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  1. IMHO I don't see how these compare. The Magellan is much more useful. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  2. Would a hamster be considered food? Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  3. It pisses me off when cache owners don't maintain their caches. Cameras are full, log books are full, cache full of crap, showing a TB thats been missing for a month. One more thing, when you do a 4.5 or 5 difficutly cache, why bit^ch when you can't find it? Heres the train of thought "ITS NOT THERE", ARE THE COORDS GOOD". OK I'm done, *poof* Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  4. Roadster trying to get his girlfriend into geocaching but she just doesn't get it. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  5. Took so N so Left multi pocket tool Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  6. quote:Originally posted by Marky:Saw topic, left comment. LMAO Nice hike Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  7. I have two, well used too anyways. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128 [This message was edited by DeerChaser & Poni on April 25, 2003 at 04:08 AM.]
  8. Well if it's a boring cache then my log has to be fiction? To me a boring cache will get boring logs. I have a boring cache, guess what kind of logs I get. I also have a few 4.5 caches, get great logs from the same people. Also if I have 16 more logs to do, it will be short and sweet. If you want great logs then get creative in your hides (not saying that you don't)....Roadster just makes up doot as he goes, it's the beer talkin. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  9. The one that followed the rules should be posted. As long as you can prove it. They took the time to go thru the chain of command. Very unfair Jeremy!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  10. Number 7 is easy, all of the above. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  11. hmmmm I don't remove these things, I add them. The little bottles of booze are great trade items. I also like leaving hamsters, they are cheap and can live a day or so, very flexible in case the cache is full. Been thinking of used Q-tips as well, also cheap, small, and handy. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  12. quote:Originally posted by Criminal:Specialized Equipment is defined as: Equipment that requires some degree of training to be employed safely and effectively. Examples would be climbing ropes/harnesses and S.C.U.B.A. The I guess the car/truck you used to get there would be definded as special equipment. Does it ever end? As far as a compass? No... Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  13. Yes any. I got my 128 for $40. Don't remember where lol. Check out pricegrabber.com Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  14. I'm happy with the site too but went I get timeout screens or I have to wait a few mins to long a find, it agravates me. I agree lets do a membership drive in the forums to raise some cache. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  15. Ok I have placed a few without my other half (poni). Would it be wrong if she finds it and logs it as a find under our user name? Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  16. Don't know. How about "before long"? Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  17. It's really getting bad. Very aggravating. Reboot the dadgum thing. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  18. It's taking forever to log on and do anything. Most of the time it times out. It is getting very very bad. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  19. quote:Originally posted by DustyJacket:The 2MB is the built-in memory for the basemap that came with your GPS, plus a few waypoints. (My wife has the same model as you do.) Adding an SD memory card allows you to upload detailed maps to the card, and use them instead of the very-un-detailed basemap. It also allows you to save your tracks, routes, and waypoint to files on the SD card. Each of ours has a 64MB SD card, and I've never filled them up. If I was going on a road-trip vacation to many states and would not have a laptop to upload new maps to my GPS, then I might need a larger card. Thats right, I have the same model with 128 sd card. I have four states loaded, 62 meg used. The basemap is as useless as Roadster.... Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
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