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  1. hmmmm Rino 110 [This message was edited by DeerChaser & Poni on February 07, 2003 at 07:13 PM.]
  2. How do I get a gif to stay in the signature box? ]http://www.whitetails.com/00hoofline.gif[/img] [This message was edited by DeerChaser & Poni on February 07, 2003 at 04:51 AM.]
  3. Are there any clubs or social gatherings here on the east coast? I live in Palm Bay and so far I have seen none. Would be interesting to get something started around here....Jerry Rino 110
  4. PETA People for eating tasty animals... Salad? Thats not food, thats what food eats... Jerry Rino 110
  5. http://www.staples.com/catalog/search/Search_Sum.asp?PageType=2&SearchPageType=2&cromulent=&Keywords=rino+110 Ecost.com was 138.50, Staples matched that plus an extra 10% off the difference(3.149). Ecost has free ground shipping which Staples honored. I did have to pay sales tax with Staples. Ecost has horrible ratings with a NO RETURN policy, thats why I went with Staples.
  6. Me either until I saw it in their on-line catalog. The have a great price match policy, basicaly any price from any where. Ecost was free shipping so Staples was free shipping.
  7. I found the lowest price from ecost.com. Showed it to Staples, they applied their 110% price match policy, out the door I went!!
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