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  1. Where is the PRICE for the geocoin? Also, I cant make out most of the names on the coin, do you have better pics?
  2. Someone may have one in the queue and it hasnt been released yet
  3. Anyone have any luck yet with running new pocket queries?
  4. I have been waiting almost 3 hours now for mine
  5. Yeah I think the scooters were 300 bucks for 50 geocoins
  6. You just say you'd like to be added and presto your on the list! (I got ya on there now!) For others curious, please reply to this thread and say you'd like to be added and please put how you'd like your name to appear on the coin in the reply post as well! I asked if my name could stay in the same place it was, now I dont see it! Is this the back side?
  7. Did someone delete my name off the list? I responded MANY times and requested purple like the majority did in the forum. So which color or colors were minted? How many did you reserve for me?
  8. What happened to the ones I reserved? Riveli Nascosto Segreto = It Reveals Hidden Secret......It's Italian....in a round about way BTW everyone, Sharon will be sending out invoices starting tonight so be on the lookout! Thanks again for joining in the FUN!! Thank you .... I like that : ) Invoice received and paid. Can't wait to see them
  9. So basically you don't want the consumer to be fully informed when they make their choice. You would rather people not have all the info and blindly send you their hard earned money for something that you refuse to explain anything about. There are enough people here making coins that the whole idea of an LE costing $6 more than a standard edition because it has a touch of glow and a sliver of glitter is beyond reality. Try fooling someone who has less time in here than yourself, but don't try fooling us all. The numbers on this coin matter, just like they do on all other coins that are being commercially sold. I fully respect the rights of people minting their own personal coins and do not feel they need to devulge any information about a coin since they are the ones footing the bill. In your case you are making and selling a product. The consumers, and potential consumers, which are all here, have the right to ask a question and get a straight answer. Since you have decided to avoid answering any questions directly, even after many times changing your story, you leave the consumers with little to go on. The conclusion I have made is you are chaning your numbers repeatedly to drive up sales. You have inflated your prices to sell as high as possible and will come down when sales stall. Your forum approach is straight out of the IECachers.com handbook for how to alienate a group that you want to buy from you. Congrats on all of the above. While I did like the coin and car, and would have bought one, and maybe the set after I had the info which would have helped me decide, I have since decided against it based on your attitude and lack of respect for the community as a whole. While I am sure you could care less if I bought one since I am one person, just remember this. For every one person who will come in here and post this letting you know where the chips are, the are at least another 10 standing by watching and thinking the same thing. Good luck on your sales. Sounds like you summed it all up for us all! Just plain shady!
  10. ANy extra room for KNOCK would be great
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