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  1. I cant seem to get my explorist 500 to talk to my laptop using the mapsend software. There is no software update or patch for this model. im stumped and frustrated.
  2. What a great day.

    ....../ )
    .....' /
    ---' (_____
    .TFTC . ((__)
    ..... _ ((___)
    ....... -'((__)

    August 26th started out kinda foggy, but met the better part of Team PBS at 1pm to start our cemetery adventure in Lincolnshire at bearpack8's place. Gave the ladies heads / tails coins to flip  and looked around bearpack8's place. Very cool. It was like being at a secluded resort in the woods in the middle of the city. She has several cache hidden close to home which Im saving for an emergency streak saver.  After some quick hellos to some of B's friends we piled into her SUV and headed to our first ISQ.   ISQ St Mary's Cemetery. Scrlttohra got her 200th find a couple of cache in, and we visited several cemeteries, weaved in and out of the Wisconsin boarder and had a blast.  Noticed a signature on several logs dated for tomorrow and they havent logged in on the cache yet... moral question? Ethical conversation. Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care? Found a cool lake MI rock share 1000 smiles. ( 2DO need to log on fb). Really enjoyed looking and reading the headstones while walking to an from cache.  Love cemetery hides. Love cemeteries. took a picture of an interesting being we found pointing at two graves. A husband and wife. notice the two finger point on each hand.  Discovered two geocache at the same location TB hotel IL/WI State Line TB Transfer Terminal and TEAM PBS signed the right log! Discovered beautiful flowers and sad children's graves where the parents had been visiting recently with balloons and toys. 


    As we headed in the direction of home,  find #17 was What A Mook #3 we saw a string of DNFs and decided to see if TEAM PBS could turn those frowns upside down. We climbed up the little hill to the evergreen tree border where our hunting would begin. The trees boarders condos below and we were immediately spotted by a couple sitting on their patio. The guy approached and I went down to talk to him. " have you ever heard about geocaching?" I asked. He thought I meant Pokemon. As I continued to talk and show my phone we were joined by his girlfriend and exchanged names. "No kidding there is one of those geo things in our back yard? We thought people were posting cameras and watching us?" I gave her a pathtag. "nope I explained,  just trying to sign our name on a piece of paper and log it in."  The muggle lady was instantly intrigued.  "I want to find it" she announced and she started up the hill towrd B & S still hunting in the evergreens. We looked and looked but ground zero was off and our new muggle friend shouted "I FOUND IT!" and she pulls out a pill bottle from underneath a evergreen limb. Her very first goecache. She quickly downloaded the App and logged in her first find. totally hooked for life!  sippi01 best of luck! If you ever wanna go caching - message me !


    he team found two more and then ended up at bearpack8's place and jumped in the jeep home. Best day ever... someone else got the GoCache Bug!  great day - and Thanks bearpack8 for driving and making us such a great route today and last week too. Loved your map and the day! Scrlttohra congrats on 200! AND thankful for SUV air-conditioning. on suck a record hot day. Looking forward to our next adventure. 

    200 finds.jpg

    team pbs.jpg

    log dates and log ins.jpg

    lake mi rocks.jpg

    being pointing with two fingers.jpg

    team PBS2.jpg

    cemetery daisys.jpg

    muggle's first find.jpg

  3. Yep I've tried Overcast and a couple of others. I couldn't quite get the same experience as the old podcasts app. (and there were a lot of complaints about their updates to that app in iOS11) As for GS, oh there are loads of differences. Part of it is workflow, part just mentality, but there are features that were around since its beginning that I vastly preferred. But it's way too late to talk about them now and I'm already changing my workflow habits. Other apps just developed from different directions and processes. It's not that I don't like any other app, right now it's just mainly that I have my entire caching career in there, and it's frustrating that there's been no way to easily transfer it, or just allow the app to work on 64-bit. If Geosphere comes back, we'll see how it works. But it's unlikely. So I'm moving on. As a side note, I also regularly experience that my 6S+ seems to be more accurate (precise/speed/something) than my 8+, but I haven't diagnosed whether it's the app, the hardware, or my case on the 8+ (mainly because it's insignificant enough a difference not to truly bug me or affect my caching) But yes now I'm pretty much caching all with Cachly, and a bit with the official app, and reworking my workflow to use the website more than the offline database as GS was so excellent at.
  4. I'm watching as thread after thread is closed and wondering, what can we talk about that is not going to get deleted, edited or closed? And if you can get past all of that, chances are you're going to get scolded for not saying what you want to say in the most innoculous manner possible -- heaven help you if you get the slightest bit passionate about what's on your mind -- you'll be slapped with a warning (the online equivalent of standing in the corner). What can we talk about? If we're told that the answer is caching (which I suspect it will be), then let us talk about and discuss the things that are related to it. So come on -- deleting, editing, closing, and scolding is not doing anything but getting everyone frustrated and afraid to speak about caching, much less anything else. This is a social activity -- do you really think that stiffling everyone is doing anything positive to further this activity? I think it all comes down to the social aspect of caching -- and this has been brought up several times in the past -- what are these forums really about if not a social venue to discuss whatever the topic of the day is amongst those who share a similar attraction to this activity? This should be especially true in the non-specific 'General' Forum. *****
  5. [Oh, hi! Until I looked at your profile, I didn't recognize you as "the new guy" planting caches just north of me in the San Ramon Valley.] To be honest, 2 months isn't that log for TBs. I mean, I agree TBs should be moved more promptly, but it's not uncommon for someone to take that long yet still move it along eventually. But, unlike NanCycle (although that advise is also good, by the way!), I'm not going to suggest that you just move on and forget about it. Go ahead and talk to the person holding your TB. Maybe they think 2 months is too long, too, and they're already feeling guilty about it. Maybe they think 2 months is normal and will be interested to hear your opinions about that. Listen to what they have to say and find out. You don't need to pay attention to the time factor, just talk to them about your TB. But don't accuse them of abusing it. Too often people approach other geocachers as adversaries instead of as the cohorts we all are. It will be fun to make friends and exchange ideas. Never let geocaching.com or these forums get in the way of getting to know people through personal interaction.
  6. Couple o' points. First, there are rules regarding how far a Cache Owner may move their own cache through an "Update Coordinates" log, which is how it's done. If it's too far for an "UC" log, see Point Two below. Second, if you move your cache, are you retaining the identity and experience of the original placement? Let's say I found your cache last week. I had a wonderful time seeking it in its location and defeating its camouflage, and thoroughly enjoyed the mountain vista I could see from Ground Zero, which of course was why you brought me here in the first place. Next week, you move it to a different place five hundred feet away, hidden in a different style, and the surroundings provide an entirely different experience. Is it the same cache, even if it's the same container? Anyone who found it in its ORIGINAL placement will not be able to log it in it's new location; you can't log the same cache as 'Found' twice. You may want to simply archive the old cache and establish a new cache in it's new situ. Talk about the original cache on the new cache's page, drawing a connection between them to acknowledge the history. Thirdly, you own 24 caches. To answer your original question, the process would be the same one you followed to make sure all the others were 'legally' placed. Finally, as coachstahly said, your Reviewer is your friend. Work with him or her. Bring a bone and a ball to throw.
  7. Today's my birthday, and the ULS gave me a birthday present, my new vanity callsign: K6FTF (previous call was KI6AZF) IRLP node 3488 is alive and well and I plan on being able to do Net Control tonight. See you at 6:30pm pacific time. --Marky
  8. Ok, I'm obviously a newbie and having difficulty with my software. I've looked through old posts and can't find the answers that I'm looking for. I've also looked at Smittys(something or other) and various other step by step web sites but none of them seem to explain exactly what to do - like "ok....my screen doesn't have that "magic button" you're talking about". So....as complex as it is - can anyone either help me fully or in part with the following questions? If you'd rather, anyone willing to talk to me like I'm 4 can email and we can do it that way. I just appreciate help. By the way - my GSAK and Cachmate are paid for. So here goes: POCKET QUERIES: I see where people have them generated a couple times a week. When I generate mine I say 'send me 50 that I haven't found'. But it keeps sending the same 50, because obviously I haven't changed the information. So, I deleted all my queries and will just mark the ones I've found in the meantime. Why would I keep downloading the same 50 and having to import them every couple days and rework them? Am I missing the point of Pocket Queries? I'm certainly not finding 50 every couple days but I like a good variety in case I travel 10-15 miles down the road. GSAK: Love the program but have a problem converting the files to get them into my PDA. I have to open Cachemate, go through about 15 steps, go back into GSAK and then export them. Does everyone have to go through that every single time? Also, do you list your Pocket Queries by date as different data bases? I have several files, all differnt names, with the same info in them. Does that make sense? Aren't I just wasting computer space? CACHEMATE: I love this program! Great for my PDA. But....does it really do my any good to mark that I've found a cache, put in the time, date and comments, turn around and do the same thing on GSAK and turn around and do the same thing on Geocaching.com? I understand having to do it in one program and then again on the web, but it makes no sense to be doing it three times - I'd rather be spending all that time outside. Isn't there someway my Cachemate can sync with GSAK, other than just importing the queries into my PDA? Well, there you have it. My ignorance exposed (along with a few spelling errors, I'm sure). Again, any insight, help, or laughing would be appreciated.
  9. Personally, I like puzzles. I enjoy the extra dimension they bring to the game , and that they give me a bit of mental, cache related exercise on days when the hours of light are few, and the weather is, well, the reason us Brits talk about the weather so much, so I can't get out finding. I've made some excellent caching friends (both virtual and real world) through therm contacting me about my puzzles, or me contacting them about theirs. People with enthusiasm for puzzle solving seem to me to be interesting individuals with inquiring minds who enjoy a challenge, I love that attitude and it is fun for me to try to produce puzzles for them to try, and for me to work on puzzles they set. A proper, varied, convoluted, involved set of interlinked puzzle caches can be a thing of beauty, and an absolute joy to pursue. Along with a couple of good (met through puzzles) friends I've worked on a series of 66 puzzles over the last couple of years, each visit involved us in an 80 mile round trip and a lot of rural walking, many multi stage puzzles, field puzzles, and proper big boxes. The series is linked in a way which would no longer be allowed (a pyramid arranged as biblical 'books' , half a dozen or so first level caches each with part of a clue in , leading to a final cache for that 'book' which in turn has parts for one of two cumulative bonus puzzles, and when you find both of those ...you guessed it, they have information for the final puzzle. I can't even guess how many hours I've spent at home working on those puzzles, researching relevant (and turned out to be irrelevant, but still interesting ) topics, learning things about the bible, Inspector Morse, children's TV programs, Disney cartoons, chemistry, the Industrial revolution, the history of Birmingham and various games ... Those 'aha !' moments when the clues fell into place were joyful, and getting to the end of the series was exactly like reading a great book, you want to find out what happens in the end, but are conflicted about turning those last few pages because you don't really want it to be over. So yes, puzzles can be a joy.for those of us who want to invest the time and effort, but they are not exactly popular : in the course of finding those 66 caches, 7 of them were resuscitation caches, not having been found for a year or more (one of them for over two years) , but every single one was in good condition because they had been hidden with the same kind of care and thought as the C.O. gave to the puzzles. Working through and finding the series was a peak in caching for me, However, caching has many tribes within it, and it appears that the tribe with the most members at the moment is the numbers tribe, and specifically the app based numbers tribe. I don't know to what extent app based users who have started caching solely via their 'phones (rather than via the website ) ever look at cache pages on a computer : judging from the times I've looked to see if a cacher is still active, checked their profile, and seen they've never visited the website but they have recent finds , a lot of newish cachers never visit the site on a bigger screen. It's no surprise then when they don't do puzzles, many of which would be so much harder on a small screen, so those cachers have an extra barrier to puzzles even if they want to spend the time and effort on them. There do seem to be quite a lot of very simple puzzles, and straightforward single stage multis being used for the popular 'Church Micro' series over here, and I suspect the cache type with extra tasks has been chosen with the specific intention of having the cache ignored by folk who do not want to make any extra effort above a fast easy find. I guess having less frequent finds cuts down on the chances of muggles noticing less than stealthy cachers, as well as maintenance for full logs , especially if the cache is a tiny one with a tiny log ! Honestly this sort of easy ,make-work puzzle , set either as a simple hoop to jump through for whatever reason, is less interesting to me than the puzzle set by a C.O.who enjoys the puzzling process first, and the urge to set a cache comes second. I see a similar division in earthcaches, where some older ones are uninspiring in the extreme ( "See this weathered and undistinguished boulder ? What colour is it ?How big is it? What rock type do you think it might be ? " ) and just there for the smiley, not the geology. I'm happy that no more earthcaches of low quality will get past the reviewers with the updated rules. Some puzzles are there for the smiley, great puzzles are there for the puzzle. people who like these cache types * , either to set or find , really enjoy them, just look at the favourite points (that series of 66 have accrued over 1500 fp between them) or the found it logs. It doesn't bother me that so many newer cachers don't do puzzles: maybe they will one day, if they discover there is more to caching than trad.s, but I don't care if my puzzles get found once in a blue moon as long as the finders enjoy the puzzle solving and the cache find. I'll keep on setting caches I'd like to find, *Wherigos could be included here tooI think.
  10. Years ago waymark categories/waymarks would state "no cell phone pics" because the quality wasn't the best (I'm guessing). These days the quality is amazing, and everyone takes photos with their cell phone. But now I'm starting to think the community needs to talk about photo options with today's technology: dashcam photos for posting waymarks (I have only seen bad quality) and drone photos.
  11. I don't think that this is true. Often when I talk with geocachers about Waymarking, they have no idea what it is. And after explaining it to them, they usually ask questions like "is there an app for it?", "can I create pocket queries?" etc. And after all the "No" answers I have to give them, only few of them will even start looking at Waymarking.com. The design and bugs of the website will deter more people from starting to publish waymarks. So, my theory is: If Groundspeak would invest as much in Waymarking as it does with geocaching, it would be much easier to find new waymarkers. Just imagine how wonderful Waymarking could be, if the website would have a modern design, (almost) no bugs and features like pocket queries, a Waymarking app, a Waymarking blog, souvenirs for visiting waymarks in a certain country, better options for filtering waymarks, the opportunity to organize Waymarking events .... and the list goes on and on. If all this was there, people would love to be part of it.
  12. I recieved the serial cable for my new etrex today, but am having some problems with getting the PC and GPSr to talk to each other. If the etrex is in NMEA Out mode, I can connect to the COM port using hyperterminal and see data coming in. I can also use NMEA to track my position in GPSU. The problem occurs when I want to transfer waypoints etc., as in 'GARMIN' mode I recieve errors from each program I try saying 'Timed out' or 'No data recieved'. Any advice on what to try would be appreciated, and I'm running windows XP.
  13. My family is 10 (highly supportive) and 0 (ABSOLUTELY refuses to participate). They do nice things like let me talk about the hobby to them and others, support my geocaching YouTube channel, and help me host my big GIFF event in a movie theater each year (they attend and run the entry table while I'm greeting everyone). So, they're awesome and supportive. But they do not enjoy finding geocaches.
  14. According to this trip report, the road to the Boulder River Trail is washed out. Adds a mile to the hike, and parking is limited.
  15. The title of the thread is the pertinent topic here, not the subjective quality of the caches that are being placed. If you're going to talk about "numbers", then you need, well, numbers, not subjective determinations about the quality of new caches. No one is asking if the number of new quality caches is decreasing and there's absolutely no way that this could be determined, as what makes a quality cache is so subjective to likes and dislikes of individual cachers. Apparently you didn't read the title of this thread. Tell this to @barefootjeff (or any other cacher in an area with not many caches and not much hiding activity), who finds that the number of caches available for them to find is finite and will cause them to either travel extensively to find more caches or hope that someone discovers geocaching in their area and starts placing more caches or someone new moves in and starts placing caches. When there are a limited amount of caches in an area and that number continues to decline, it absolutely affects caching, regardless of whether or not it's all about the numbers. Those experiences you hope that people can enjoy won't be there for them to enjoy or will be very limited in scope.
  16. How ironic that I would be on here Monday and Tuesday reading about folks strange adventures while caching. Only to have one happen to us last night. For more details go here and check out my log: Bopp Playground Let's just say this made for an interesting caching adventure.
  17. Hey guy im a neww joiner so i lam unsure on what to talk about thanx guys for the help APAANDSUNLOOKINGFORFUN
  18. Hi, I was just wondering what a few things meant when someone logged that they visited my cache. It was "FTF" and "TNLN" i was just wondering if they were abreviations like ASAP or something that i didnt know the meaning of. Thanks.
  19. Sure, talk it over with them. Maybe they think it makes sense. Maybe mom planted the cache and the kid really did run out and find it as soon as it was published. I think it would be fun to find out and an easy way to meet them. They aren't adversaries or opponents, just people you're playing a game with. If you decide the FTF was invalid, then just ignore it. I'd try to make my FTF claim lighthearted. Maybe say "first to find after members of the CO's family" in the log. You get to decide if you're FTF. The CO doesn't have to approve your claim.
  20. Noble Knobs that is! Just a shameless plug for my new cache placement.
  21. Okay, I'm kind of new to this, I was introduced to it a while back ('03) but LIFE occupied most of my time, so I'm just now starting to put some equipment together and have some issues. I'm using MapSource 4.09, GSAK 5.5.1, and a borrowed eTrex Legend. 1. I've DL'd waypoints from gc.com into GSAK now how do I get them over to MapSource (or the GPSr)? 2. I also have waypoints loaded in the GPSr, how do I DL those into MapSource or GSAK? In GSAK when I go to 'GPS>Receive Waypoints>Yes' it gives me "Error sending waypoints: GARMIN: Can't init COM3". MapSource seems to read the GPS from COM3 with no problem but I don't see how to load waypoints from GPSr into MapSource at all! I'm leaving for vacation on Sunday and would love to have this up and running for the trip up as well as doing some caching while in N. Georgia. Thanks, Randy
  22. "What is the difference in their experiences?" Are you kidding? What's the similarity? It's like two different games. With traditionals, all you do is find the cache and sign the log. With a multi, you have to read the coordinates of the next stage, copy them into your GPSr, and then you have to figure out where the next stage is and how to get there. You don't know where you're going when you start, so you can't plan your route and you won't know where you're going to end up. The only similarity is that there's a container at each specific location. (We'll ignore the fact that multi stages don't have to be anything like cache containers.) I don't doubt there are a lot of people that skip multis because the same number of traditions will give them a higher count, but I think far more people skip multis because they think they're too much work and are unpredictable. And that's just 2 stage multis. Talk about a multi that takes a day, and only a very special group of people will do it. You can't tell me that the other 95% of cachers are all numbers hounds. It's just obviously not true. There's no doubt people often do the power trails because they think the stats are important, but I think that argument evaporates when you talk about about a day's worth of typical caches. 20, 30, even 100 finds doesn't make much of a difference in statistics considering what's impressive by today's standards. If someone picks 10 traditionals over a 10 stage multi, it's hard for me to imagine they're doing it for the stats. There have to be other reasons...and I think I've explained what they are. (For the record: I love multis and do any I run into. On the other hand, I've never done a power trail.)
  23. I have an interesting plan for a new hide. I need to incorporate some sort of plaque into the cache placement. Is there any body out there that would have some sort of idea on how to create one? I have considered getting small peices of marble and trying to use a dremel / rotary tool to engrave it,... this however could become expensive very quickly as I don't even have a dremel. The plaque would need to fit the following critera in the end. - Nice finish, or the ability to hold paint to apply finish - Longevity in the outdoors, aging is no problem but I don't want it to be destroyed by moisture or cold (may rule out clay, don't know) - Not easily cracked or chipped - Somewhere around 4 inch diamter, or 4 x 4 square.... not set on these dimensions but would like it to be near that size. Cannot be made of cement as the place it will be mounted that we are creating is made out of that and it would not look all that thrilling. Ideas anyone?
  24. Oh we've had instances of proxy-maintenance being noticed by reviewers and being dealt with. It gets to the point that people won't mention in find logs that the cache was missing and so a replacement was set in place (whether knowing beforehand or not, with permission or not). It happens. And when it happens regularly, and the CO continues to allow it as if it's the norm, then reviewers will take action. At least around here. Now, I suppose it depends on what style of 'maintenance' is happening -- replacement caches (throwdowns or condoned) will likely get quicker action than other people merely replacing wet/full logs. But the underlying point remains - if a CO repeatedly allows others to 'maintain' their caches, they could face repercussive action by reviewers. But my thinking is it's one of those things that can be discussed since it's really a matter of CO reasoning and judgments, how bad the situation is, how it affects the community, and well, whether that cacher is in the reviewers' good books or not (how they've demonstrated their cache ownership ethics in the past). The base point is - you're the cache owner, YOU do the maintenance. There can be exceptions to that rule, and it may be possible to set a different approved maintenance plan in place, but that basic responsibility exists - the cache owner does cache maintenance. Stray from that and you risk repercussions. Always, the best course of action otherwise is to talk to your local reviewer. Positively and respectfully. It goes a long way.
  25. I was heading out with a friend today. Just after we put the first cache away, a Forest Service truck drove up. We ended up talking to this 24-year veteran of the Forest Service for more than an hour. She had never heard about Geocaching. She actually found a cache one time (DeCon container), but it did not have a log inside it, or any other information about it being a Geocache (only a whistle and one other thing), so it ended up in the trash. As we explained Geocaching, she was very open to the sport and thought her own children would like it. However, one thing that surprised me was when she said that even with a big label on a cache container, it wouldn't have meant anything. In this area they have to contend with a lot of trash left by illegal aliens, so without knowing about the game, even a well-marked ammo can might have ended up in the back of the truck to be tossed out. Does it surprise you that someone who works for the Forest Service has never heard about Geocaching? How would you proceed so the local Forest Service personnel become aware of our sport?
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