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  1. Thank you for your brilliantly insightful thoughts everyone. I need to contact BLM about this one since that's who's land it's on. I'm on first name basis with the guy I need to talk to but I feel like I should remove the ammo can while waiting for permission, in which case it wouldn't have been hidden for years and years - just mere days. I'm glad I read my journal and remembered this. This was a great thought exercise though. It'd be nice to somehow patch the thinning parts of the Jasmer chart worldwide, but at the same time, perhaps the rarity is what makes it so fun. Also, the chance of containers being genuinely hidden on those specific summer months in 2000 is so unlikely, I'd even call it suspicious if we see it crop up.
  2. Yesterday evening about 7 pm we found a cache near a local business. We had to walk about 10 feet through knee high grass to find the cache. No problem, signed log, traded TB's and were on our way. Had a good evening and went to bed about 11. At midnight I was woken up by something crawling near my leg. I tried to shake it off and go back to sleep. I felt it again, and jumped out of bed and turned on the light, expecting to find a spider. When I threw back the (luckily yellow) sheets, my husband saw a tick walking around. IN MY BED!!! So, I let it crawl on a piece a paper and fed it to the Venus Flytrap in the kitchen and then TRIED to go back to sleep. I laid there for an hour and a half waiting... I knew if there was one, there may be others. And where in the heck was that thing hiding for the last five hours? No bites on anyone, but ugghh! I finally fell asleep and dreamed about ticks all night. Today the sheets get a wash in hot water. Here is my question. Are the ticks worse this year? Or is it that we are new to geocaching? We've walked through the woods with the girl scouts, boy scouts and just the family before, and never had a problem. Now we walk 10 feet through grass by a business and gets ticks in the bed. This is our fourth tick encounter this spring, even using DEET sometimes. Are there superticks in Sacramento? Do I have to put off geocaching until it's cold? Help! Signed, Sleepless in Sacramento
  3. Are they travel bugs or collectibles or both? How can a coin from finland start here (calif). Can anyone purchase foriegn geo coins. They are interesting and i picked one up BUt I do not quite get it...Thanks a newbie who is getting rolling
  4. That "obvious intended way" is not even hinted in guidelines or FAQ. The HQ has gone out of their way to create a UI for turning off geofencing (it's literally a checkbox). Geofencing can't even be applied to videos so if there's a video hint (like the LABrador lab) the CO couldn't stop people from watching it wherever they want even if they wanted to (the idea being that logging and watching videos could be done on hotel wifi). The "inspiring tips" section does talk about physical locations, but creators are also asked to "innovate and test new ideas". Every creator involved here seems to have a track record of contributing positively to the geocaching community, so I don't really get your attitude just because you don't like their newest cache.
  5. I don't have the option of adding a filename.type when posting photos hosted in Google Drive. My links look like this (I copied it just as it is in the page, without removing formatting stuff): <img width="650" height title="Michigan State Parks Centennial GeoTour:" src="https://drive.google.com/uc?export=&amp;confirm=no_antivirus&amp;id=1Raa4DiQz9wpAcKoliBBz3lT4irLOlsx-" style="border:7px ridge #AAAAAA;" /> There is a lot of talk about content-type and content-disposition. For us lay-people, how do we use that. Searches I've done this morning lead to something far too detailed to know what to do with it. Is there anything I can do to repair this short of rehosting every image (probably a couple thousand)? In many cases, rehosting is not possible. Would someone at HQ please offer some technical help other than "rehost your photos to the geocaching page"?
  6. Just a place to talk about cache problems and other random cache stuff please feel free to post anything cache related!! Such as Problems you have had in the past with your caches and the odd stuff you have found in them and make it so this is a non judgmental place to talk no bashing other players about what they think speak your mind!!! and have fun!!
  7. You might be a Social Butterfly if... You walk the walk and talk the talk—as in you like to go to events! You are fully immersed in the geocaching community and Event Caches are totally your thing. You love meeting all of your fellow geocachers and have a knack for helping newbies fall in love with the game! To earn the Social Butterfly souvenir, earn 70 points individually on your Friend League starting October 29 at noon UTC through December 3 at noon UTC. This month earn higher points for attending Event Caches! https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2018/10/you-might-be-a-social-butterfly-if/?newsletter=PM
  8. Hmmmm... I was wondering why the geocaching discussion forums on here were barely used... And why not a lot of people talk. Now I know why.
  9. Wow, the discussion just took a sudden turn there... I don't see a lot of angst in the quote in the original post, just an announcement that the person had learned something they did not previously know. You know people are allowed to disagree about something, and/or talk about it, and it doesn't make them angsty or bad people that should be de-friended.
  10. In our company we make employee interviews once a year, where team leaders and employees talk about the (not) accomplished goals of the last year, the goals, trainings etc. of the upcoming year, and so on. My team leader fortunately doesn't like to do these interviews at the office. Instead he tries to find a place that the specific employee likes. He and I share the hobby of taking photos, so we always try to find a city or place with good motifs for taking photos and after taking photos we eat lunch in some restaurant and make the interview there. Last year we drove to Hollabrunn and afterwards I was able to create several waymarks. The year before it was Retz and I also created several waymarks back in 2018. And this year I found another great spot. Another "city with a population with more than 10,000 and no single Waymark" for the Waymarking Challenge. So, fingers crossed that I find enough waymarks to once again fulfill this challenge. But, most of all I'm looking forward to this trip, because we will also visit the only Bismarck tower in Austria. So far there are only 46 waymarks in the Bismarck Towers category and mine will be and remain the first and only waymark in Austria. WooooooHoooooo!!!!! Depending on the weather and the mood of my team leader we might also visit some other spots that will help me fill my category grid, but for now I keep dancing when I think of the Bismarck Tower. And even if you tell me, that the approval of a waymark in that category can take a loooong time, I will still not stop dancing.
  11. And it's scary talk like that that helps explain why foreign visitor numbers to the the USA have dropped. And why I hear people here in Australia (and I can imagine in Europe too) warning friends not to visit the USA and if they want to go to that part of the world visit Canada instead. (That and your unfriendly immigration officials who make the most outrageous claims that are rarely encountered when visiting other countries. Such that your biggest desire is to stay and work in the USA. Really...um, NO WAY! There are whole threads on the internet about this one.) Thank goodness I live in a country that knows that civilisation is not toting around guns. For whatever his other faults were, the Conservative Prime Minister John Howard will be long remembered and thanked by Australians for bringing in gun control (guns are not banned in Australia despite the lies spread). Sensible laws such as a background check and banning military style guns...except for the military. He had a big job doing this and his coalition party leader Tim Fischer was even in a tougher position, standing up to many in his party to get legislation through. Many people are alive today because of this. It is possible to own a gun in Australia. Just give a reason, such as being a farmer, hunting, belonging to a gun club, and then being able to pass the background check. No big deals, but makes gun ownership a lot safer. I had two friends (and had met a third person) killed at the Port Arthur massacre which triggered this. Within days the men had built a case for gun control and proved they were leaders.
  12. I cant seem to get my explorist 500 to talk to my laptop using the mapsend software. There is no software update or patch for this model. im stumped and frustrated.
  13. SLT, I wouldn't expect that combination to be well supported. Phones with GPS have been common for 8+ years at this point and development mindshare for add-on devices just isn't wide. Additionally, Groundspeak recently wrecked their developer interface and required extensive changes from apps that talk to the site, so most of the old versions of any apps you'll find appropriate for that phone - even before GLO - are not at all likely to work these days. You don't say if you already have the GLO, but if you're really wanting to stay geocaching with a phone, Moto makes some really good entry-level devices with GPS that'll run modern apps for about the same price as the GLO. (They're very popular in the weather balloon projects in schools...) Not to threadjack, but lots of Androids DO have that option. xda-developers.com Android builds like LineageOS focus on exactly the problem you're describing: capable hardware that's abandoned by the maker not keeping it up to date.
  14. I was bushwhacking towards a dirt road. I'd been cross country checking out two spots visible from aerials, as possible springs and possible cache locations (no). Green Swamp West is opened to hikers, bikers, horseback riders and geocaching. Open to vehicles only by hunters, and only a few days each year during Special Opportunity hunts. During special hunts, area closes to all other users. Driver of officially marked truck on the road noticed me. Laid on horn, and got out of the car and waved me to him. I wasn't real happy about this, it wasn't my line of travel, and I figured he could come to me to talk. And he kept hitting the horn over and over, even after I'd acknowledged him and was headed his way. As I got close he started shouting, his language was inappropriate. I got onto the road, read his name tag. Addressed him by name, objected to the $!%*&* language, and asked what the issue was? He did apologize for the word choice. But stayed loud, aggressive and hostile, told me he was going to arrest me for being there during a Special Opportunity hunt. I asked if he were lost? That I'd be happy to help him locate Green Swamp EAST, where it was Special Opportunity Spring Turkey. He didn't speak again, got into the truck and left.
  15. Yes! We have done that many times although when my husband makes believe he's talking on the cell...he doesn't talk or move his lips. lol Looks suspicious when he does it!
  16. I'm watching as thread after thread is closed and wondering, what can we talk about that is not going to get deleted, edited or closed? And if you can get past all of that, chances are you're going to get scolded for not saying what you want to say in the most innoculous manner possible -- heaven help you if you get the slightest bit passionate about what's on your mind -- you'll be slapped with a warning (the online equivalent of standing in the corner). What can we talk about? If we're told that the answer is caching (which I suspect it will be), then let us talk about and discuss the things that are related to it. So come on -- deleting, editing, closing, and scolding is not doing anything but getting everyone frustrated and afraid to speak about caching, much less anything else. This is a social activity -- do you really think that stiffling everyone is doing anything positive to further this activity? I think it all comes down to the social aspect of caching -- and this has been brought up several times in the past -- what are these forums really about if not a social venue to discuss whatever the topic of the day is amongst those who share a similar attraction to this activity? This should be especially true in the non-specific 'General' Forum. *****
  17. We talk about Argyle Socks, replacing one square at a time.
  18. Vielen Dank schon mal für Eure Antworten... In der Tat geht es mir eher weniger um die GEMA Thematik. Die ist mir in groben Zügen bekannt. Auch, dass die GEMA bei jeder Gelegenheit zuschlägt, ob es nun passend sei oder nicht. Auf Musik würde ich sicherheitshalber bei JEDEM Event verzichten. Bezüglich öffentlichem oder privatem Event hatte ich mal versucht selber im Internet zu recherchieren hatte aber nichts zufriedenstellendes gefunden. Deswegen hatte ich die Frage ins Forum gestellt, um zu erfahren, ob sich andere schon mit der Thematik beschäftigt haben. Tenor im Internet scheint zu sein: wenn man alle Leute persönlich mit Namen und Vornamen kennt und schon eine persönliche Beziehung zu den Teilnehmern vor diesem Event bestand, dann wäre es ein privates Event. Sobald man die Leute nicht mehr persönlich kennt (also zum Beispiel nur der Cachername) oder die Anzahl über 100 Personen ginge (außer bei Hochzeiten) wäre es ein öffentliches Event. Ich mache mir da keine Sorgen für Sit-and-Talk Events. Oder Meet-and-Greet-Events. Allerdings hatte ich die Idee mal etwas mit originellen Spielen zu veranstalten, und da tut es mal ganz gut zu wissen, worauf man sich eigentlich einlässt. Wahrscheinlich ist das wohl der Grund, warum es für größere Events oft "Geocaching e.V." gibt. Nur ginge mir dies organisatorisch zu weit. Wahrscheinlich werde ich wohl doch wieder auf "Wo kein Kläger da kein Richter" spekulieren... Viele Grüße, Remburn
  19. Today's my birthday, and the ULS gave me a birthday present, my new vanity callsign: K6FTF (previous call was KI6AZF) IRLP node 3488 is alive and well and I plan on being able to do Net Control tonight. See you at 6:30pm pacific time. --Marky
  20. We are pretty new to geocaching. We started it some years ago but quit do to a very bad experience unrelated to what I am writing here. I want to make a travel bug hotel. Here are my ideas so far and if you have thoughts that would improve it let me know. It will be on our property near a hwy and active park so it seems like a good place for people to drop off or pick up travel bugs. There is a lane way on the least used corner of our property where geocachers won't disturb our dogs. There is a dense bunch of cedars beside that laneway and the cache will be tucked in there. The cache is an old Canada Post mail collection box that was put out of commission decades ago and given to me as a gift. Inside I want to put in a plastic tool drawers for the hotel "rooms". I want to set it up with a fun theme like that famous one in Florida did such as have a hotel lobby were the large TBs can hang out and a box of tradables as well as the log book. I want the hotel to be precisely at the co ordinates. I know how to do that by checking carefully multiple times on different devices. I want to make opening the lock on the cache a good tough challenge. I've been working on ideas for this. When we first started geocaching two things turned me off. One is still to upsetting to talk about. The other one was buying a geocoin, giving it an assignment and putting it in a cache only to have it stolen that same day. I say stolen because it was never logged as removed from the cache, never entered a new cache, and is now marked unknown. I have 2 unknowns now. I realize it happens but when you first start it makes for disappointment. I sent out a stunning Ontario coin and was quite worried about it. I would like to retire it and get it back. I wonder if that can happen? Thankfully it is in safe hands that keep it visiting caches and I can learn about it's travels. I have purchased a number of geotags, geocoins, and travel buddies and have been holding them, building up to stock this TB hotel. I won't put them all in at once but release them slowly. Hopefully my cache will provide a safe place for other people wanting to move TBs along their assigned missions. My hope is that people would read the missions of the TBs and only take one if they can help move it on it's mission. For example, I have a friend with a tb that he wants to have go to harbours. If you don't plan to go to harbours then leave his TB for someone who can. That seems fair to me. I have one that's mission is to visit forests, that is pretty easy and so I expect it to move frequently. People grabbing all the TBs in a cache might not be stopping to read their missions and see if they can help the owner move them in the direction they wish. It doesn't feel thoughtful to empty a cache of TBs just because you can hog them without thinking of their owner and the assigned missions. The owner wants them moved along yes but according to their missions. Someone here mentioned they feel TBs are becoming somewhat rare. If that is true could it be from people who grab them and hoard them, people who had them in their possession when they quit the game, and from caches that were muggled? Those aspects would discourage someone from buying TBs. I think a secure TB hotel cache could be a fun and useful place if it is near where people travel through. I think cachers are on their honour to take only the TBs whose mission they can help and leave some for others, preferably swapping with one you are carrying if it doesn't contradict or impede the mission of the TB.
  21. Perhaps I've in the minority but I often talk about the cache, especially when I find a clean, dry container with lots of room in the log sheet. I may simply mention that the cache in good shape because that provides a real time notification to the owner of the state of the cache. I would also talk about the cache if it's in poor shape and mention a very wet log or broken container as that is also useful information for a cache owner, more so than writing that it was 72 degrees, with clear skies and a light wind. Unless the weather was significantly bad or an exceptionally warm day in winter, I can't see the CO or other log readers caring about the weather when I found the cache.
  22. The makeup of a local region's cache landscape really is dependent on the local community. I get the concern - it would be annoying if say a whole neighbourhood was taken up with LPCs. Or tree climbs. Or challenge caches. Or ... whatever. OTOH if the community likes it, they really do sort of dictate the 'feel' of their own community. I think the way to change that would be to change people's thoughts about what geocaching is, or can be, in their local community. Groundspeak won't implement a worldwide style-guide for the variety of cache experiences within some arbitrary regional scope. The closest they've got to that is the proximity rule. That's about as universal as it can get it. The other age-old recommendation is - hide what you like to find. Put a watch on a caches close to where you'd rather see a different style of hide. If/when that gets archived, snap up the location as fast as you can. Or talk to that cache CO and see if they'd be willing to give up the spot for a hide of another style. Again I get it - in my area we have some regions that are blanketed with the same styles of hides. But those regions become known for that style of hide. If anyone wants to change that, there are ways to go about it. But HQ won't tell people "Nah you can't put a T5 there because there's a bunch of other T5's in the forest 10km away for people to find", or "...there's a beautiful waterfall right there, try to make it a T2 so more people can enjoy it", or something like that. The game is filled with variety, but ultimately the community shapes the face of their local geocaching hobby.
  23. I don't necessarily talk about the cache, but I might talk about my day or the way to the cache or something I found interesting about the area (especially if it involves social housing in any way...). But I never cut and paste and I'm not padding my logs deliberately. The same here. On the more memorable caches, the ones where my logs run close to or over the length limit, it's mostly the story of my adventure on the way to GZ and back, with the cache itself barely rating a mention if it's just a standard box, and if it's something special that's meant as a surprise for the finder, I won't say anything at all about it that might spoil the surprise. My logs do relate specifically to my journey to that cache, and if several caches were found on the trip, I'll split the narrative between caches rather than just repeat everything. The only time I've done any cutting and pasting was for a series of geoart caches associated with the recent mega here, and even then I tried to add a sentence or two specific to each cache if I could.
  24. I don't necessarily talk about the cache, but I might talk about my day or the way to the cache or something I found interesting about the area (especially if it involves social housing in any way...). But I never cut and paste and I'm not padding my logs deliberately.
  25. Speaking of cynical... No, I'm saying these are people that are always arguing over various ways to improve the game, so they're open to all manner of changes. If they object as a group to any given suggestion, it's because something like it has already been considered at length -- or tried -- so the downside is well understood and you should listen to what it is. Taking off means having a community. I think you're mistaking my use of the word "community" for something specific, like events. Every place is different. Every community develops in its own way. That's why a central solution isn't likely to work for your area, and why the community can only grow from people in the community. Unfortunately, I'm not sure every area can develop a healthy community, but I do think that the only way you can have a healthy community is by first recognizing the it is a community and not mistake it for nothing more than a tiny, indistinguishable part of "geocaching". I'm not sure if anything more could be done to make life more rewarding for cache owners, but I've observed two things. First, cache owners need to be motivated by their caches first, and I've found they usually are. If they aren't, the best any rewards GS hands out will produce is more low quality caches. Second, the more GS produces artificial rewards for ownership, the more minimized the owners that don't need artificial rewards feel. If makes them feel like large quantities of inferior caches are considered more important than the heartfelt caches self-motivated COs put out. Wait. "Inspire"? Yes, that's a great idea. Work to inspire cache owners, not to reward them. GS tries to do a lot of that, and god bless them for it. But it won't help if there aren't any COs in your area to inspire. People regularly talk about this in the forums. I don't read much of what GS puts out, but I seem to recall blogs about the joys of good logs. As you observe, upvoting is already being studied. I don't think it will help, but I'm not opposed to it. The reason I don't think it will help is much the same as why I don't think CO rewards work: while imagining you're rewarding logs of the type you describe, in the end you only reward logs that win the reward, and that often is something quite different. You call it manipulation, but if they do something other than what you wanted them to do, blame the reward. Anyway, I think upvoting will be harmless, so I'll be all for it if only because it will make you happy, so don't accuse me of being negative or obstructive. But I predict it will be soon forgotten and ignored. I'm not sure exactly what you're proposing here. You talk about aiming higher, but I don't understand how a owner-only souvenir would do that. But, no matter, I'm all for it, too. In this case, I suspect that it will just be completely ignored. I doubt many people give any serious thought to next year's rewards. So at the same time I doubt it will do much for your cause of more or improved ownership, I also don't think it will significantly increase the number of bad caches that should never have been placed. So, sure, give it a try. I would have no problem with this if GS wanted to give it a try, but I think they try very hard to make the challenges simple so that anyone can understand it without much thought, so I doubt they use it. But to give it your best shot, maybe start a new thread on this specific idea and start bouncing ideas around about exactly how to structure the points and explain it to everyone. As you seem to understand, the devil's in the details, but I don't see any evil at the end of the road if the details can actually be worked out, so have at it!
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