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  1. I was wondering what was going on with Google Earth. Was there an update to the KML?
  2. Are you prepared to do the maintenance on all those caches when the wet log reports start coming in? Or are you depending on the kindness of strangers to do it for you as they hunt the string? Yeah, probably. There are many folks playing this game who, for one reason or another, love the caches on the smaller end of the size scale. Meh. Locally, micros represent roughly 98.7% of all uninspired hides, so I simply ignore them, focusing on the ones I do like instead. It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than nothing. Besides, the "I Hate Micros" thread is not scheduled to start for another two days. (Yes, it's true. Making up statistics is a time honored Internet tradition) According to Miss Cleo, the "Micros Suck" threads will stop exactly 3.2 hours after the last crappy micro has been pulled from the Groundspeak servers. Sounds like an awesome adventure! I just wanted to add, since you've already decided on using caches at the smaller end of the size scale, there are actually micro sized containers that do not suck. Film cans, due partly to their utter lack of ability to repel moisture, are the poster children for crappy caches. Waterproof match containers and soda bottle preforms are very inexpensive, easy to carry and are a lot more waterproof than film cans. If you take pride in your hide, folks will thank you for it. My plan is two fold, There are going to be 3 large caches (ie... ammo cans or 5 gallon buckets), One at each end and one at the middle with new log books in them and larger caches. The new (and ones in use on the trail) log books have there own baggie that they go into to help with the moisture issue. Also in the large caches i will have larger caches in them then the ones on the trail with hopes that every now and then someone will take one and replace one of the micros with a larger cache. I have talked with NYAdmin about it and we both think its a great idea but it is wishful thinking that its going to get done without any problems, but I can try. In order to place that many "larger" caches on this trail will take many many many trips to do it. Northern Part of the trail that is almost done starts here (Google Earth) N42° 43.374 W73° 16.647 and then goes North
  3. I think I know what to make now for my next odd cache..
  4. I found something like this once in a park under a bridge. There were a lot of finds on it until I posted my find and a note about it being a very bad container. Not to long after that it was archived. I then went over to place a cache in the area and checked to see if it was still there and low and behold it was. I promptly removed the cache and contents and placed the cache in the garbage dismantled. P.S. it was tossed in my Dumpster so no one would see it and think it was a bomb.
  5. Humm, I have a trail out here that we are working on that is 16 miles long. Placing an ammo can every .2 miles is going to cost a fortune as well as the fact that I cant carry that many Ammo cans at one time. I'm going to stick to film cans for this trail. P.S. there is no easy way to get from one end the other, its in the mountains with no water easily found.
  6. $200.00 for a day or weekend. It doesn't matter. I just happen to be contacted by someone that knows of a program that will help us out for the weekend. If you go to your local insurance company you are looking at between 3-500 depending on the event.
  7. I'm dealing with this issue out here in Western Mass. In order to hold our event this year, 4th Annual WMG Picnic at Mohawk Trail State Forest we need to have $1,000,000... yup that's one million dollars in liability insurance and that's just the minimum. Its going to cost us 200 bucks just to get it for the event (2 days) and the park is talking about us getting it on our caches as well. On top of that they might try and force us to use the pavilion and charge us for it. Next year we are going to a private location so we don't have to deal with all this bull and we can just have a good time. People are just scared now about doing anything or giving an OK for something that they might get sued for if some one gets hurt doing it.
  8. I got mine in Sept. and am now trying to get it activated. Its one of only 500 that were produced as far as I know. I needed to trade 2 coins just to get it from the person that won it at an event I hosted. She was going to put it out in the world and I'm sure it would have disappeared in no time.
  9. Very odd how its transported from the top with nothing underneath. Looks like cables, and chains holding it off the ground.
  10. I found a very good BM not to long ago and just wanted to share it with everyone else that come here often, and would love to see what is your very cool find. The more unusual and great story behind the find the better. Please post as written below so it can stay very easy to read and look up. Pics are also very nice to have as well. Benchmark: KU2378 Story: I found this one completely by accident while walking around the tower balcony of the Fire Island Light House. As I'm walking around the top of the light house, I just happen to look down and there just wasn't something right about this Nail/Pin like thing sticking up out of one of the cracks of the granite walkway. As I bend over and look at it more closely I could read what looked like the letters BM on it. There was a BM down below that I just found but looked nothing like what I was looking at. Nothing else could be clearly read since it was covered in what looks like tar from the years of maintaining the Light House. I asked the tour guide if it was a BM and she had no idea that there was something written on it let alone that there was anything even there until I pointed it out to her. After I explained what a BM was, she was just as excited as I was to know if it was truly a USG Benchmark or not. Upon arival home that night, I did a search for BM in the area and low and behold it really is a USCG BM. This is by far the oldest BM that I have ever found and will be the oldest for quite some time. The last time it was logged was in 1962 and and again in 67. Here is the kicker, it was placed in 1865. Yup that's right 1865. I only wish we had BM that old up here in Western Massachusetts that I could go and look for. We do have some state boundary markers, but there not listed on GC.com, and none of them are this old. I think the best part of finding this BM is that we have a local cacher that does a lot of BM hunting here in Western Mass and when I sent him pics and the BM designation he wanted to know more about it. He had never seen a "KU" and neither had I until this find. On a side note, can anyone help me out with why its a KU and not a BM? in the Database?
  11. Add me in as one who would like the separate icon.
  12. I'm game, lets figure out how to get this party started. If we had more time we could have set it up so at the 10yr events people would dance some funny dance. Or, We could get Jeremy to travel all around the world to different events and have his own funny dance and then get everyone at the event to dance there own dance. Or, The NGA has a signal the frog suit that travels the world and that could be the start of our own "Where the Heck is Signal". Any one like any of these ideas?
  13. Mudfrog, I use Kompozer for any listings I want to do in HTML Only have a problem once in a while with the colors not being correct.
  14. Questions 31 & 32 could have been rolled into one question in my opinion.
  15. One of the Q's are about 3rd party software. I never knew that there were that many to choose from. I saved a list and am going to check them all out.
  16. Not really, were having it anyways but the icon would be a nice bonus
  17. I'm hosting one of the 10yr. events and I am worried that if I keep the name " 10 Years! Berkshire County, MA " it would not be eligible for the icon because it is still not on there 10yr. Events Bookmarks Should I change the name to "Windsor, MA" to be on the safe side, or am I going to be safe with the original name. I have cachers looking forward to getting the new icon and don't want them to be disappointed with not being able to get this once in a lifetime icon.
  18. Anyone know when the 10 year Icon is going to be handed out to the events? Also how do I get on the list of GroundSpeaks Bookmark listings? I sent them an e-mail 1+ week ago and have not received a reply back nor am I on the list yet.
  19. All kidding aside, there is a group that holds monthly competitions all over the world and some of the prizes are quite large in value. Its kinda elite if you know what I meen, and its not cheep to play. I only got to play once ($1,000 bucks is not easy to come by for me) and I had a blast. I didn't even come close to winning but I did get a new laptop for doing something that still has them talking a year later about. Oh and if you are wondering what the winner got, 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds and her choice of color.
  20. Not sure if anyone knows this, but Groundspeak has created a Bookmark list of all the events that are going on all over the world. You can find it Here 10 Years! Events Looks like the Mid West is kinda empty right now. I'm not sure how often they update the list but I sent an e-mail to them asking about the updating. As soon as I know I will post it here. Gene G.
  21. You could also just ask the cacher for one of there Finds PQ's
  22. How is it going to get you banned? There is the option right there for you do just what was done.
  23. Never mind. Somehow things in my Oregon got messed up and that's what was most likely the issue
  24. Nope still not working. I even rebooted the Computer and still get the server error.
  25. 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. Keep getting this when I try and upload my field notes using the Garmin Oregon 400t
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