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  1. I'm getting the same error. I emailed Garmin, waiting for a response...
  2. Thanks, I hope they add this feature, it's a caching unit! It would be nice to have tenths, thousanths, and ten thousanths.
  3. Running 2.94 is there a way to project distance (mile) in the thousants? After I entered the degrees, distance is next. Example .515 miles. All I see is 0000.0---. I can't enter the .515 of a mile, only .5 . Any ideas or am I doing something wrong? I did have to change it to feet, 2719.2 feet. I would rather not.
  4. Believe. "Go ahead and use the tracking number and "Descover" this coin." << Believe that too. The company has it posted right under the picture with the tracking number. ~* Whats the point of a micro? Whats happening to the real cache? My area is loaded with park and grab micros. Not a whole lot of planning and effort involved.
  5. I have had no lock ups. Running 2.93b. So far so good. I get a WAAS lock every now and then...
  6. They will show up under your profile. Look for "access my field notes" on the left hand side of the page. There you can post or delete them. I've gotten that far. The problem I've run into is that the line of text I've entered as a comment on the 300 doesn't show up when I post the log. What's the point of entering the text if you can't view it anywhere? I use a Oregon 400t with 2.93 firmware. I have no problems uploading. You have to click post, there you can edit your comments then post them to the cache log.
  7. They will show up under your profile. Look for "access my field notes" on the left hand side of the page. There you can post or delete them.
  8. Are you kidding me? Please, in the future don't answer or think for me ok?
  9. Selling my like new 500 LE, comes with topo and direct route maps, case, memory card, and usb cable. No scratches, works great. Email me for pictures. Asking 140 shipped us. Battery tray
  10. Not a recommendation or endorsement but: simply do an ebay search for "magellan explorist 500 battery charger" Lots of dealers selling for less than $20 for 2 batteries and a charger. If you get a charger with the USB receptacle on it, you can use the data cable to charge the battery without removing it from the unit. Secondly, stay away from the AAA holder unless you need it for an absolute emergency. With Alkalines, it might last 5 hours on the lowest backlight setting, much less on rechargeables and much less at a brigher more readable backlight setting. The battery pack is rated for 14 hours on low and is quite a bit less on high, but still at least double that of AAA's. does anyone in the room ahppen to have the actuall gps unit for sale im looking for the magellan explorist 500 please get ahold of me Im thinking of sell mine, 500 le with direct route software.
  11. Please email your pics and a price that you have in mind please. This is husbands email..ericwemery@yahoo.com. He's looking for one. Thanks Email sent, I'll take 465.00 shipped. Thanks...
  12. Used one weekend, was a bday gift. Includes City Nav 2009 DVD, 2gig memory card, box, paper work. Make me an offer I can't refuse. Email me for pictures if you like.
  13. Selling my hardly used 500 LE, plus direct route 2.0 and topo 3d software. I will also include a cover/holster. This is a great unit in great condition! 200.00 OBO jlorton2 at cfl.rr. com Thanks
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