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  1. Here is the best one I have used so far for long battery life. http://www.amazon.com/BGT-31-Waterproof-Bl...5667&sr=1-1 Regards, Mike
  2. Go to Amazon.com and search for"gps data logger mac". Seems to be several to choose from. Regards, Mike
  3. If you're a techno junkie, be sure to look at the Delorme PN-20. Regards, Mike
  4. Well, I guess your looking for something else, because the Pilots guide tells about using data cards. Hope it works out for you. Regards, Mike
  5. Here is a link to the Pilots Guide for the 296 Pilots Guide Best regards, Mike
  6. Are you talking about something like this ? Ebay GPS Data Logger Regards, Mike
  7. Your "C" model has the "Turn Preview" turned on. The "Cx" does not have the "Turn preview" turned on. Regards, Mike
  8. Maybe here: http://www.gpsdiscount.com/products/index.html?a=393 Regards, Mike
  9. Edit - I just checked their website and don't see it listed anymore. They may be sold out. You might want to give them a call. I purchased my City Select v7 DVD here - GPSdiscount Best price I could find on the internet. Ordered it Friday and received it Wednesday. And they threw in a nice t-shirt. Regards, Mike
  10. I have been using one of these Lowrance iWay 100M Portable Auto GPS Navigation System w/Voice . Great unit - easy to operate - not a lot of bells and whistles. Regards, Mike
  11. My old Garmin Legend has moon phases and moon position useful for hunting. It also has a calculator for best times to hunt and fish. I don't know what Garmin bases there predictions on but I have used it and can't yet say it doesn't predict accurately. Regards, Mike
  12. Sportrack package SOLD. Thanks for looking. Regards, Mike
  13. Block, the cracks are original and unaltered by the factory. Wesley, Photos are on the way. Regards, Mike
  14. Here are a couple of photos if you are interested. Photo 1 Photo 2 Regards, Mike
  15. For sale - Sportrack Map. Approx 2 years old. Very little use. Has the the cracks referenced here Sprotrack cracks. Does not affect operation. Extras included - Data cable, Ligher plug cable, 3 cut to size screen protectors and MapSend Streets & Destinations USA, ver. 4.0 original disc for loading maps to gps unit. Screen has a small smudge on it that completely disappears when screen protector is applied. I'll ship for free in the continental US. No foreign offers accepted. Reason for selling. I want a color unit. Asking $150.00. I will accept a check only and shipping after it clears. Email me at Mikeomni1@aol.com
  16. This place seems to have them. Free shipping too. http://www.fogdog.com/product/index.jsp?productId=831146 Regards, Mike
  17. What other forum?. What discount code? inquiring minds want to know. Regards, Mike
  18. See this pervious post about the 60cs. This should also apply to the Legend as well. Bearing vs Coarse pointer Regards, Mike
  19. You don't have it set on course pointer instead of bearing pointer do you? Regards, Mike
  20. From the Garmin website download page for the Legend - "Changes made from version 2.50 to 3.10: Increased active track log to 10,000 points. Increased saved track log to 750 points. Increased user waypoints to 1,000 waypoints. ****************************** Increased waypoints per route to 125 waypoints. Added option on Map Setup page to specify the number of track points to plot. The most recent points will be plotted up to the specified number, not exceeding the size of the track log. Improved South African grid. Corrected problem where MapSource would give an error message after transferring a large number of map " Regards, Mike
  21. This is info on the base map on the garmin legend and other garmin models. I don't know for sure, but I would think the 60c base map to be on the same lines as this base map. "A. United States -In addition to the standard map coverage, it also includes: Small lakes, major streams, and rivers Railroads National- and State-level roads Many local roads in or near urban areas More detailed coastline Airports A database of exits for the Federal Interstate highway system. This includes many businesses within about ¼ mile of the exit, including: restaurants, diesel/gas, hotels/lodging, overnight RV parking, dumps, campgrounds, truckstops, medical facilities, shopping and outlet malls, ATMs, and many more attractions. Tide Stations (certain units only)" Hope this helps, Mike
  22. Garmin Legend. Around $150.00 on sale. I like my Legend much better than my Magellan Sport Trac Map. Regards, Mike
  23. Picked up a Legend last December. Use it every day in my car and on my sailboat weekends. I forget to turn it off quit often, so it has many hours of use on it. It hasn't missed a beat yet. Rubberband good - Click stick good - Display good. Regards, Mike
  24. I do it all the time with my Garmin Legend and my Megellan ST Map. I unplug one and plug in the other. Be sure your computer is off before you change out. Regards, Mike
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