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  1. Many moons ago I was a Girl Guide. When our children became Cubs and Brownies we were asked as parents to help out now and then!!!! I became a Guide leader for 15 years and my husband became a Scout Leader for 10 years and then a army cadet leader for 5 years. Our Daughter is now a Brownie Leader. Orienteering was always a favourite. Unfortunately our children are muggles (ouch) and think we are totally of our rockers!
  2. Signed up: Yes Name Received: Yes Mission sent: Not yet, still deciding on the gift bit I have the coin though. (had a look on your trackables and its not there, I dont know if you have any more. Me personally I only have 10 coins so chances of duplicating are 1 million to one!!! hee hee.
  3. Mow that I am on the list I would love to join this fun mission. These missions are very addictive!
  4. I took part in the Penguin mission and really enjoyed that. I still consider myself a newbie, so count me in e mail on the way
  5. Phew! Finally worked out how to get my address in the address book.
  6. Gorgeous puppy I think BOB suits him. Put your hand in a bag walk over to where you think cache may be and no one will follow or watch if they think you are poop scooping!
  7. Whenever we find a cache in a plastic bag I never open it I always give it to the other half to do the evil deed, I hate getting my hands dirty and smelly!!! I'm not worried about his!!!
  8. "Our introduction to geocaching" I was visiting a friend one day when she mentioned that a friend of hers that we had met on a couple of occasions was coming down for the week to stay, I said what on earth will he do when you are at work?! She then replies Geocaching I say whats that? the reply was treasure hunting! hmm well my brain went into overtime and couldnt wait to find out more. So when I got home I googled geocaching and read all about it. This is for me 100% signed up there and then, didnt have a clue what I was doing but I was going to be in it. We found a cache just down the road from us about 1/2 mile and off we went (we didn't have a gps so we used our tom tom) Hubby wasn't very enthusiastic as he doesn't (or didn't) like using his legs (four wheels were much better and easier). Anyway needless to say we never found the cache (a micro didn't know what they were and yes we still HATE micros!). So we gave up on caching for about three months until we met Andrew (the friend of the friend) again and he showed us his gps we had a play in the car park, Bill (my other half) then went out and bought one now he has a new gadget that he just couldn't put down. Off we went to find the cache and after some considerable time we actually found it, well we were in seventh heaven, amazed that we had found something so small a film pot in a log in a very brambly field, rushed home and logged it and we had our first ever cache. We were hooked and the rest is history. Sue p.s. he doesn't mind using his legs now, but the car is still useful!
  9. Hello all Have had an e-mail sent to me by mousekakat am still very confused so have pm'd her and waiting for reply I really should be blonde (no offense made)! I'm sure I will understand it all in the end. Thanks for your support.
  10. While reading through this thread I have kept seeing "G MAIL" is this a Google Mail a/c and do you need one to be able to go on the list? (I am not very techno minded my other half said he can set me up with one if needed. I did send a pm to Mousekakat last week but have not heard anything back, all being well she got it, I still prefer pen & paper!
  11. First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vanelle. Now for the embarrassing bit, many many moons ago my first concert was to see SHOWADDYWADDY! (I wonder if anyone has ever heard of them on your side of the pond). Also I am soooo jealous of Opalsns for getting to see Queen.
  12. What a really cool coin, and a very generous person who obviously loves to surprise people (even if he/she does not actually see the excitement on the recipients faces). But how does the Bandit get their address'? or am I having a Malteaser moment! (thats brunette on the outside but blonde on the inside)
  13. Woo Hoo today I received my second mission all the way from Texas via IRAN!!!! (yup you read it right the envelope has a stamp on it saying MISSENT TO IRAN) (shame it wasnt tracked thats a fair few miles). It is a beautiful coin a Gold Star Coin commemorating those who have given their lives for us, it is like a small gold ingot with military insignia on it and inscribed All Gave Some Some Gave All. Thank you so much to The Bremeister & Family for this lovely coin. Will try and get a photo up of both my missions asap but am having problems figuring out how to do it. A big thank you to Butterfly Lady for all her hard work. A HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY
  14. Please HELP! I want to add a photo of my received mission and read that you need to put the photo in your gallery. How do you do this, as the only way I have put photos in is when I have logged a cache and then edited it for a photo. Am I really being stupid as I cant see how to do it. So If there is some kind sole out there who can put it in really simple step by step terms I will be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance Sue
  15. Today I received my first penguin mission (in fact my first ever mission) I was like a cat with two tails and couldnt wait to rip it open. Inside was a GeoCide post your way into history coin it really is a lovely coin (I know I dont have it in my collection as I only have two well three now!). Thank you so much Cainrcc also to Butterfly Lady for setting this mission. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all. Sue & Bill
  16. Hello Courtney and your mum, dad & sister Glad that the coin arrived safe and sound I was very worried it wouldnt arrive in time. Really pleased you like your coin and you look very happy in your photo, I must say your tree looks wonderful. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Sue & Bill
  17. You know your a geocoin addict when... you open up this thread!! I only have 3 coins but I have got my other half 3 for Christmas, so having doubled my (our) collection I guess I am an addict in the making! p.s. I love the geocoin forum and do look every day.
  18. Both missions sent out today. Hopefully they wont take too long to arrive. Incoming nothing yet.
  19. Both missions now complete all sealed up and ready to go. Will be put in the post tomorrow Monday
  20. Just to keep you all in the loop, I am still waiting for my coins to be delivered. I am not in full panic mode yet but slowly getting there. Will let you know when they are all sent. Sue
  21. Names & Addresses received. Fingers crossed the coins I have ordered will be here tomorrow or Wednesday. Really looking forward to this.
  22. Hello all Can I ask two questions they will probably sound silly to most of you but as this is my first mission I want it to be right! Q1 - Had an email from you (Butterfly Lady) today and you mentioned sending a regular geocoin, am I being really thick what is a regular geocoin? Q2 - If sending a coin abroad what do you write on the customs slip, geocoin, coin or token? Thankyou in advance Sue
  23. Have never done a mission before and have been watching the santa misson wishing I new about it sooner, so when I saw this I thought I have got to do it, I even know what coins I want to send. So I am now going to send email.
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