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  1. Guest

    Boy Scout Partcipation

    Step 1 would be talk to you local council, there may already discussions going on at the national level. Step 2 might be to set up a Cache in the local Scout Camp. I teach Sailing Merit Badge, navigation on a pond is pretty limited, so I often bring Scouts out on a larger boat in a bay. I used to tell them about Loran, but that is over now. GPS is so common now, that I see no reason to teach about it. Maps or Charts are still used, and compass use is still part of the excersize. "Be Prepared!" (bring extra batteries !)
  2. Guest

    Kansas City area Geocachers?

    Wow! A reply!! Cool! Basic general stuff. There are no caches on the Kansas side of KC, something I hope to alleviate. We are in the MIssion area, and I went to the City hall and talked to the people there about places caches in the Mission parks, and at first I got the feeling I wished I hadn't asked. They mentioned going before the city council. EEK! No thanks, it's just for fun! I did end up talking to the Recs manager, and he seemed more cool with it, but was going to talk to a few people and "let me know". There are certainly a lot of places around here, in KC and towards Lawrence. We've found six at the time of this writing, hope to find more this weekend! We own an eTrex standard (yellow one) and it does us just fine.
  3. Guest

    Kansas City area Geocachers?

    So what did you want to talk about?
  4. Guest

    Arizona Caches

    or people in the valley (of the sun) In Utah, i only have to walk outside to find a tree and its green!! And you cant call a catus a tree! All of our water is spring feed, you guys have to buy your water from us. 15 minutes and I can Skiing in the snow or water (late spring of course). You know all this talk about how bad AZ is, makes me miss Tempe, I think Ill move back....
  5. Guest

    Erosion and you?

    What do you think you're doing to our environment spewing your verbal litter all over? Please respect our forums like you respect the outdoors. Both can get just as littered and be just as repulsive if not cared for properly. We are more than happy to talk with you as long as you "stay on *our* trails" and stop taking shortcuts. Follow the rules, learn the ettiquite and show some respect to the others and you *WILL* be heard.
  6. Guest

    Environmental conerns

    I'm a newbie, just found the site yesterday and like the idea. Having read all of the talk about environmental issues, perhaps those who establish a cache could include some plastic bin bags in the cache to help people take their/other's rubbish for proper disposal. Anything that makes it easier for people to clean up after themselves/others could only be a benefit. Erosion, though, is potentially a greater threat to this sport - at least around popular caches. That said, what is the average frequency of cache visits? As the sport grows, this will increase, but will it exceed the time taken for the region to recover? Just my $0.02.
  7. Guest

    Algonquin Park

    Nice place for a cache. Some friends of mine use to cut wood up in the park many moons ago.They talk of how the moose would follow them around different places earing the sound of chainsaws and eat the treetops as they bring down trees . Hopefully the cache seekers will see some moose .They also told me of a area where you where not allow to put your radio on or use your horn etc .I guess not to cause any interference ie:antennas
  8. Guest

    Geocacher Status

    I hadn't really paid much attn to the tag before so I thought I'd post just to see what I am and how many posts I've made. Might just mean I talk too much Well, this made 71 posts and I'm still a "Geocacher" so I guess "Trailguide" is equivelant to Moderator and I can't go any further Matt ------------------ www.gpscache.com 10 507069E 5038901N 45.50361N -122.90951W [This message has been edited by makaio (edited 03-01-2001).]
  9. Guest

    Geocacher Status

    I hadn't really paid much attn to the tag before so I thought I'd post just to see what I am and how many posts I've made. Might just mean I talk too much Well, this made 71 posts and I'm still a "Geocacher" so I guess "Trailguide" is equivelant to Moderator and I can't go any further Matt ------------------ www.gpscache.com 10 507069E 5038901N 45.50361N -122.90951W [This message has been edited by makaio (edited 03-01-2001).]
  10. Cap't Leno, I remember the 'bad old days' of Loran... A fishing Captain from IN ? we HAVE to talk ! I'm a 6-Packer, drive peoples boats to point 'B'. and former live-aboard capecache@hotmail.com
  11. Guest

    Garmin III to Etrex cable?

    Has anyone made one of these cables? Like to know it works before I spend any effort into trying to make one. Will the 2 units actually talk to one another? ------------------ Will Now where the hell am I?
  12. Guest

    Urban/City Locations

    I've been thinking along the same lines for a while. I live in a tourist area, so I'm expecting alot of traffic in the summer. Password is good, but you should have to flash a GPS so the Bozo behind you in line doesn't get any nutty ideas !!! I think I might talk to the Chamber of Commerce and a few places nearby, a free ice cream or game of mini golf could be hip. I don't see any opposition to it from business owners, after all, I just delivered someone that will travel miles for a friggin superball and a key chain AFTER he/she spent at least $100 on a gadget ! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!! See ya after Memorial Day !
  13. Guest

    Forest Service

    I haven't heard of any problems yet. I was concerned at the beginning about the environmental impact as well. However, it seems that most (if not all) geocachers are very responsible people. Most are saying "take out more than you take in", i.e., pick up some garbage and carry it out with you when you go on a hunt. Forest Service people should actually be happy about that. As far as hiding caches go, as long as we don't hide anything dangerous, keep the caches relatively small, and use air/watertight containers, and don't hide food in them (food would attract animals, since they have a better sense of smell than humans do), I think we should be OK. If you've met Forest Service people who have concerns, my best advice would be to simply talk to them about it, and explain.
  14. We visited Dukes Creek Falls a week ago, and one of the clues we saw that led us to the cache was some torn-up vegetation and displaced soil from where someone climbed a steep embankment. We repaired it and made it look natural again. True, the tree fall caused far more erosion than any footsteps would, but in light of my recent discovery of how "sensitive" park rangers can be about stewardship of the land, the last thing we want to do is give them something to talk about. I don't think the cache is a problem, we just need to step lightly, and be ready to walk a little further if the bank looks too steep to climb without damage. --Scott
  15. Guest

    Etrex vs Magellan 315 for Caching

    e new features. The biggest difference between the Etrex and M315 seems to be the type of antenna that each has: Etrex = internal patch; M315 = quadrifilar. I have heard more than one owner talk about the superior lock (especially in forested areas) of the Magellan. But I haven't seen any comparison tests of the two. Anybody else have input on this?
  16. Guest

    SA and Old GPS Units

    Depending on the age and make of the GPS it is probably a Y2K or week roll over problem if the unit will power up and talk to satellites but not get a position. Most GPS were Y2K compatible but a small number were not. Also GPS counts weeks from start-up of the GPS network (not the individual unit). Well they only count to 1024 and then roll over. Again most units don't have a problem with this but a slightly larger number, then the Y2K units, have a rollover problem. If the unit is not receiving the satellites or if it does not power up then its a hardware malfunction. The likely hood of it being related to the end of SA is unlikely. If it does power on. Figure out how to do a reinitialization and leave it on for several hours with a good veiw of the sky. If it still works it will take it a while to get all the data it need from the satellites to get a lock on. The longer you leave it on after it does lock on the better. Matt
  17. Guest

    connecting that GPS

    I just got a eTex summit and the cable connector. would like to talk with people through the upload/download process for loading waypoints and creating routes. What type of software do you use, ways of simplifying imputing, etc. I have been collecting wp using topozone.com. Have a smiley day. seward
  18. Guest


    Greetings! I stumbled upon this site after reading the blurb in Outside Magazine. My family and I are avid off-roaders and enjoy all outdoor activities. We currently have a GPS III+, but have only used it for route planning on highways. We would like to learn and expand our use of this tool. If anyone out there is willing to lead/teach/train, we would be happy to follow/learn/experience. talk to you soon...
  19. Guest

    Garmin contacts?

    Try calling Garmin at 1-800-800-1020. Someone at that number could, at the very least, tell you who to talk to.
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