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  1. Yeah, like bad things happen to people that take things toooo seriously. Life is short and the journey long- enjoy!
  2. Guidlines? More like Gestopic rules. And that is my point. Let this sport evolve. There will always be caches that require a hike to a location that is memorable as well as those that are not as memorable. Just let people play and enjoy. If you listen to the whiners and to those that perceive their opinion comes from a higher order, then everyone loses.
  3. Caching is more than what is found at the end of a journey but the journey itself. The community of cachers you meet along the way is at the heart of the journey. Here is a place where politics and religous preference is set aside for people to enjoy the comraderie, the joy of finding new friends, and creating new stories that last for lifetimes. Caching creates choices that teach us that not always is the path straight or in the direction you first perceived. But you can always choose to seek or not. To allow others to pursue what they choose knowing that the joy is a personal one should remain the only rule to guide each of us on our caching journeys. How can pocket caches be so bad? They bring people together. To meet, to learn and to share. There have always been smiles and good memories of those that I met. It matters not to me nor should it to you that the cache was in someone's pocket. What should matter is that people were gathered together to share this experience and to promote the human community. And that they chose to do this in a manner that harmed no one. When a few begin to take away the choices of others in order to force a single perception is when the path becomes less desirable. I ask only that you allow the evolution of this sport to follow whatever course it chooses, remain amazed at its transformations, and make your choices your own as to which ones you seek.
  4. Ever since this morning, two PQs I set up for a trip I am taking shows as being sent but I never received them...This has happened in the past and was wondering if something hiccupped today?
  5. I have downloaded and will give it a try. Currently using GPXSonar as my PPC caching app. Thanks for the opportunity.
  6. Care to share? Sharing is good...
  7. Great design. Thanks for the effort and the opportunity for everyone to comment.
  8. Good point but having GC.com track the TBs makes it very tempting. The trouble of having to set up a web page and a tracking database makes it worth the clams in the long run...
  9. How much extra and how do I go about getting the GC.com tracking option???
  10. Count me in. I am also interested in creating my own coin so info along those lines would be great as well.
  11. My obsession started with a phone call from a college buddy a couple of years ago. This call led me to the web and GC.com. Now some would think that what transpired supports the premise that I may have OCD because, by day's end, I had ordered my first - and not my last - GPS (Magellan Sport Track Pro). By the time it had arrived, I had already become familiar with the available SW. As it turned out, I was visiting my parents and two of my siblings were along when I went searching for my first cache (this is where I learned the importance of zooming in on the GPS...). We were all bit by the bug and me a little more. Now, with more than 1K finds and 103 hides, I can admit that perhaps there may be some credibility to that OCD accusation or you could just say that I enjoy having fun...
  12. I will be in the area for a week of meetings and plan to pick up a few caches while there. I have a couple of TB's that would like to visit so please contact me before Monday (leaving early AM). I will probably cache from about 5:30 until ??. Let me know if you are interested in meeting up. BTW, I am staying in Cherry Creek area so if you know of some nearby caches, let me know...Thanks in advance!
  13. Usually around 1800 to 2000 waypoints. It will download all of them but it is when I try to re-upload them that they are truncated. I will try naming it "Active Log" to see if that helps any. Thanks!
  14. I like to save some of the tracks after caching out in the woods and find some interesting spots. However, when I try to upload a saved track, it prompts me with a "track truncated" message. Any suggestions as to what can be done for a work around other than splitting up the track into small chunks and saving separately?
  15. Thanks, I will do that. Expect an e-mail in late August.
  16. Check out QuakeMap. If you synch the times between your GPS and your camera, you can download your tracks (complete with time speed and location). You can also point to a folder where you have stored your photos. It will grab the photos and place them along the track using the corresponding time. THis is quite effective when you use an aerial overlay that QuakeMap provides. I use this quite a bit when laying out caches or when going on hikes. Hope this helps...
  17. My work will take me to the Denver area in mid-September (15-17). I am considering staying the weekend, to do some camping and caching in a new area for me. Any suggestions from cachers in that area as to good camping areas near to caches? I could opt for the motel route but would prefer camping. Suggestions anyone? Would especially like to hook-up with locals if anybody is up for that.
  18. Thanks for the info. When I looked at the referenced SW, the platform is for Win CE not Pocket PC Win 2003. Isn't there a difference? I am new to the PPC environment ...
  19. I have noticed on my 60cs that if I have the compass on, the pointer does not point in the direction that I am walking unless I turn the comapss off. Even calibrating the compass (which you need to do every time you change batteries) does not seem to help. Ideas? Or does this unit know me better than it should ?
  20. I would like to be able to download saved waypoints from my HP iPAQ4155 to my Garmin60cs when on the road and the need arises. I currently use QuakeMap and City Select for transferring files to/from my GPS and GSAK for transferring waypoints to/from my PPC. Does anybody out there have a working solution or any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hmmm, let's see. Jax is very dense and apt to increase this factor if hosting such an event. A wide variety of caches (some verrry easy and some verrrrryyyyy hard). A geocommunity that has experienced Nashville and has hosted many events. Plus, there are the extras that would appeal to those that have to compromise (close to theme parks, great camping, tourist-like places to entertain the non-avid family members). Oh, yeah, did I say we believe that it is all about the numbers? So, we have a cache-rich environment, family-friendly distractions, event loving hosts, and the penchant to share and spread this most lovely obsession. Oh, yeah, we do like to pump the numbers- did I mention that already? So, if a little southern adventure with some 4 wheelin' options interest you, then come on down here and enjoy yourself. And if you want to just take some long hikes in a part of the country that offers some of the most primal scenery, that is in the offing as well. I can assure you that the Northeast Florida Geocachers Association and the Florida Geocaching community will put on a fine show for all!
  22. Is there a link that describes all of the different types of codes and how to access them? Thanks in advance...
  23. FWIW: I have been using QuakeMap for all of my aerial/topo maps. This SW does a phenomenal job. You can load waypoints, create your own, upload tracks from a gps unit and see where you went (and at what time and speed), link digital photos to the spoe where you were when the photo was taken, save images to use offline in a computer/PDA/PPC, use it interactively with a gps as you are driving, etc (there are too many options to mention here). It isn't free but $10 is worth the price of admission. Now I only use ExpertGPS to filter caches along travel routes. Now, I have never used the site in question so I am not judging its usefulness but only offering an alternative. I am always amazed at the the level of creativity found in the geocaching community.
  24. Ditto. I find it hard sometimes to delineate between different types of geography.
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