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  1. Selling my Meridian green GPS, comes with neoprene case, data cable, 128 meg SD card, and mapping software. Unit is in like new condition, used very little. Asking $125 plus $8 to ship. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks
  2. Only 8 months old. Not one scratch. Turn by turn directions.
  3. Like new condition, comes with 128 sd card, windshield mount, manual, direct route software, and data cable. $275.00 plus $10 shipping. Email me for pictures. You can read my feedback on ebay (jlortonii). Thanks
  4. Updated Monday, June 14, 2004 12:23 PM EDT Father, son on scavenger hunt find woman's body WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A father and son on a scavenger hunt found a woman's body in a beachfront park, forcing the evacuation of the recreation area, sheriff's officials said. The woman was in her 20s or 30s, and was from the area, said sheriff's officials, who declined to identify her until her family could be notified. Detectives believed foul play was a factor in her death, said Palm Beach County Sheriff's spokeswoman Diane Carhart. The woman, who was found in the woods near the parking lot, appeared to have died recently. An autopsy was scheduled for today, said Capt. Kenneth Deischer. Police wrapped yellow crime-scene tape across the park's entrance, searched vehicles, and told about 50 beachgoers to leave the area. The father and son who found the body were not identified, but Deischer said they were participating in an Internet-based scavenger hunt. -- Associated Press
  5. I'm selling my GPS, 4 month old Mericolor, 256 meg SD card, data cable, Direct Route software, windshield mount, Sandisk 7in1 USB2 card reader, and soft case. All manuals included. GPS has no scratches at all. All for 350.00 plus 10 for shipping in the US, add 3% for paypal payment. Thanks
  6. Hey Nancy, we're on to your cache and burn trick . Why do you do it man? Why?
  7. What experience do you with a Magellan? Just curious.The only Garmins I have owned and used was a yellow etrax and a rino 110. I find the MeriModels far better as far as user abilities. What I hated about the rino was you couldnt see the cache name without going thru 2 steps, only the cache number would show. With My Mag I see both on one screen with having to leave it. Also I think your comparing New (60c) to a unit that has been out for how many years? So of course The new will have some updated features. Opinions are good, just be fair. I would tell anyone that they are both GREAT units, but they would have to deside what features they want. What you need and what I need just might differ.....
  8. Depends if you want to be limited to 56meg of memory. I like to have a lot of maps. I have the MeriColor with 256megs. If you never travel then this shouldnt be a concern. I have TX, LA, MS, TN, NC, SC, AL, GA, and FL and still have 54megs left. Not flaming but Garmin cant do that. Unless you own a laptop!!!
  9. It was dropped because the popularity of it was causing issues with the rest of the website, not just because it was popular. I don't get it. What good is allowing one cache to stay if it's going to effect ALL caches? And if it is effecting the overall performance of the website (part of the reason given for archiving it) continuing to log it sure isn't going to improve that. Those people are just gonna keep pushing the limits until all the logs need to be deleted or we no longer have the ability to log ANY archived caches. WTG, people. Hey I didn't log it. What is the log limit for a cache? Why not allow a new YJF?
  10. I dont use energizers just because of that dadgum rabbit!!!
  11. Well I see people keep logging finds on YJF after it has been disabled. I agree, it shouldn't be dropped because it's popular. That kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?
  12. This unit is 5 weeks old. Comes with HP leather case with swivel belt clip, all papers, HP data cable, HP DC charger, HP AC charger, 128meg SD card, and a data cable that also charges the unit via USB. I have $410 invested in it, I will take $280. The PDA looks brand new, no marks.
  13. Well I just offered to take it over. I had a picture to send but I never got to it. I guess if they lay it in my lap I can't log it
  14. Um....just how tall is this plaque? This is what I'm thinking!! It's either too tall (34.75' I added for the mount) to read during the summer or it's buried 31.24 feet under snow.
  15. I'm selling my 2 month old Meridian Color. It comes with all paperwork, cable, 128meg SD card, DirectRoute software, Magellan windshield mount, neoprene case, and Sandisk 8in1 USB2 card reader. I'm asking 375.00 plus shipping. The unit has no marks, looks brand new.
  16. It's a known fact that Magellan owners are wiser. The first clue would be that we don't buy Garmins!!! Anyways try to enjoy that Etrek, you can always sell it in the forums. J/K
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