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  1. I have also sent an email to Just a Trifle, they were caching two days ago. I had an awful thought that they could of moved, I assume the last thing you would about is changing your address on the forums! I do hope all is well with them.
  2. Who did you send it to in Australia?? Opalsns I sent it to Just A Trifle on 12th July Sue
  3. Oh dear I think Mission 2 must be walking, it was sent out on 12th July to Australia. Have not heard anything since. Really hope it turns up soon.
  4. If you want some to go from the UK. Cornwall (right down the bottom, you cant go any further or you will fall off the edge!) let me know. Sue
  5. Oh dear, looks like mission 2 is taking the long way around, thought it would be there by now, it has been four weeks.
  6. HELP I cant dip TB as its in the hands of Brewmeister and Aniyn hasn't dipped yet! Any suggestions? Sue
  7. Wow Well Done Are they any caches left for him to do! To think I was so excited to get 500 a couple of weeks to go
  8. Have not recieved your email, can you send another. Thanks
  9. YUM YUM Real Maple Syrup Mission Two has landed safe and well Will move on asap A big THANKYOU to Aniyn for sending me the mission and to Opalsns for organizing it.
  10. In my excitement I forgot to mention that the envelope that it came in was a Royal Mail Red & White padded envelope, possibly posted in Wales and was posted yesterday Thank you again
  11. :DWOO HOO Guess what I had in the post today a NEW WORLD ORDER MYSTERY COIN It is really beautiful in the flesh (or copper) As my birthday is coming up in two weeks time I thought my hubby must of ordered something, no he says, honestly he says. So I show him the padded envelope which has our name a & address on the front and in the senders bit on the back is our name & address as well. So I say to him you must of ordered something as I haven't. When I open it out comes this beautiful coin, I know I have seen it somewhere, so of to the geocoin forum and there it is And I have got a copper one. What can I say but a HUGE THANK YOU to you Mystery Coins I am over the moon Thank you
  12. Thank goodness the package is safe & sound. Lets hope all is well with Chickahominy.
  13. Well it has been three weeks now since Team Winners Mission has been sent out and it has not arrived here yet. I am only hoping that it is on the way to Garden Gorilla in Australia, seeing as the whole of Western Europe is in lock down due to volcanic ash. The backlog of post for over here is going to probably take weeks to clear, so it may be safer to knock me of the list and not send it here (that is if it has not been sent to me already) And to think we were doing so well as well!
  14. Hmmm Team Winners has been flying for 12 days now and not landed , hope all is well with her. I dont want her to get lost on my patch if she's coming this way!
  15. Woo Hoo Getting excited now will it be UK or OZ? Not long now, coin is ready and waiting.
  16. Ok so Team Winners is now off west to BC, so will it now travel to UK - Oz - USA or Oz - UK - USA?????? Its getting sooooo close to us overseas. Lets hope customs will be kind to us!
  17. WOO HOO!! Go Team Winners Go!! Now the fact that we have two outside of the US and Canada may be the difference. We shall see..... YAY! it's coming MY way. We are THE WINNERS!! May be Team victory is too shy to show their progress!! ... If they have any! Oh! I bet it's coming my way last I hope it doesn't come when I'm off to Oz Mega...March 31-April 10!!! Well its either you garden gorilla or me that's going to be last Team winner's are doing great with 2684.6 miles to Victory's mere 1502.7 miles with 2 continents to go!
  18. Stunning Coin I wander what colour mailer this one will come in? Everyone was waiting for a black mailer!
  19. The last one in the US will have to send it to you. I have sent packages to the UK for missions and have got it there in a week. My post office says how you want to send it and it is only a few cents more to send it the faster way. So I gather that when I get it from the U.S. I then send it to Garden Gorilla in Australia and then from there back home to the U.S. and then hey presto we WIN!
  20. Sometimes it only takes 5 days to cross the pond from the U.S. (as long as it does not come from Canada, we have a friend there who sends us the occasional parcel and they take forever). Fingers crossed it will be a swift crossing!
  21. I use Universal Screen Protectors, it came as a pack of five and can get two out of each one cost £5.00 nfrom a very well known supermarket (every little helps)! Case I use one of my daughters old trainer socks washed of course! cost £0
  22. I use Universal Screen Protectors, it came as a pack of five and can get two out of each one cost £5.00 nfrom a very well known supermarket (every little helps)! Case I use one of my daughters old trainer socks washed of course! cost £0
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