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Found 27836 results

  1. I'm planning a trip and would like todo a pocket querrie. Or what ever it is called. I can't do it. Geocahing does not respond to any of my Messages. Can anyone help me with it. I'm new to using a phone. I'm back to caching after some years. I got the premium membership yet wondering why I wasted the time .. Is there a class on this. Is there a place where I can talk to a person? Is there someone who can talk to me like a three year old without a phone.. I don't understand the lingo..of the phone.. pinch, blahhhh.. Isthere anyone near who can help me/ I'm going to quit due to no events...no where to learn no emails answered .. I'm aggravated as hell. I'mplanning a month in advance and I can't get anyone to show me the ropes.. I probalby won't even be able to find this page again. Been asking for a week and now have three weeks until schedule departure. Does anyone have the time , energy to help me.. I never knew I have to be an expert on the laptop and phone to play a game that is outdorors.. smh. I'll have to find something else.. I'm so tired of it.
  2. To start off, I was in Maine yesterday and met a customer right at the Delorme building exit off of I-95. I went in and bought a spiral bound atlas. Looked at the software for the pn-60, NEAT!!! My question is... Can you use your laptop as the screen for a pn-60. Bascially, if I have a mount for my laptop in the truck, can the gps talk back to the laptop and display the information? Since the 60 has a small screen I thought thismight be kind of cool. I know thay offer the small gps units to plug into the laptop, but I thought this might just save some $$$. Don't know why I didn't ask when I as at Delorme. Thanks Hud
  3. My family is 10 (highly supportive) and 0 (ABSOLUTELY refuses to participate). They do nice things like let me talk about the hobby to them and others, support my geocaching YouTube channel, and help me host my big GIFF event in a movie theater each year (they attend and run the entry table while I'm greeting everyone). So, they're awesome and supportive. But they do not enjoy finding geocaches.
  4. The title of the thread is the pertinent topic here, not the subjective quality of the caches that are being placed. If you're going to talk about "numbers", then you need, well, numbers, not subjective determinations about the quality of new caches. No one is asking if the number of new quality caches is decreasing and there's absolutely no way that this could be determined, as what makes a quality cache is so subjective to likes and dislikes of individual cachers. Apparently you didn't read the title of this thread. Tell this to @barefootjeff (or any other cacher in an area with not many caches and not much hiding activity), who finds that the number of caches available for them to find is finite and will cause them to either travel extensively to find more caches or hope that someone discovers geocaching in their area and starts placing more caches or someone new moves in and starts placing caches. When there are a limited amount of caches in an area and that number continues to decline, it absolutely affects caching, regardless of whether or not it's all about the numbers. Those experiences you hope that people can enjoy won't be there for them to enjoy or will be very limited in scope.
  5. Sure, talk it over with them. Maybe they think it makes sense. Maybe mom planted the cache and the kid really did run out and find it as soon as it was published. I think it would be fun to find out and an easy way to meet them. They aren't adversaries or opponents, just people you're playing a game with. If you decide the FTF was invalid, then just ignore it. I'd try to make my FTF claim lighthearted. Maybe say "first to find after members of the CO's family" in the log. You get to decide if you're FTF. The CO doesn't have to approve your claim.
  6. 왜 무조건 영어로 대화 하나요!! 한국어로도 대화해요! 무조건 한국어로 대화하는 창입니다 꺄하하하 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 포럼에 나밖에 안노는건 아니겠쬬? ㅠ_ㅠ 완전 슬픔! 날씨 좋은날에는 모두 함께 지오캐싱을 하러 갑시다!
  7. Oh we've had instances of proxy-maintenance being noticed by reviewers and being dealt with. It gets to the point that people won't mention in find logs that the cache was missing and so a replacement was set in place (whether knowing beforehand or not, with permission or not). It happens. And when it happens regularly, and the CO continues to allow it as if it's the norm, then reviewers will take action. At least around here. Now, I suppose it depends on what style of 'maintenance' is happening -- replacement caches (throwdowns or condoned) will likely get quicker action than other people merely replacing wet/full logs. But the underlying point remains - if a CO repeatedly allows others to 'maintain' their caches, they could face repercussive action by reviewers. But my thinking is it's one of those things that can be discussed since it's really a matter of CO reasoning and judgments, how bad the situation is, how it affects the community, and well, whether that cacher is in the reviewers' good books or not (how they've demonstrated their cache ownership ethics in the past). The base point is - you're the cache owner, YOU do the maintenance. There can be exceptions to that rule, and it may be possible to set a different approved maintenance plan in place, but that basic responsibility exists - the cache owner does cache maintenance. Stray from that and you risk repercussions. Always, the best course of action otherwise is to talk to your local reviewer. Positively and respectfully. It goes a long way.
  8. So there are threads about crazy caches you have been to or stuff you found in them....but what about caches you have hid? Which is your favorite? What kind of swag do you put in them? What size is your favorite to hide? What general area are most of you caches in (woods, public, outta the way places, etc..)? Camo Job? Basically just talk about YOUR geocache containers. Even brag a little if you want. We all wanna learn some other cache hiding/creating techniques.
  9. More to the point, what do you call the people who you think are geocaching but when you talk to them you realise they're actually just shuffling around near a cache on their smartphone?
  10. I would hope that number of finds or "popularity" doesn't become a measure of cache quality. The ones that get the most finds are the urban P&G micros in tourist hotspots, whereas the ones that get the fewest finds tend to be the more challenging and, for me at least, rewarding ones. Sure, that's what we'd hope, but that wouldn't be the reality of the situation. Popularity can only mean quantity of activity -- given the measures we have, how else can it be determined? Favourite points are just as subjective, find count is only a measure of activity, there's no universal quality rating system. "Popular" right now means that the caches found the most tend to be the ones that most people enjoy (not that I agree with that in the slightest). 'Awesome' caches (which is also subjective) that get few visits will be drowned out by the quantity of caches that people BOTH place and find. What we should hope is that HQ realizes that quantity cannot be considered the sole indicator of popularity. The only other way really is by listening to buzz. What do people talk about the most? Or wish they could do the most? There's no metric for that. But that aspect tends to put everything on an even playing field. LPCs may be super populous, but how much buzz is there about LPCs? Consider that general sentiment with all the talk about bucket list caches, which by comparison are found only a fraction of the time and you can count on your fingers relatively speaking. I'd argue there's a whole lot more buzz and excitement about such caches despite being far fewer and rarely found by comparison. But again, there's no metric for that. So, the only measure of popularity is by what people place the most and find the most. Activity will determine what the landscape of geocaches will look like in the short and long term, varied somewhat by region and local community makeup. It's the promotional strategies of geocaching that can only help to retain that feel of what "quality geocaching" looks like (not just 'geocache quality'), by catering to the social buzz, the word on the street -- not merely statistical data.
  11. I feel like a total dummy... I know I need a pda...I looked above at the FAQ, only the wiki link worked and I felt overwhelmed by all the info. I use a garmin etrex legend, I think it's H? It's the blue one. I do not have the cords so I have to hand enter each cache, if that matters. I also use an apple macbook. And I do not have a smart phone. If I were to get a pda...what should I get? I'd be looking to get something used, or on the cheaper end (as much as possible...), and am willing to save up to get one if I have to (I am going to start saving up for a new gps with cords too! This one by one thing is too much). I know I'll have to become a PM for PQs, and then do I HAVE to have GSAK? or no? And then I'll need another type of software, too...am I right? So much to know... Thanks for any help!!
  12. This discussion came up yesterday, but unfortunately the thread was closed. I also would like to talk about false or odd ratings. For reference: Discussing false ratings in a forum post is absolutely up for discussion, and has been discussed many times. Without getting into details, that's not all that was happening with that particular discussion, which is why that particular thread was closed.
  13. This discussion came up yesterday, but unfortunately the thread was closed. I also would like to talk about false or odd ratings. For reference:
  14. It looks fine to me. My only reaction is that any one of those requirements would make a good challenge cache, so putting them all together seems like overkill. If I knew you better, I'd try to talk you into doing 5 different wonderful challenge caches about those attributes instead of just the one. But if you're going to do just the one, and you really think the final location is good enough for that challenge, I think it sounds great. I doubt I'd satisfy the requirements, but I might be closer if I lived in your neck of the woods.
  15. would like to discuss with local geocacher about geocaching & how to go about hiding them
  16. Furthermore, it creates problems with challenge-caches especially those covering number of countries covered. Note these states number of 'countries'. So I'd expect Northen Ireland would count toward this, however Project GC still shows my finds in Northern Ireland as part of another _country_... There is no talk in the challenge caches about 'political territories' or anything else. While I agree upon the ease relating to PQ's, searches and such. That has absolutely no bearing to souvenirs nor countries in the relation to challenges...
  17. I'd bet there's a couple times Reviewers have been able to hit a cache FTF, simply not grabbed by others yet. - That's how I get some now. Most a day or two after published. I doubt a rogue Reviewer is fake-logging caches... We had one similar to yours years ago. A kid. Maybe they figured that if FTF was already "taken" online, they'd have more time to head out. - We notice that still ... caches often sitting for days unfound after a FTF. We see that in other areas too. One time the CO called to meet me as I opened the container, figured the field puzzle, and FTF a blank sheet. Now they knew for sure. Here, just talk at events (word spreads quick), and a mention of a fake FTF on the cache page got the kid to knock it off. - He depended on rides sometimes from an adult (who was at an event when it was discussed). I bet that helped too. Sometimes you have that kook that just likes to disrupt things. Possible that simply disregarding them is enough for them to stop. The "real" FTF could just log it, with no mention of the faker at all. Not getting the attention they need, maybe they'll move to something else. Can't hurt to give that a try...
  18. Hi! I have a newspaper assignment on geocaching and need someone to talk with to add "local flavor" to the piece. Is there anyone in Green Valley, Arizona willing to help (either with or without real names)? I'm also an absolutely new member (just getting ready to order my 1st GPS unit) and want to get started. Would love to talk with locals about that too. Are you out there Green Valley? annette in gv
  19. You might be a Social Butterfly if... You walk the walk and talk the talk—as in you like to go to events! You are fully immersed in the geocaching community and Event Caches are totally your thing. You love meeting all of your fellow geocachers and have a knack for helping newbies fall in love with the game! To earn the Social Butterfly souvenir, earn 70 points individually on your Friend League starting October 29 at noon UTC through December 3 at noon UTC. This month earn higher points for attending Event Caches! https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2018/10/you-might-be-a-social-butterfly-if/?newsletter=PM
  20. I've had a Garmin Forerunner for over three years now, nary a problem. All that time I've had a USB to serial connector plugged into a USB port, always ready to connect the Forerunner, first to a Garmin program, then to GSAK, and lately to Garmin's Connect website. Now, all of a sudden, I can't connect anymore. GSAK says "Garmin: Can't Init Com5." The Garmin program CRASHES with a blue screen that says "IRQL NOT LESS THAN" The connect website just says there's nothing there. If I unplug the USB connector, Vista promptly removes it from device manager, and re-installs it when I plug it back in. Manually remove and re-install the driver, to no avail. Garmin won't help me, says the problem is with the USB connector. The things only cost $16, but I really don't think a new one will help. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks, all! Mike
  21. i want to but i need some help from you guys to cheak into it and 2 cheakins are not going to do it Come on guys it would be fun to get this running againe SteelHead[bC]
  22. Bundled Uverse-$152 a month-some glitches Smart phone with all the bells-$82 a month-some glitches Groundspeak-$2.50 a month-some glitches Which one gives you the most for the least? Thanks to ALL at Groundspeak for what you do!
  23. I would be calling Garmin customer support direct. Talk through the problem with them. I had a problem after 6-8 weeks and the unit was replaced. That was 9 months ago Since then all OK I guess you have a12 month warranty anyway
  24. Yeah, that's another thing. My phone's generally OK, but I lose phone service in various parts around town, some entire boondock villages, too. People say it shouldn't happen, their phone is fine. So evidently, I have a terrible phone company (Prepaid Straight Talk Wireless, and about their cheapest plan). Come to think of it, maybe I don't even care. I shall ponder this.
  25. My phone doesn't have service in various parts of town. Iphone 8, and the same phone chip I took out of my 'droid phone that had similar issues. I think it's my prepaid phone service (Straight Talk Wireless). Anyway, I couldn't log if I wanted to. Which I tend to not want to, until I return to my PC and can type proper logs. But I hardly ever “claim FTF” anymore*. I sign a blank log, and my online log says that I found it, and I include the time I found it. People can figure it out. * An eye-opener was as a newb Geocaching, I made a log about how some cache was the first one I found that day. And it began to seem in the ensuing logs by FTF hounds, that they were intent to bite my head off, because THEY WERE FIRST, THEY WERE FTF, not me. Um. Just wow. Eventually, I pretty much decided to be a lot more careful with the word “first” in my logs. And I pretty much don't “claim FTF”, for any reason.
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