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  1. Takes a big man to apologize, I too apologize if I said anything that may have pissed you off. You are correct in that we need to stick together regardless if our opinions are different, who the hell cares about the little doot. We have much bigger piles to overcome. Roadster makes me say hateful things. These people used to get to me, now I laugh my arse off at them. You can do the same brother!! I think these forums need to be cleaned up, remember people, anyone can be reading this. Would you want an article in the paper about how childish we can be? I don't...Jerry Rino 110 MeriGreen 128 [This message was edited by DeerChaser & Poni on April 18, 2003 at 06:02 PM.]
  2. I quit two weeks ago and.....AH DOOT wrong thread. I can't keep them str8. HEY UMC, see the button marked pwr? Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  3. I agree, I got addicted too huffing because of the ammo cans I had to paint. Nothing like a good Krylon rush!!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  4. Bye!!! You have no control over the forums, makes you mad. You read the topic, what makes you click it? Whos the idiot? Do you know how stupid we all look? If joe public was to read these forums what kind of opinion would he have about us geocachers? I bet you (CCC) never asked for help on something you didn't understand huh. Just because someone doesn't understand a GPSr makes him/her an idiot? Who the hell do you think you are, judge, prosecutor, and executioner? I'm sick of cold, hateful people such as yourself, no need to be that way. I'm glad you found the OFF button. Lets just offend every new person that comes here to get info. This action will surely expand our sport... Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  5. If you can't do it or don't what to do, why shouldn't I have that choice? You whinners need to stop trying to control the game Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  6. then lets go round up some members!!!!!!!!1 Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  7. That would depend on you having 15 finds before you can place a cache!!!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  8. LMAO Cruzin, I was thinking of the same thing. What they don't know won't hurt them... Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  9. Keep um comin, more for me to break!!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  10. Quit two weeks ago, cold turkey. It's very f'in hell . Soon, smokers will be banned altoghter. They're going to move all smokers to some isolated land. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  11. I agree with UMC, lay off the drugs man!!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  12. Do a searh. I see no problem with it and if someone does have a problem with it DON'T TAKE IT!!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  13. Now that worries me!!!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  14. Thanks all. I will leave it alone for now. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  15. No reason to quit. You have to ignore these guys!! I do Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  16. how about furry lil armed critters? Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  17. I like lizzards. I think we should all have them. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  18. I also have a micro that you would like RM. We do have a few clever caches around here. Come on down!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  19. Not in the weeds, sitting next too a palm tree, no leaves, no grass, nothing green. 7 ft accuracy is the best I can offer. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  20. I placed this cache as an easy to get too (5 foot hike) but hard to find. The cache is sitting on the ground in light brush. Merigreen reading 7' accuracy. The container is quart sized round plastic bottle standing upside down. Can be seen if you know where to look (not covered up). As you see 1 person found it and 4 have not. Should I post a picture or just change containers so its more visible? I don't want to upset the local cachers, they are good people, met most of them. Please check out the page and give me your ideas...Thanks Jerry PS There are two small sticks laying across the top, so I guess it is covered a little. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128 [This message was edited by DeerChaser & Poni on April 14, 2003 at 08:25 AM.] [This message was edited by DeerChaser & Poni on April 14, 2003 at 12:02 PM.]
  21. I'll take one!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
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