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  1. I see the race to be last was lost by Laval K-9 despite having two horses (coins) in the race.:laughing:

    Who will be the winner of the bragging rights to receive their package last? Will it actually be my friend who told me at this mission, SeabeckTribe? Stay tuned...



    Sent my info to Laval K-9: Nov. 16th 

    Name received from Laval K-9: Nov. 28th

    Sent my gift: December 17th 

    My gift arrived at destination: YES! FINALLY! :cool: 1/11/2021

    I received a gift: December 18th 


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  3. 2 hours ago, EatSleepCacheOnline said:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Mine took from the 08/12-28/12 to go from country Qld australia to Vancouver. It’s now still currently travelling around Canada somewhere - last scanned on the 05/01 ?

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. You would think it would be faster though if it was on the same continent though. Know what I mean? ??‍♀️ 

  4. Ok I am hoping that  @oiseau_ca will be receiving his gift today or in the next few days. ?? I am just so sad and frustrated about this. :F: I paid for priority shipping so it should have gone by air and instead it has traveled ground. Once again, I am so sorry your package is taking so long Peter. A friend of mine mailed hers 2 days prior than me from a small town, heading to Amsterdam, and I see it arrived in the destination country on December 31st. Considering how much closer you are, I would have thought you would have it in hand long before now especially since I paid extra for priority mail. :cry:Please let me know when you have received it.


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  5. 16 hours ago, scrabblehounds said:

    There are two large international postal processing centers...New Jersey and San Fran.  It must go through one of those processing facilities if it going to another country. The postal service can only send it, it's up to Canada to finish the process.  They have their own post service that does not communicate well with ours.  If you sent it first class or standard, it will be a long time before delivery.  If you sent it priority, it should be there within 2 weeks.  Please remember, the postal workers of US also process the Fed Ex and UPS mailings.  We are kinda swamped right now but digging ourselves out. 

    Thanks for letting me know. My dad was a postal worker so I know they/you are swamped. It does help to know about the limited number of international departures. I am shocked that there are only 2 in the nation though. I thought for sure the USPS put mail on domestic flights headed in that direction. It would make sense and be so much faster. With this new information, the second leg is a bit more understandable. However going from my post office, which sends packages directly to the center that trucks things out of state, to a tiny post office north where it sat for 4 days, is not acceptable. That post office is so tiny that there is no way it could have gotten lost there. 
    At any rate, at least it isn’t completely lost. :cool:

  6. :angry: I am so upset!!!! I mailed my gift 9 DAYS ago!!!! NINE DAYS!!!! It sat 6 miles away in a post office for 4 days and then finally left area. I just got a notification that it has arrived in San Francisco. That is COMPLETELY the wrong direction!!! It is headed to Canada!!! I’m not sure why it headed to San Francisco to fly to Canada. I’m sure Seattle flies stuff to Canada all the time! :F:


    So with this post, I make a public apology to Peter aka @oiseau_ca. I am sorry that the US postal service is as messed up as the rest of our government. Please let me know when it arrives as I cannot track it once it leaves the country. Hope you had a great holiday. Happy Boxing Day! 




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  7. UPDATE (in bold italics):

    Sent my info to Laval K-9: Nov. 16th 


    Name received from Laval K-9: Nov. 28th  (However, I didn’t see until Dec. 5th.  )


    Sent my gift: December 17th 

     (Previously posted Dec. 15th because hubby said he would mail it but he didn’t do it.??‍♀️)


    My gift arrived at destination: Not yet but on its way internationally. Should arrive before Christmas. ??

    According to tracking, my package left my local post office 2 hours after mailing. It then sat in post office 6 miles away for 4 days! I just got notifications that it is on the move again but it is still here in the USA. I do apologize to my recipient. Will be reaching out to them if possible to let them know the situation. :cry:


    I received a gift: December 18th 


  8. Sent my info to Laval K-9: Nov. 16th :cool:


    Name received from Laval K-9: Nov. 28th :antenna: (However, I didn’t see until Dec. 5th. :sad: )


    Sent my gift: December 17th :santa: (Previously posted Dec. 15th because hubby said he would mail it but he didn’t do it.??‍♀️)


    My gift arrived at destination: Not yet but on its way internationally. Should arrive before Christmas. ??


    I received a gift: December 18th :antenna:


    I was awestruck when I opened my mailbox. I had looked at the list of participants and said to myself, “wouldn’t it be amazing if sweetlife got my name as we are FB friends?!?” Sure enough, the package is from her. Thank you so much! I needed some cheer as I haven’t been very cheerful lately. I, of course, love the coin. Since this is my first year, that was all I expected. All the added little items were such a surprise! 
    I am glad I added a couple of little things in my package to my person. But now I feel as if I could have done much more. :sunsure: :sad:


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  9. Sent my info to Laval K-9: Nov. 16th
    Name received from Laval K-9:
    Sent my gift:
    My gift arrived at destination:
    I received a gift:


    Personal coins are my favorite. My 13 year long dream is to have my very own Moun10Bike coin. Since that probably is never happening,  I hope I get a coin with a frog on it. ?Even better if it is not Signal as I have so many of them. ?

  10. It is trackable in the sense that it is tied to that cacher's account. Most people when logging them state where they saw it. Such as "I saw you going south on 4 (or west on 408)" (I looked at a map of your area. ;)) When the owner reads the log, they know you crossed paths during the days travels. The owner also may choose to have their car travel bug "visit" the caches they find so it has a map of where it's been for others to see. I don't do every cache I find, however I do log it into every event I attend, as long as I took that car to the event.

  11. Not only have I logged numerous car travel bugs, I actually own 3 myself. I find it interesting to see whom I have crossed paths with even when I am not officially geocaching. There are many types and sizes to choose from too. I have one travel bug on each car plus I have the new QR code trackable on my main cachemobile.So if that sounds interesting to you, I say go for it! :D

  12. WOOHOO! I was lucky enough to find two Mr. Jiffy Summer Meltdown coins! I was crazy enough to walk 3 miles in 92 degree heat to retrieve these! I have now placed them in my School Supply cache for the next lucky finder. :rolleyes::rolleyes:


    Here is #13





    And here is #14



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