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  1. Hey Gang,


    The last few weekends I have been scouting the Newark NJ area near the airport for a spot to set up a Travel Bug Hotel. ( My #$@ Geomonkeys cant seem to get the hell outta this country - they love it here too much! icon_biggrin.gif )


    There is one near LAX that is a good example Grand Central Station


    Perhaps its me or something but I cant seem to find an appropriate place near highway turnoffs etc.


    I have found two great spots but they are within a cemetary in a secluded spot far from graves and from the public - but nevertheless, still in a cemetary. How would fellow geocachers feel about this. I have never considered cemetary spots due to various reasons but is it a bad idea? Would you visit it ?


    Should I drop the idea of placing a Hotel in a cemetary and keep looking or is it acceptable? It would be a straight-forward cache hunt.


    Artful Dodger


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  2. I am visiting New Zealand and Sydney for a holiday for the month of December and its great to see some great caches around. I'll have to look for a few while I am there.


    Naturally I will be placing a few caches of my own for you guys to seek.


    By the way, I mentioned to Ed (Buxley) about this great map and he thinks it looks fantastic!


    He promised to create a few zoom levels of crowded cache areas in Aus/NZ once he has a moment on his schedule.

  3. ...always looking to show off my new Travel Bug...






    Dinkum the feisty GeoParrot from Australia. The poor bloke is a tad lost and needs to get home to Steve Irwin - the crocodile dude!

  4. but I, er, have to give my pet Goldfish a bath... icon_biggrin.gif


    Seriously though, its been on my to-do list for a while now but weekends have been a tad wet these days...


    It doesn't look like that cache is a simple 'walk in the park' to do .. icon_wink.gif




    Still looking for elusive cache hiding spots !

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