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  1. How about now (its bed time here not sure what time it is where you are I'm guessing its still working hours)
  2. My birthday June 23rd,and I'm not old!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Name of mystery coin: Geo Bandit Method obtained: Mail - Today - woo hoo
  4. Woo Hoo Just look what I got today, I was greeted with a black package when I arrived home from work. It was very carefully ripped open and inside was a very beautiful shiny Geo Bandit Coin. What can I say I have not stopped grinning since. This is my (our) first mystery coin and will be cherished, definately not one to be given away. THANK YOU SO MUCH Geo Bandit you have made us very very happy. COIN # 332
  5. We went there last year on a cruise and had a wonderful time NO problems what so ever. One policeman did take our photo (see my profile) and did NOT ask for any money so we gave him 1 dollar (1 dollar notes are accepted as tips thay hate £1 coins). Back on thread we did not take our gps as they can be a bit funny, but we did do the Earth Caches that were on our visits and took all the necessary photos and answered some very hard questions, do the research on the questions before you go and and fill in the rest out there. We were unable to do proper caches as they were not where the tour took us. All I can say is go and have a WONDERFUL time we did and would go back tomorrow if the purse allowed it. If you have any questions you can always pm me, and I will try to answer them
  6. Really have to laugh at that we recently had an inch of snow (Cornwall very rarely gets any snow) and the whole County came to a standstill. And I made my very first snow angel on the way to work. I was so proud and took a photo, they all thought I was mad to do such a thing (they being late teens & early twenties and I am a VERY YOUNG 50)!!!! But I really enjoyed it, would I love to see snow like that one flake and I am excited hee hee.
  7. We dont need our wellies it not very muddy! (only about 4'' deep and oh boy were we plastered)
  8. I am so confused when I posted my photo it was on the large size (about 6 times) I have just logged in and its shrunk, weird.
  9. As promised my photo of mission (daughter did it and I am still non the wiser on how to do it) Check out the super crow painting (an original) how spoilt was I!!! Mind you couldn't change size of photo but you can see all his feathers.
  10. I am so pleased your parcel arrived safe and sound. If you manage to make a pasty (it should look like the magnet!) I really hope you enjoy it, they are the best ever and are great to take on picnics especially caching days out!. The walking stick badge is the Cornish Flag or St Pirans Flag. I am still working on the photos of my mission.
  11. How about 'pin the tail on the donkey' (assuming you play that game in the States)
  12. Congratulations Snowball58 on the birth of your Grandson, best Family Mission of all! He's gorgeous
  13. WOO HOO Oh Thankyou thankyou thankyou Opalsyns. Today I got my Family Mission package and its wonderful A n00b cacherz coin A cachin crows bottle top A moon pin A bubba bass pin A T sunrise bey turtle pin A Maine state lottery keyring And to top it all a cachin crow painting which is amazing (a very handsome fella) I have been very spoilt I cant thank you enough. p.s. I have taken a photo but dont understand the URL bit so will have to wait till other half can help me. You really do need to see the painting.
  14. Ditto on that one for me as well
  15. Woo Hoo it worked. I wasnt counting on the fact that while I was trying this the system went down for maintenance and when it came back up it was totally different (thought it was something I had done). Next thing will be the photos. Thankyou everyone for your help, you dont know how happy I was.
  16. It worked WOO HOO I still cant believe it.
  17. Testing Testing Fingers crossed this works!
  18. Thanks for that I am going to have a play now I would like to say I will be right back but something tells me I may be a while. Off to play now!
  19. Mission is now winging its way to Opalsns, hope it wont take too long. Not worked out how to post a picture on the forum before so will have ago at DJJRocks way (might have to give it to the other half to do though I am a bit computer illeterate) Hence no avatar!
  20. I would also like notification on your coin. Thankyou
  21. GCHF14 A RAKIURA NUGGET (Stewart Island) Why - Well you cannot go any further or you will drop off! and it is the only cache on the Island. Looking at the photos it looks really stunning.
  22. How about visiting GCJN2P Glow worms & Fire Flies (Otago) Its a night cache which we really enjoy, and to see glow worms is quite magical.
  23. What a stunning coin. Reservation sent. Cant wait.
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