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  1. What is the game coming to? This premium member joined almost a year ago and has made over 200 finds but has never visited the website and clearly has no idea that there's such a thing as a Needs Maintenance log, or if they do they can't figure out how to log one on the app.
  2. Recently I was caching with a friend an we found a cache that was quite nice, but not really worth a full favourite. We said to each other: Wouldn't it be nice to be able to award millifavourites. So my request to split up favourites in to one thousand millifavourites (mFav). This will give us the possibility to give 1/2 (500 mFav), 1/3 (333 mFav), 1/4 (250 mFav), 1/5 (200 mFav) 1/6 (167mFav) etc. favourites. Tc
  3. Ein echter Cacher ist der, der das alles so sieht - und tut - wie ich. Nöh, natürlich Quatsch, sorry. Eigentlich kann ich da ja jetzt nur verlieren - selbst wenn ich das irgendwie mit sprachlichen Mitteln einigermassen in die Reihe kriege, kann man da natürlich immer bei irgendeinem Begriff, Redewendung o.ä. "ja, aber......" sagen. Aber ich versuchs mal Zuallererst muss man - um eventuellen Missverständnissen zuvorzukommen - wohl beschreiben, was das NICHT ist. Es zielt da nicht auf Cachearten ("Mysterys/Multis/Tradis sind grundsätzlich doof"), auch nich
  4. https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2021/03/new-souvenir-challenge-the-science-of-discovery/ It’s 21 years into the 21st century and geocachers continue to be experts in the science of discovery. Recently, geocaching innovators have experimented in the Adventure Lab® to create new experiences. From interactive food tours to local trivia, cachers are formulating Adventures in new ways. Let’s combine geocaching with Adventure Lab to create the perfect solution for discovery. April 12 through July 11, find Adventure Lab Caches and other geocache types to earn up to four scien-terrifi
  5. Well I installed the app today. Did a first adventure lab nearby. And then found out that this totally screwed up my Geocache-Score. Gladly found out how to delete the adventure lab logs. How dumb is it, to score 5 points for one (!) adventure? This AL I did, was nice and easy. Maybe 200 metres for all 5 stations... Now I need to decide, to give the app another try with a different or new account or to wait and see, until this bug is corrected and fixed. But seeing my real geocaching-score getting screwed up big time was really annoying.
  6. Circled and circled for 20 minutes. Could not find it. Great story Helpful View Log No Finder 1 Premium Member 5383 Didn't find it 04/14/2021 No find. No trackable either that a previous cacher said they left. There's nothing even close by like the description. Gone. 7 DNF in a row for a 1.5/1.5 cache. Needs to be archived if the CO does not co
  7. No! No! No! No! No! Those devices are ancient. They require special cables. They aren't inherently geocaching compatible. And they don't really give you a taste of how modern GPS units function. If you are going to take the legacy route, go no farther back than the oldest models that support USB mass storage mode, gpx file support, and paperless geocaching. The eTrex 20/30, the Oregon 200/300, the (defunct) Colorado series, or the gpsMap62. Those are the oldest models we should be recommending to new users looking to save on a GPS. Anything else is like recommending your grandparents bu
  8. I am member of a geocaching telegram group where other members were discussing this new "trend" only recently. I couldn't imagine why owners would have to create such an ALC until exactly one of those was released in my area (Central Germany) a few days ago. The first stage is 35 km away from me, the next one is located 200 km north. One is 300 km further west, one is in the Netherlands and one on a tiny island in the ocean near Montenegro! I asked the owner what his intention is and whether players would have to travel to all of these places. His answer was: "You don't have to. No
  9. Die Meinung darf er auch haben, OHNE irgendeinen Cache gefunden zu haben. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass seine Meinung wirklich als gewichtig empfunden wird, ist halt grösser, wenn er das als wirklich erfahrener Aktiver "aus dem Spiel" heraus macht. Ich unterstelle mal :), dass HHL das meinte. Das ist eben nicht dasselbe. Wobei so am Rande - jedesmal, wenn ich mit nem völlig cachefernen Muggel so übers Cachen ins Erzählen komme, kommt der mit "ha, dann könnte man doch......" und da sind dann immer bessere und gehaltvollere Ideen dabei als vieles, was da draussen so rumli
  10. I don't know whether there's anything similar in other parts of the world, but here (New South Wales, Australia), for outdoor gatherings above the freely-allowed limit (currently 200 people), the organisers can complete and lodge a COVID-safe plan which then allows up to 5000 people.
  11. Hello everyone, We recently started geocaching again with a friend of ours. At the moment we just use our phone to geoache, but we would like to upgrade to a walking gps. We tried the gpsmap 62s this weekend, and we liked it very much. After reading a lot of reviews, I am still doubting between 2 devices. We can get the Garmin etrex 32x for €144. Advantages: 25h battery, preloaded topomaps of europe, electronic compass We can also buy the gpsmap 64sx for €200. Advantages: electronic compass, faster scrolling and zooming, great antenn
  12. Remember that in a reddit post that there were over 200 million players as of March 2021. Could be right or wrong.
  13. Hello everyone, Years ago I used to cache a lot. I had a 60 series Garmin with a color screen. I lent it to a friend and got destroyed! Oops. Oh well. Reparations were made in the form of concert tickets at the time lol. My typical adventure would mean finding an interesting spot on Google Maps/Earth, mark the coordinates, upload them to the GPS along with any caches, and go exploring. I use GSAK at the time, and I remember doing something with KML files but don't recall what now lol. It's been a decade and I'd like to get back into caching/hiking/exploring. I live in
  14. The trackable situation is kinda grazy at the moment. I´m relatively new with 78 finds and 8 Tb´s moved so far, but I saw a lot of Tb´s dissappeared, some were logged at a different cache. I write many notes for missing Tb´s (one of them was discovered again after months a couple of hundred kilometers away from the last known location), I saw a cacher who allegedly took a Tb to more than 100 caches in one!!! day, other cachers dip them every 200 meters for weeks or months, a Tb hotel near my hometown with 7 Tb´s in it got compleatly emptied, you name it. I want
  15. I think the have the sciences backwards ... Rocket science: 50 points Geology: 100 points Environmental science: 200 points Futurology: 300 points Rocket science is a lot harder than geology or environmental science. And I don't even think futurology is a science.
  16. I mean of course if it was implemented then it could be optional what notifications you get, I guess when like yourself you have 200+ hides it would be a bit spammy
  17. It's hard to imagine how someone might find so many caches in one day or in their geocaching career, when first starting out the hobby But there's a whole lot of selective geocaching that can happen, and the more caches you find the more 'styles' of hide you can recall and some of the harder caches can become park 'n grabs. You don't find 1000 in day with forest hikes. You'd be selecting an area with loads of park 'n grabs, or powertrails with a vehicle (bike, car, etc) or as mentioned with a group. There are many strategies. So if you're ever comparing find count, always take the strategies,
  18. I've met someone who has now logged well over 100k finds. The first time I met him was at an event celebrating his 30k milestone a long time ago. And I've known people who have gone caching with him. He finds that many by finding caches one at a time, very frequently and very quickly. He may not find caches every day (he didn't maintain a significant streak as far as I know), but he's retired and he spends a lot of time geocaching. He finds them quickly and he keeps moving. He doesn't spend a lot of time with each cache (to put it mildly). The people I've known who have gone geocac
  19. So was? https://www.geocaching.com/plan/lists/BM2GNYP?sort=name&sortOrder=asc&skip=0&take=200
  20. 10 Illinois and 2 Indiana geocachers got together and created 12 Adventure Labs following the entire Lincoln Highway through Illinois. Border to border. Plus one section over the line in Indiana. These 12 Adventure Labs stretch just over 200 miles. The Lincoln Highway has hundreds of commemorative gazebos, murals and other historical monuments and artifacts along the way and is an interesting historical marvel. Anyone in the other states want to pick up where we left off? The entire length of the Lincoln Highway runs from Times Square in New York to San Francisco, a total of 3,
  21. That's usually what happens in events and they publish caches during that one. In the end, you are just enjoying the hike, since when you are with 15-20 people at least, it is quite probable that you will not participate in each search. If this event is near your home, I would rather go another time and visit the caches and enjoy the complete experience, but... what should one do when those caches are 100-200 km away from your home? I suppose we shouldn't be so strict, but it depends on the person.
  22. Finally after many years, King Pellinore breaks the 200 caches found barrier. He found his first cache in 08/25/2001 and quickly became one of NJ's top cachers. Petering out at the end of 2006, his long hiatus (until 2019) was broken by a single find in 2013 of https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC3A1QK_block-head He has been getting around a bit, adding states to his geocaching collection. Who knows, he might even place another cache!
  23. Height and Width attributes (but nor for example Advisory title) are lost when reediting a TB page. Recreate by this flow. Attaching some images for this recreation flow, steps marked with *). - Go to a TB page with an image in its description - Edit the TB page - Right click and image in the description and select Image Properties - Set width and/or height, (for example Height: 200) *) - "OK" to accept changes to image - "Submit Changes" to save the TB page edits - "Visit the Trackables Page" to view the changes. (Images has height 200) *) - Edit t
  24. I'm home now and just fired up the phone and app to find everything is back to normal, all caches showing including the ones that weren't showing this morning. Hmm. However, when I zoom out the 200 cache "circle" is back in the same spot, no other caches statewide are showing.
  25. I also had a problem using the app today that I've never come across before. I'm not sure it's related. I was doing a maintenance run and tried to access a cache to write an OM but it would not come up on the screen. All my nearby caches were not showing either. I thought it may have been a poor phone signal but a quick check showed signal strength was good. I found that if I zoomed out all my other caches north of where I was came into view. That seemed odd. I zoomed right out until all caches north of me were gathered together into a 200 cache "circle" which seemed to be centred around my ho
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