itself - rarely is only one level of task, it usually consists of many steps to take. I am not a very good tinkerer so building the final cache box usually doesn't take too long but creating and refine the puzzle may take about 50 working hours averaged. I would estimate that my longest creation phase was at the cache GC5RY0X
  2. What about somewhere like Fiji where there are only 35 caches in the whole country? Or the Philippines with 196? Even here in my local area, a basic member using the app will only see 32 caches: Upgrade to premium and they'll have about 150 to pick from in that area: But half of those are higher terrain ones (T3 and above) and you don't knock over dozens of those in a day. Getting to 500 finds in this part of the world takes a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of travelling. Edit to add: There's a local cacher who joi
  3. I see you found the NC County Challenge - excellent. It appears the plaque is actually tied to the NC Delorme Challenge - there is a photo in the gallery of the Delorme plaque visiting the county challenge cache. It also isn't clear how much the plaque has been updated since 2015, but perhaps @OzGuff can weigh in on that if the plaque is a deal breaker. I love hunting county and Delorme caches, it's my favorite way to get acquainted with the different places the Army has sent us over the years. For caching outside your local area, if you don't have a solid w
  4. Tatsächlich habe ich den Junkie so verstanden, dass er schon mehr Caches gefunden hat, diese aber nicht mehr online geloggt hat. Das ist sicher tatsächlich ein weiterer Nachteil von Nichtloggern: Man ist kein besserer Mensch, wenn man die 1000- oder 10000- oder was-weiß-ich-Schallmauer an Cachefunden durchbrochen hat. Aber natürlich bekommt man mit jedem Cachefund - und auch jedem DNF! - mehr Erfahrung und auf dem Papier (!) wird da bei ihm jetzt natürlich der 1-Fund-Newbie bleiben. Und das hat schon einige Konsequenzen, wie man "behandelt" wird: Ein DNF eines Anfängers
  5. Is the Oregon 700 worth $200 over the GPSMAP 60? Yes, if you are going to be geocaching frequently enough. It has everything you really need for geocaching, hiking etc. If the GPSMAP 66 worth $300 more than the Oregon 700? Absolutely not in my opinion. If you don't want a touch screen, I would recommend a GPSMAP 64 for half the price of the 66. Another option since you said you are hiking and perhaps size and weight are an issue is perhaps something like a Etrex (except for the 10) which is smaller in size and saves an ounce or two. As others have chimed
  6. Here I finally reached my challenge: 1500 consecutive days with posts. Next Challenge 200 days. And you, where are you?
  7. 'Level Run' check? Any nearby educational institutions teaching surveying? Looks like several marks along a three mile reach of that road could be tied to. EZ1183.The orthometric height was determined by differential leveling and EZ1183.adjusted by the NATIONAL GEODETIC SURVEY EZ1183.in June 1991. 'Nearby' out here in Montana =< 200 miles. kayakbird
  8. Height and Width attributes (but nor for example Advisory title) are lost when reediting a TB page. Recreate by this flow. Attaching some images for this recreation flow, steps marked with *). - Go to a TB page with an image in its description - Edit the TB page - Right click and image in the description and select Image Properties - Set width and/or height, (for example Height: 200) *) - "OK" to accept changes to image - "Submit Changes" to save the TB page edits - "Visit the Trackables Page" to view the changes. (Images has height 200) *) - Edit t
  9. Our first hundred or so FTFs were as basic members with no notifications, so It's not a faster car, but being observant. Every once in a while we just "refreshed" the "newest" link of our profile. - That helpful link has now gone... We became PM just so the other 2/3rds could get notifications, yet I got my fair share too just by refreshing. I get them off n on now simply because a cache is more than 200 feet from parking. Realize that all other FTF hounds are seeing that notification around the same time.
  10. there was a cache that I found (I think I may have been FTF) that was along a trail not far from here. There are a couple of places where one could get onto the trail. Just before I got to the trail was within a few feet of a steep drop, about 200 feet to a rocky river bed. There was nothing in the cache listing about appropriateness for children. When I mentioned the cliff in my log the CO thanked me and said that she'd come in from the other direction so was unaware of the steep cliff. She subsequently added a note in the description and a "not recommended for kids" attribute.
  11. Update: In order to test my idea and revive my caching in my home area, I have been revisiting over 200 caches during 2020! I do that with the rules that I have set up for myself: Must be at least 2 years since original find. Mysts and multis should be solved again. Only once per cache (or maybe after another 2 years, but that is irrelevant now). All revisits are properly recorded in a revisit history. Conclusion: In most cases, it feels like new! Caches are moved, vegetation has changed, I have often forgotten about the hiding place and/or the surroundings (especia
  12. I need 200 more graves of centenarians. Do you have any you want to send my way?
  13. This coin is #141 of only 200 Summer 2006 Geocoins released by the Texas Geocaching Association. Though the coin is seriel numbered, it is not trackable except through the Travel Bug tag attached. It commerates scuba diving in the natural springs located at Balmorhea State Park in Texas. Check this link out for more info: https://coord.info/TB1CJPK
  14. As it is a milestone for me I thought that it is time to update my stats. I now have 200 First-Category-Post-in-a-Country waymarks (Copyright by fi67 ). That's more than double of what I had 3 years ago. Also, due to our travels of the last few years, the number of different countries has increased from 9 to 15. The 200 waymarks per country: Austria - 113 Albania - 6 Bosnia and Herzegovina - 4 Croatia - 2 Hungary - 1 Italy - 1 Monaco - 14 Montenegro - 2 North Macedonia - 21 Norway - 2 Poland - 1 Serbia - 19 Slovakia - 4 Slovenia - 1 Sweden - 9
  15. Sagen alle. Der verlinkte große Multi hat 126 Funde in mehr als 8 Jahren (und ja, ich stimme dir zu, für einen solchen Cache sind das viele Funde). Eine Runde, die ich vor Kurzem auch gemacht habe war eine Adventsrunde, das ist der 24. Cache: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC90N3N_24-turchen: Dieser Cache hat mehr als 200 Funde in 3 Wochen (inklusive des zugehörigen Trails aus 23 anderen Döschen, die natürlich für die vielen Funde Adventskalender-bedingt ein paar Tage mehr Zeit hatten). Ich weiß nicht, wie man das anders sehen kann. Ein aufwändiger Nachtcache-Mul
  16. It depends on the cache, but for unusual caches, there are a few typical logs that make me suspicious. I mean custom caches, gadget caches and well as many high T caches, and high D that are not solve-at-home-mysteries, caches that are intended to give a unique experience of some kind. Simple caches, a plain petling in some dull place or a lock-and-lock under a pile of branches, for those anything goes, but if an unusual cache gets: TFTC Easy find (imagine that on a 4-stage D4T4 multi with field puzzles or similar) "We logged 200 caches today and this was one of t
  17. Finally after many years, King Pellinore breaks the 200 caches found barrier. He found his first cache in 08/25/2001 and quickly became one of NJ's top cachers. Petering out at the end of 2006, his long hiatus (until 2019) was broken by a single find in 2013 of https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC3A1QK_block-head He has been getting around a bit, adding states to his geocaching collection. Who knows, he might even place another cache!
  18. That variable is subjective and varies from one person to the next. The models I listed can commonly be purchased for as little as $200 USD. The Oregon 7x0 series is beyond cost effective. It is quite a bargain and easily the best bang for your buck when it comes to GCLive equipped Garmin GPSr.
  19. How do you search caches (or filter them) based on favorite point percentage (not total numbers of favorite points)? I have discovered that some of the best caches do NOT have the highest total number of favorite points, but DO have the highest favorite point percentage. For example, a cache that has been around since 2011 (10 years old) and has 200 favorites is probably pretty good, but may only have a percentage of 20% because 1,000 people have found it and only 1 in 5 have given it a favorite, yet it shows up in searches by favorite points. However, a cache that has only been around sinc
  20. GPSr prices have gone up, and it's getting harder to find something under $200 that isn't the Etrex 10... Oregon 700 or GPSMAP 64s is a good choice but around $250... Or upgrade your current phone to something like the Moto G8 or an Iphone 7, which is around $200 but accurate as any GPSr on the market. You'll get a much nicer cellphone that fully works with geocaching.
  21. My list was entirely revised during the year. The mega was cancelled, and I was not allowed to make the bathing event either. My archiving was modest, way lower than intended. Like the easy and unpopular tree climbing cache that I just liked too much to archive. So the intended 50 was more like 10. I better repeat that goal. But I did fulfill the goal of not letting any cache be archived by a reviewer. The last goal, caching more for exercise, was fulfilled far beyond my ambition, since I decided to start revisiting caches (logged 2 years back or more) on a regular basi
  22. 1210 days lonely, the longest per the script output. When I look at the +400 days caches in this output, I suspect many were simply missing for a long time before they got archived. This is not exactly an achievement on my part. A function of where I cache, I qualify at 100, 200, 300 and 400 days. This is about rarely sought, and poorly maintained paddle caches and multis. If no one hunts them, no one DNFs them and they ride the site for years before finally going away.
  23. I posted this in the "Goals for 2021" thread, but will repost as an update in this "Goals for 2020" thread as well: Get my total find count to 2020. My goal for 2019 was to reach 2000 finds; I'm still over 200 away from that goal, and maybe 2020 in 2020 is attainable! I'm at 2050 finds right now, and 50 of those are from 10 Adventure Labs completed. Even without the AL's, I'm right at 2000 now, so this goal is done (unless I decide to go for 2020 finds! That means I need 20 more. Not sure I will accomplish that) Find a cache on Feb. 29 to finish my calendar grid. We filled eve
  24. Same Problem I also reported to GSAK's Forum as I hate having to baby sit the refresh cache data. I get the same message as above but I'll post the verbose log here. When the retry box comes up it only displays fail. Generating GPX file HttpRequestBegin: POST,api.Groundspeak.com:443/LiveV6/Geocaching.svc/SearchForGeocaches RequestHeader: POST /LiveV6/Geocaching.svc/SearchForGeocaches HTTP/1.1 StartSendingRequest: 3793 PercentDone: 100 HttpInfo: Begin reading response ... no response after 20 seconds ResponseHeader: HTTP/1.1 200 OK HttpStatusCode: 200 ResponseContentLength: 1315120
  25. The Oz Mega Committee , Director of Tourism NT,Mark Crummy, Minister for Tourism Central Australia ,Matt Conlan ,Mayor of Alice Springs ,Damien Ryan and the local Alice Springs caching group are very proud to announce that the OZ MEGA ALICE SPRINGS Geocaching Mega Event is set for Easter , 2017. MEDIA RELEASE The Centre set to cash in on Geocaching Matt Conlan Minister for Central Australia, Minister for Tourism 22 June 2014 Alice Springs has been chosen as the site for an international GPS treasure hunt event which will attract up to 1,500 people from around the world. Minister for Tour
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