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  1. AKA Mentor Wanted! Hi all New girl in town and living in the gorgeous Prescott Valley, Az. Just joined the site as a premium member so will be learning about all the functions and offerings. I stumbled over a cache accidentally last year while checking out an historical marker/graveyard and was officially hooked, though I'd been familiar with the site and concept for awhile before then. I was given a Magellan sports trak GPS but wasn't very intuitive and had no manuals, cables or anything and couldn't figure out how to use it. Anyway, I'm browsing Amazon ready to order something solid, reliable, and easy to use in the $300 range. I'm seeing high reviews for the Garmin Rino, so thought I would post and ask if anyone here is using it and how it fares for a complete noob and anything I might need to be aware of, and especially if I'll end up spending more $ on back end accessories that I will need but that don't come with (and worse, aren't even mentioned). Finally, if anyone is in Prescott Valley Az area, I would love to meet you. We're relatively new in town too and I've had little opportunity to meet people so far. Geocaching buds would be ideal! Thanks in advance. I think the email is shown, maybe in profile if you prefer that option too. Have a great evening!
  2. Time to get it out there and start talking about the subject , of adopting ( old ) historic , pioneering caches Time for change , things move on , the constitution was written a long time ago , thing are seen differently , Talk about it , we pay to play , so lets have a say in how we play
  3. Im giving a talk on geocaching for my moms watershed meeting tonight,and Im not really sure how to go about it.I was gonna start by giving the meaning of the word and a brief word on how it got started,then for there Im kinda lost.Any Ideas????
  4. Cachly can download a gpx file. That app we can't talk about will do that also.
  5. ISO 8601 not only relates to computers that talk to each other, but generally to date format spelling rules.
  6. I'm going to guess that the link is not secure (http://) and thus Chrome blocks the download attempt. Obviously the solution is for the engineers at HQ to update the e-mail template to use a secure link, because Geocaching.com can definitely talk https://. For now the easiest way to get your results is going to be to download through the Pocket Queries page. Namely: Open https://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx. Click "Pocket Queries Ready for Download" Download the appropriate query. Alternatively, you can: Right-click "Download now" in the e-mail. Click on "Copy Link URL" Open a new tab, and paste the URL. Before you hit enter, make sure that the URL that you pasted begins "https://" (note the "s").
  7. i have asked this question several times before and have yet to receive an empirical answer. where did this idea come from that an activated coin is worth less than a non-activated one? same coin, not circulated. i feel it is a myth, a false concept. if that myth was destroyed, then all coins of one type would be equally valuable, even those that were activated because someone wanted the icon. i can understand if we are talking about a circulated coin versus a non-circulated one. just like in the real coin world. this came up recently because of my "fix walter" sales. someone suggested that some of the coins were less valuable because they had been activated. i have long said to that "baloney!" if i want a coin, i don't give a flying hill of ducks if it has been activated or not. it is the same piece of metal, activated or not. so, let's keep it friendly, but let's talk about this.
  8. Is there a place I can read about the various chipsets? MTK v2, Sirf 111, Cartesio, Mediatex? I totally don't understand them. I am not even sure they are chipsets? Is there a chart that compares them? Or a chart that indicates which chipset that the GPS unit has installed? Seriously, I am just trying to learn. Thanks, Yvette
  9. Did anyone listen to yesterday's show? Elliott was talking about how cars will drive up to the top of the parking garage on Rockville Pike, MD, and get out of the car, walk around, get back in the car and drive away. Usually 1 or 2 people and always different cars. A caller called in guessing that it might have been a geocacher--of course Elliott had never heard of it, so he and his morning crew completed busted this caller using words like, dork, loser, etc. What do you guys think?
  10. I wish I could say that I was going on the trip with my parents to Sweden, but being a new father I am unable too. My parents have just learned to use my gps and want me to put in the cords for 2 places in Sweden. I is called Gillersklack (which is a ski resort in Kopparberg) and the 2nd is Arlanda Hotellby, Stockholm, Sweden (Which I believe is a Hotel) It would be very appreciated if someone could email me with these cords. gps_junky@yahoo.com
  11. I understand now about Muggles - being the general public. But what if you suspect that someone is also attempting to locate a cache. Do the rules state you can talk or is it STEALTH all the way and talk to NO ONE? Thanks The Bax
  12. If you sent in the correct answers, the CO made a mistake. You don't say how he reacted when you asked him about it, so I can't say whether you should talk to him more or just ask for an appeal which I assume would be quickly granted. I've run into cases where the question required specific information from the sign -- e.g., available information says the elevation is 600' but the sign says 601' 3" -- but even in a case like that, the CO should allow the "close enough" answer when the sign is missing.
  13. Yes, the leaderboard has been available since the very beginning, on the website and your points on the app. The mystery items are random. It doesn't matter if you log the same cache as someone else they are randomly given. Please see my post on March 30th that includes a response from HQ. Signal items are completely random! You can see more recent posts too that talk about the same thing. App: if you are not viewing the experimental profile then try swiping left at the top where it shows the promotions.
  14. OK folks, thanks for your help on past issues - Got another one now.... I can't get GSAK to talk to my Garmin Colorao 300. Got the USB box in setup check, and defined the Colorado 300. Have tried all 4 options of Interface in Setup in the Colorado. Error message in GSAK says it"cannot init a USB connection", or something like that. No use trying to learn any more GSAK tricks if I cant get it and Colorado to talk. In the meantime, I'm entering caches one at a time with "sent to GPS" option. TIF for any suggestions.
  15. My Colorado 400t is not being seen when I try to send a geocache to it from geocaching.com. When I go to the Garmin site and do a communication link test, it recognizes my unit and everything looks good. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing software and drivers, but nothing seems to work. I'm out of ideas and seriously bummed out. I used to have no problem downloading caches. The one thing different between successful downloading in the past and now is that I had to do a system restore to an earlier date. I don't know if that would effected it(?) Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Now you have something to talk about during your event
  17. Look for clues on the page. For example, if there's a mention of "the key". Some ciphers use a key word. But the puzzle may be unique, where the challenge is to figure out "where to start". Look at the Difficulty rating. If it's 3.5 or higher, prepare to attack this one with your game face on. You may first try easier puzzle caches, especially puzzles by the same Cache Owner. Some ciphers are more common for Geocache puzzles. Look for nearby "Puzzle Cache" Events or even "Geocaching 101" or meet & greet Events. If you can talk to the CO or others at an Event about where you're stuck, they may help. Good luck!
  18. Have others tried to figure this one out: http://www.cartalk.com/content/puzzler/tra...0906/index.html Basically the GPS had an average speed higher than the maxium speed and it was working properly. My intinal thought was it must be (brand deleted to avoid flames ) I also thought maybe it had to do with a time zone or daylight sayings times but could not figure out how that could get the result. I think I might have finally figured it out-but I could be wrong. I will put what I think it is in a rely so you can go read the puzzle first.
  19. It seems to, which is likely historic. (But that's great .) There's been more caches published since my visit, so you should be able to outdo my finds. Including ALs about 23 more since I was there. So for a small place, a lot of caches. Tempted to return to find the new ones. There's a challenge cache there to log, if you find all the caches on the island. I logged it, as at the time, I found all the caches. There's a couple of ALs too, which is interesting on an island without proper mobile coverage. I didn't have those to do then. I think you find the answers and go somewhere that has wifi to log them. Endeavour3 is a local cacher, and very helpful. He tends to put on meet and greets when he knows cachers are visiting. He had a CITO for my visit, and we walked along Kingston foreshore picking up rubbish, and me logging any caches I passed. There was an Earth cache (his) and after we visited it and he gave me a talk on it, he said now you can log. There's a wide variety of caches there. Even a small power-trail. The island is 34.6 km². We have bigger farms than that in Australia.
  20. Hm. Reviewers being reviewers. Not all reviewers are the same. Not the CHS. How many times have we been through this whole "CHS" thing? Why are "experienced cachers" "required" to respond to the email? That's new. We know that caches that have been pinged by the algorithm are flagged for reviewers (or rather, if they're below the score threshold, to be specific, as far as I know, on top of numerous other factors available to reviewers' judgmental scans). That's it. The reviewer is the one that acts after that. That's it. That's all. If your reviewers are strict on caches with low score - talk to them.
  21. One of my least enjoyable days was the day I decided to find 100 caches in a day on a power trail. 80ish of the finds on the trail plus a few others in the area and I did it solo. Talk about miserable, I was so exhausted getting in and out of the car. Yes I parked next to the cache but after 100 times it adds up. Even putting on the seat belt was a an effort. No plans of ever doing that again.
  22. Hi, A fact is that some useful features were working and have just disapeared. I may have missed it, but I did not read any answer about the filter of the Personal Notes... For example with this link I was able to search all mysteries having "not modified" coordinates and that does not have a PN : https://www.geocaching.com/play/results?sw=1&ct=8&hf=1&ho=1&cc=0&nfb=smashcfr This has just been deactivated... Why, as it worked ? And why this does not have been repaired, as this should be very easy if you use GIT... As I already said, it's great to try to produce new things, this can be very positive... But not when each time useful functionnalities disapear (I wrote here about PN, but I'd be able to talk about many more...). So please, any news about those PN ? This should be very easy to put it back...
  23. 1) I had read about geocaching way back when it started. I have always loved maps and compass, and I knew about GPS. Years later, my wife worked food service as a kitchen manager. One day, she brought home a catalog from a local food service company, and told me I have 100,000+ points that I could spend on anything I wanted. They had a Garmin eTrex, the original eTrex for 98,000 points, so I ordered it. Loaded the coords for a local cache, and went and found it. Then, it sat for over a year, before I found another cache. 2) I did it for a number of reasons. First and foremost in my mind, it was a cool use of the technology. A bit of adventure, getting out and about. Something I could do with the kids, then the grandkids. 3) I haven't gone geocaching in a couple of years. Basically, all the remaining local caches are (IMO) lame. I don't have as much time to do this, and I do other GPS based activities. I will get back into it when I retire. (I'm right on the brink of starting to count down the months, instead of the years. Got 33 months left.) Other have mentioned that Geocaching is a hobby, not a game. To me, it is a bit of both. Games need to have rules, so I make up my own rules. Challenges actually. I did a Jasmer challenge. I want to find a cache in each degree (0-359) using my home as a base. I want to find cache in each 5 mile band away from my house out to 350 miles. I will do GeoTours. These are the games/challenges I set for myself. You talk about the Gamification of the Outdoors. I'm assuming that this is about games played in real world locations, and how technology is allowing a more diverse set of location based games. Pre-GPS, this would include things like Orienteering and Letterboxing. With GPS, we got Geocaching. With Smartphones, our options expanded to include 'games' such as Pokemon GO, Ingress, Pikmin Bloom, and others. If you change the title to Gamification of Location, you could include some console based games, games that required multiple people to be in the same location (indoors or outdoors) in order to do certain things. (Anyone remember the cables required to link handheld consoles together, before wireless.)
  24. Thank you for the reply. I have asked that question to the head office and got no reply yet. I wanted to install the app on my phone but didn't know if there was a cost to do so. All the feed back talk is about how it cost so much to use your phone with the app. I'm not real Tec'y ,so I need help with it all. Thank You Again
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