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  1. BlueMoth: If your not sure about using GSAK just yet then I would recommend using the one on Its Not About The Numbers Click Here Its very easy to use. Just upload you "Finds PQ" to it and that's it. You do need to do some things to begin with but not much.
  2. I knew I forgot something . Yes the "FindStatGen36Beta" is the way to go when you want to make the GSAK Profile. There are many more options and its more user friendly (in my opinion) then using just the "FindStatGen". I hope to update the Guide soon to reflect the using of the "Beta" program. It will still work using the BETA program, just the name is different.
  3. Just running the "FindStatGen3" wont get all the info you need or want on your profile. There is a bit more you need to do then just run it. As of right now this is the best and only (that I know of) place to understand how to run the "FindStatGen3" and get all the info you might want in your profile. Take a look at my profile and you will see what you can do. How to make a GSAK User Profile You can e-mail me from there if you have any questions or need help.
  4. I was kinda thinking it should have its own area so not to be confused with other topics and discussions. The little icon for it would be the Event Icon that we all know. If you like the idea just post it here so the good folks here at Groundspeak will see it and take it into consideration. If enough people like the idea they might add the idea to the forums for us.
  5. My bad, I thought you meant this cache: GC1965 One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
  6. This is to funny. It was just placed in my area and I grabbed it, hid it, called a buddy of mine, he found it and it was probably placed today in Windsor Massachusetts .
  7. I would like to request that an area on the forums be set up for cachers to talk about Geocaching event ideas and questions. Its kinda hard to find anything relating to an event I would like to do by doing a general search. If we had an area dedicated to events like we do for C.I.T.O. events I think that more cachers would be interested in doing events and it would be a great dedicated location to look for ideas and ask questions. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?
  8. You'll never drive less than 5 miles before you remember that you left your Flashlight next to your computer at home when your on your way to a midnight cache listing. You to huh?
  9. Just rechecked it and it went up a little 6.19 (4117/665)
  10. Well mine keeps going up and is at: 6.18 (4108/665) as of today
  11. Technically, I think it would be considered vandalism. Technically, placing a P&G under a Light skirts at wallyworld is trespassing. Technically, placing caches on state land without park manager/ranger approval is littering. The Technicals can go on and on as we all know, do we do it anyways yes. If you want to be on the safe side, just stop into the local highway dpt. and talk to them about what you want to do, and bring an example of it on a metal sheet. If they have no problem with it then you have a green light for your idea. Looks like I'm going to copy this idea and put my own twist on it for a cache out here in my neck of the woods.
  12. This is how I rate the terrain levels on my caches: Wheelchair Accessible = 1 (on a paved trail or or a P&G) Crutches = 1.5 (short walk, or just off a well used dirt trail, usually under a .5 walk) 2 and up are no restrictions by foot and rate them accordingly. I to have been told that some of my 1.5 caches are easy for cachers in wheelchairs, but I let them make that decision when they got to the location. I would rather be safe and rate it just a little to high then under rate it.
  13. I'm going to try and contact NOAA out here in my neck of the woods tomorrow and see If they know anything.
  14. Only once here, well maybe twice if you consider it was the same bear twice in 5 minutes. Finally chased him off with some sticks and rocks. I did walk up on a mama and 2 cubs and a single male at the same time pre Geocaching. That was the worst experience I have ever encountered while out in the woods alone. Luckily all ended well after 20 minn of intense anxiety on my part
  15. I have always said that we should get rid of the guidelines and go to rules. This way one reviewer does what another reviewer does. Example: I was told that I could not post that we will be having a raffle at an event I hosted, yet I see other events all over that post that info in there listings. In N.Y., the reviewer will not let you place caches every .1 in an area because they call it "cache saturation", yet in N.H. and Maine they have areas that are on a trail and you can get 140+ caches in 8 hrs and they are placed at like .1 apart.
  16. I have checked the accuracy of google maps to some of my caches and dome are very close and others are about 80ft away.
  17. Hamsters are so yesterday, I always preferred to leave Frog's in caches anyways.
  18. Lots of great advice. Please keep them coming.
  19. I was denied a cache location because it was 10ft to close. Even though it would put a T1 cache in the area, If I tried to move it any farther it would possibly change the T rating. Luckily when I rechecked the coords when I went to move it, the coords changed just enough because of tree cover and the new coords were just enough.
  20. OK here is the Question I was asked, Cacher goes to a cache that is listed as a T 4.5 and they find it in a tree about 15 Ft up it, They knock it down with a stick knowing that they wont replace it and even put in the log, that its now a T 1 or 1.5 because they cant replace it because it was to high. A) As the finder, if you log is deleted to you have any right to complain since you did not replace it? As the owner would you delete the log since the cacher did not hide it as you left it to be found? C) Ask the cacher to change there log to a note instead of a find since because of there actions, They changed the entire cache T rating knowingly? This is the question that I was asked and thought I would get some more input before responding to the cache owner. P.S. I am not the "cacher" in the story
  21. On that list I should be at the bottom of #842 651 finds 106 placed 757 total and yes it is hard to do maintenance on them when you have 4 children under the age of 4 yrs old at home.
  22. was it the cache in Conn.? We spent like $2.00 on the cache and come to find out we were the first to list the DNF. The owner contacted us and said it was in there and to look harder next time, and then posted that it was missing. Next time I'm there I'm not going to pay and log the find anyways.
  23. I'm not sure if O.L.Dbs would be the answer. Granted PQ's don't come seconds after you request them, you need to plan ahead. If you know you are going away for the weekend, you should have requested a PQ on Thursday if you are leaving on Friday. I personally run a PQ for each of the 4 states I live in/near on Thursday of every week.
  24. Short and simple answer to your Question is to put this in the listing at the top and to say it again at the event: " We will have temporary caches available for you to search for if you would like to. Any temp caches you find are not loggable. These caches do not adhere to the Groundspeak Guidelines for placing caches, that's why they are temporary. They are for fun only. You do not have to find them if you do not want to. Multiple Attended logs placed on the event because you found some temporary caches will be deleted. " This will stop them from logging the event more then once. If they don't like this rule you are enacting then they don't have to come. You are hosting the event so any rules you want to have other then what Groundspeak has mandated for events is fine. If another cacher says that "at there events its fine" then that is there right to do it that way. On the down side to doing this, if you have logged a event multiple times, you will catch some flack for not allowing it at yours.
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