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  1. Guest


    I have a Garmin III+ and I picked up a cheap Garmin II to be use on my mountain bike and other such GPS hazardous situations so I would not damage my very expensive III+ when I crash into that tree (I know it out to get me ). I have not been very happy with the II when compared to the III+. Its not the lack of feature that gets you down it is the lack of reception. The II has all the features you will need for geocaching, but the II is an old MT-8 receiver. This means it can talk to eight satellites in series; thus talking to the eight satellites one after another. Where the new 12 channel receivers are able to talk to 12 satellite at the same time. This make them slightly more accurate, and due to newer tech they get much better reception in bad conditions like heavy tree cover and down in canyons and ravines. I would suggest saving just a little more money and get an eTrex ($110.00US). It has slightly less features then the II but it has the 12 channel receiver in it. It will more than enough GPS for geocaching. But if you are really strapped for cash at the moment then the Garmin II will do and $85US is not bad. They seem to go on eBay for about $100.00. Hope this helps. Matt ------------------ Matthew C Birch Case Western Reserve University Biorobotics Lab cache_yote@email.com N41-30.1 W81-35.5
  2. I bought an eTrex a month or two ago, and have been VERY pleased with the results. I was a bit worried about not having an external antenna port for using it in my car, but it's been fine! I've also only had a problem outdoors once, when I was in a very narrow mountain pass. I keep hearing people talk about trees and clouds giving their GPSs problems. It seems like they are usually using the "older" units. Do the newer units have better antennas? or more sensitive receivers? or what? Thanks for the info! I just read about GeoCaching somewhere yesterday, and have been checking it all out today. I'll be placing a stash tonight!
  3. Guest

    Garmin contacts?

    Try calling Garmin at 1-800-800-1020. Someone at that number could, at the very least, tell you who to talk to.
  4. Hey all, I'm very new to this hobby and havent went on a stash hunt as of yet. Me and a friend is getting into this(GPS has already been ordered hehe). I have one question to ask, its about Opening the stash thats in like a non see-through container. With the loonys in this world it seems to me this could be asking for a Stash Pipe Bomb type device. I know, sounds crazy, but out in the woods somewhere and you have people rushing to find and open a "stash of goodies" people would open just about anything after traveling and searching for the "prize". Has there been any problems along this line(pipe bombs? Snakes? anything else bad?)? I know this is a young hobby. I think i read its 6 months old. But I think we need safety rules to prevent this type nightmare from happening.......Say like only See-Through containers as a idea. maybe this is just talk about something that ill never happen. I just want others veiws on this. MrPAINT
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