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  1. Yes its a Meridian, green and brown in color, in perfect shape. Ill take 150 and cover shipping in the US. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  2. Unit is about 6 months old, not one scratch. Also includes a data cable. Asking 125.00 plus shipping. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128 [This message was edited by DeerChaser & Poni on October 26, 2003 at 11:23 AM.]
  3. I have a 6 month old Merigreen, 128 sd memory, neoprene case, all paper work, data cable, and mapsend software. Asking 150.00 plus shipping Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  4. And it got angry because I didnt have the BETTER tasting Magellan Rino 110 MeriGreen 128 Too slow again, dadgum
  5. All the toys use double A's (i think) Happiness is a firm pointer The thinner the bush, the easier the find!!!! Balls can be had doing either. I had better quit now Rino 110 MeriGreen 128 [This message was edited by DeerChaser & Poni on June 11, 2003 at 04:26 AM.]
  6. Can I access geocaching site thru my web enabled cell phone? Do they have a WAP site? Thanks all, Jerry Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  7. I have both S&D and topo. I did have two map files on my merigreen but desided I liked S&D POIs better so I removed the topo file. He in FL topo really does work well, It's all flat lol. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  8. There isnt anything wrong with them. In fact I plan on placing a few myself. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  9. HEY WAIT!!! Where you going honey? Why are you running? Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  10. I got a Lowes $10 gift card. Purchased nore cache junk with it.... Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  11. I would have logged it as a find. You are not responsible for the location. The cache was placed in a bad spot, no way to recover if dropped. Not your fault. He should have foreseen the hazard and attached something to it just in case. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  12. Only a high powered rifle MIGHT give you a instant one shot kill. Anything other than brain or spine he's NOT going to drop in his tracks. A 44 is .429 inches, a 44mag will not give you one shot stops on a human let alone a bear. There is a chance of a POed bear but I would think it's rare. His first instinct would be to run unless he's a mommy. I would never trust spray. Hawgs are the only critter I watch out for around here... Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  13. I have the neoprene case, I love it. Nice fit and great protection for the screen. Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  14. come to the light!!!! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  15. If deer looked like that I'd quit hunting! Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  16. Frog, no one was policing you. Brainee was joking with you! We all have our opinions, They will never match. What you consider a find might be different from what I consider a find. WHO CARES? This is just a game, sport or hobbie. It doesn't have to offend or cause enemies. You by-passed the goal of the cache, how would that make you feel if it was yours? He made a joke about it but you took it personally. No need my friend, we don't have a lot of members in our area. The ones we do have need to get along, have fun, and spread the word. I have had to ask a find to be removed from one of mine. My multi, they found the first but didn't find the main cache but logged it as a find, I didn't agree and they changed it. I have another one that some people don't log the no find, well I like to have to whole history of the cache but if they don't want to log the DNF thats their choice. I don't agree with it but does it really matter? Nope. This post isn't meant to offend you, I just think this is all a misunderstanding. See ya on the trails....Jerry Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  17. Sorry to hear about all the destrution from the tornados. I lost a great cache to a fire a few months ago... Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  18. I give extra hints when asked. I see nothing wrong with it. As stated above "it's only a game". Don't you want your caches found? I do. I have some hard ones out there, they get a lot of DNF. If they email me wanting more hints I give it to them and wish them luck in finding it. No need to piss people off or to be a jerk. Whats the point if no one can find it? Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
  19. Pocket knife dangerous? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sick of this BS. Why do we judge so??? Rino 110 MeriGreen 128
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